2020 Venus in Pisces Jan.13th


January 13th to February 8th, 2020


The land of dreams has kidnapped a vulnerable Venus.  She is love-stricken, blind but oh so sure that real love exists without the need for boundaries, an opening into a state of permanent and near constant bliss.  In essence Venus in Pisces, where she will be from January 13th until February 7th, can make us pine for the ideal so deeply we are liable to block any evidence to the contrary.  It proves harder at times than others which often results in feeling drained and disappointed. Bouts of disillusionment contend with illusionary wanderings leading us through the ups and downs of her stay in Pisces.  It is akin to empathically stepping into the shoes of a tortured artist hopelessly adrift on swells of a temperament guided by emotionally constructed visions, thoughts, senses. Our intuition may indeed be operating well, with incredible accuracy but it too is vulnerable- especially to all that is unpalatable by our dream visions estimation.  We can only truly see what we are able to accept.  And that is a hard thing to do for most of us. Those well-disciplined in meditation practices are likely the only exception. For most of us then, we are instead liable to get lost in an endless soliloquy about what should and shouldn’t be. That is, in a state of non-acceptance with reality. We may then quite unconsciously enroll ourselves in the blame game spurred on by any threat aimed to burst our bliss bubble.

The truth is this is a lovely position for Venus in terms of romantic relationships, creative pursuits, spiritual work. However, as most of us have experienced these are the very things that can lead us into a ‘lost’ space without concerted effort to ground ourselves in the humdrum world we seek to escape.  Aligning ‘high’ with Venus’ vibration in Pisces cannot only be done by consciously engaging in creative pursuits or spiritual work.  Working with our increased sensitivity, fueled by desire to create an ideal world through charity, compassionate understanding of those less fortunate and even setting ourselves aside to better understand a partner, flaws and all, are among the best uses of this influence.

That said, while Venus cruises in Piscean waters there are a few moments in her journey worth mentioning:

On January 27th a fiery Mars in Sagittarius moves into a hard angle with Venus within reach of Neptune.  Impatience fuels our drive insisting the way we ‘see’ things is, in fact, the way things are or at least how they ‘should’ be.

On February 2nd & 3rd reality checks of the strong yet subtle variety offer a gateway into seeing beyond our fanciful vision and into a more clearly defined set of realistic possibilities.

And how are these energies likely to play out for your Sun Sign?

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