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Astrology is beautiful.  It has been an endless source of fascination and intrigue. As a young adult the symbols, meanings, this intricate system of constantly moving parts burrowed into me while practicing tarot and palmistry. Nearly all divination techniques rely on some understanding of the celestial currents. That realisation led me into an in-depth exploration of my own personal chart and beyond.

True to the nature of astrology as a dynamic, ever-changing form I guess you could say I’ve seen it in living colour, the beauty of it in every area of life.  As a practicing Art Therapist (M.A.) in psychiatric wards, with the aging population, troubled children & teens it has been a priceless guide, not to mention during those tough moments we all experience in life.

-- Marie

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Private Readings...

Personal consultations are available over the phone, online or in person.

Canadian Tours...

I also tour frequently throughout Canada with a group of gifted psychics & healers under the name GALAXY PSYCHIC FAIRS.