AQUARIUS – July 2019 Mercury Retrograde



Focusing on ‘the Feels’ to Direct ‘the Work’

Mercury retrograde phases happen every year.  Usually the same elemental energy is emphasized.  In 2019 Mercury will spend extra time in water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.  These signs, considered karmic, usually have an influence over career direction, daily work schedules, earnings, and health –all areas that reflect aspects of your value system.   Like all members of the zodiac the emotional currents intermingle with thought processes, at times interfering with the ability to step back and rely on logic alone to see us through. For air signs that can be especially overwhelming.

 MERCURY Retrograde in LEO/CANCER July 8thuntil August 1st, 2019.

The second Mercury retrograde phase of the year begins on July 8thin the early degrees of Leo next to Mars. The need to change your lifestyle in terms of eating habits, exercise or where/how you live may be underway during this period.  Whatever the case it can be an emotional affair.  Perhaps it becomes more than apparent that how you feel is directly related to your diet and/or how you’ve arranged your day-to-day routine.  If there is too much stress in your life you’ll want to, at very least, ‘make some room’ for a lighter energy to come through especially while Mercury is in Leo during the first part of the retrograde phase from July 8thto July 19th.

Once Mercury returns to Cancer (on the 19th) however, you’ll find that in order to make more room for the lighter side of life a little work to make that happen will be necessary.  Delays, miscommunications, work left undone or parts of your schedule that no longer serve a purpose will likely have to be ‘settled.’ In the same vein, if you are divorced with kids and negotiating scheduling matters it could take up until mid-August to construct a solid arrangement.

Mercury corrects its course on August 1stbut will not re-enter Leo and be out of its retrograde shadow until August 15th.  After that time you will have a little more room for a lot more light to come in Aquarius.

2019 Mercury RX in a nutshell….

All three Mercury retrograde periods are likely to trigger emotions that are in need of further investigation. It won’t be easy. The tendency is to blame the actions of others for triggering us. While, yes, ‘they’ may play some part in causing us to hurt it is our responsibility to work through what comes up. The truth is no one can actually hurt us if we are aware and can accept that in order to grow, growing pains are to be expected.

* It is always worth noting that this interpretation of how the Mercury retrogrades can influence your Sun Sign is really only the first layer. It is an outline of the general theme. Where your planets were at birth, your rising sign, and a slew of other factors unique to your personal chart touch on deeper aspects.

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