“We acquire the strength we have overcome." – Ralph Waldo Emerson”

Pluto set its laser-like focus on the first degrees of Capricorn in 2008.  The plan?  To induce a great purge, to transform, reform, annihilate and purify the systems that run our lives, within and without- inch by inch, pixel by pixel.….READ MORE …


“Life is nothing but a transient dream dancing at the tip of a leaf called time.”—Debasish Mridha

Did the world just lose its mind, turn everything completely upside down in 2020?  Yes and No.  We’ve been drifting in and out of our own little worlds, our virtual realities since 2011. Neptune, the dream-weaver, first cast its net wide in Pisces way back then...READ MORE


“Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.” – Henry Adams

Uranus begins the year like a flickering light bulb.  It has been wired up in Taurus since the spring of 2019. Should it be having these problems already?  The truth is that’s the nature of this electrically-charged agitator....READ MORE


Progress imposes not only new possibilities for the future but new restrictions.” – Norbert Wiener

Saturn is time, a restrictive force, a structure built to keep us safe in a world largely unknown. Saturn binds us to duty, to law and to order – the kind of order society has agreed upon.  But has it?  Have we as a human collective agreed upon how the world and its institutions have been formed?  It seems we have, somewhat unknowingly.....READ MORE


Always do what is right. It will gratify half of mankind and astound the other.” ― Mark Twain

For one wild, glad moment we snapped the chain that binds us to earth, and joining hands with the winds we felt ourselves divine.” ― Helen Keller

Have faith in the future.  Organize – get together, form a giant collective, a body of wisdom.  Aim for the stars.  Jupiter can breathe again...READ MORE


Memory believes before knowing remembers. Believes longer than recollects, longer than knowing even wonders.” 
― William Faulkner

The world will continue to turn in the direction of Gemini for most of the year. Like it or not we will feel a heck of a lot more comfortable if we adapt the qualities inherent to Gemini.   That is, remaining open-minded, curious and keen to question the information we take in as ‘fact’. Gemini is that kid on the zodiac block, blessed with street smarts – always reading between the lines....READ MORE


“To destroy is easier than to create, and that is why so many people are ready to demonstrate against what they reject. But what would they say if one asked them what they wanted instead?” ― Ivan Klima

Mars has been in Aries so long we may find it difficult to relate to who we were, how we behaved, what we desired, or what once motivated us.

That person existed only 6 months ago.  But now we can liken that-self to an over-starched suit, rigid, heavy, and covered in dust, lying on the floor in another dimension called 2020. ...READ MORE

 VENUS & Venus Retrograde 

“You are fettered," said Scrooge, trembling. "Tell me why?""I wear the chain I forged in life," replied the Ghost. "I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it.” ― Charles Dickens

We want don’t we?  We want the life, freedom from constraints freedom to rule ourselves, secure ourselves in just the right position?  If so, it would be fair to say we want to remain tied to our versions of a respectable life – one that is often formed by tradition and personal experience.

Venus in Capricorn wants steady, sure progress.  She is cautious and sensible, reliant on time-tested traditions in Capricorn’s world.  Her role…READ MORE…


"Words are the source of misunderstanding“--Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"So the whole war is because we can't talk to each other?" --Orson Scott Card

"It’s just another Mercury retrograde. It will pass.”  Not before it swings back like a boomerang though.  The realm of air is trickster Mercury’s favorite playground.

Solutions are easy to come by when the air signs are highlighted. We suffer no shortage of truly great ideas that can really work...in theory.   But our in-theory persuasions will catalyze more than a few of our problems in the first place this year. READ MORE…