ARIES February 2020

ARIES & Aries Rising


Free yourself from the complexities and drama of your life. Simplify. Look within. Within ourselves we all have the gifts and talents we need to fulfill the purpose we've been blessed with.”
― Steve Maraboli

“Irony of the world is that it wants to simplify the complexity and complicate the simplicity.”
― Vikrmn

“Simplify, simplify.”
--Henry David Thoreau

As the month of February opens there is a lot to think about – perhaps too much Aries. On one hand it seems you have multiple dreams vying for your attention. Part of you is excited, enthusiastic about the possibilities lined up at your door. On the other hand, the logistics, the details, the work it will take to make all of ‘this’ happen can be genuinely overwhelming.  Are you ready for this? Can you do this?  You can and you will Aries but if there is anything to keep in mind in February it is to simplify.

ARIES Monthly

Highlights & Lowlights 

MERCURY in PISCES--February 3rd to April 11th

Mercury enters the watery dream realm of Pisces for an unusually long stay as it slides into a retrograde phase half way through the month. Your capacity to think clearly, quick on your feet is dampened.  Also, you may find you are too often lost in a space, distracted or just plain tired.  (read more about Mercury in Pisces- relevant for ALL SIGNS)

MARS in SAGITTARIUS –January 4th to February 16th

Adding to the contrast, Mars continues through Sagittarius until the 16th.  During the first two weeks of February you are likely still driven, optimistic AND impatient with the time it’s taking, the time it will take. (read more about Mars in Sagittarius -relevant for ALL SIGNS)

VENUS in ARIES--February 7th to March 6th

Venus in Aries exacerbates the feeling you can indeed have it all at in a snap. So much so that you are liable to be single-minded – fully expecting it will fall into place.  During this second week of February though Mercury is already beginning to slow down, making it difficult to think straight. The waxing Moon will have also just had a confrontation around this time with Saturn & Pluto.  Emotional waves can rise should something not fall into place as expected.  (read more about Venus in Aries- relevant for ALL SIGNS)

FULL MOON in LEO--February 9th

By the time the Moon draws to Full in Leo on February 9th there is likely to be a pronounced change in mood. Creative juices flow alongside a strong sense of pride in purpose.  In other words, the Full Moon in Leo will bring a sigh of relief washing away pent up emotional energy.

The second half of the month is likely to be the most productive – despite the ever-dreaded onset of Mercury’s slowdown on February 16th.  It will be the first planet to enter retrograde phase in 2020.   We’ll return to that in a moment. 

MARS in CAPRICORN--February 16th to March 31st

Mars fuels your inner drive and under Capricorn’s watch adapts a level head encouraging you to make clever use of the resources already at your disposal. Thus, maintaining a sound grip on the work at hand by slowing the pace and using your time efficiently is likely to produce the best results.

MERCURY RETROGRADE--February 16th to March 9th

It is worth emphasizing that Mercury’s retrograde phase can be truly beneficial if you focus on one thing at a time and resist starting anything new. At this point with Mars encouraging you to cool those heels and bide your time, delays & miscommunications that so often arise when Mercury is retrograde can magically work in your favour.  You may even find that pockets of time spent visualizing hoped for outcomes renews your faith in what isn’t working out so far.

By and large the cosmic call is to do ‘this’ right instead of falling for temptation of accepting second best just because it’s quick and easy.  The old cliché ‘good things come to those who wait’ rings true for the entirety of the Mercury retrograde phase. Below is a breakdown of Mercury’s itinerary in February & March :

February 16th Mercury stations Retrograde @12° Pisces.

March 4th: Mercury Returns to Aquarius-- *great time to reconnect, touch base with your ‘network’, coworkers, friends etc. to clarify important details, plans, or get a second opinion.  While Mercury is in Aquarius this is also a good time for editing or touching base with a publisher/editor.

March 9th: Mercury DIRECT @28° Aquarius – Hang tight, make sure everything is in place before moving forward.  Often Mercury retrograde phases are most potent at the beginning of the slow down and the end.

March 16th:  Mercury Returns to Pisces

March 30thOut of shadow @12+° Pisces.  You are out of the woods.  From here you can pick up the pace again feeling secure about the work you’ve done to ‘get it together’.

April 11th:  Wooo Hooo!  Mercury moves into ARIES and you are ready to tackle other bright ideas that have, no doubt, been brewing.

SUN in PISCES - February 19th to March 20th

The Sun shines in Pisces on the 19th also triggering a necessary cool down period.  In fact, this happens every year.  When planets gather in Pisces, your twelfth house of seclusion, it is traditionally considered a time to regenerate.  Increased sensitivity, psychic senses are unusually strong and your dream life is especially vivid.  Keep a pen and paper handy by your bed.

MARS trine URANUS -February 21st

This is a stand out day- inspiration strikes like bolts of lightening when Mars reacts with Uranus.  You may come up with a different way to earn extra money.  Perhaps, an opportunity you didn’t see before suddenly comes into focus.  It’s also possible your dream could change shape as you consider other angles. Still this is not the time to act rashly unless it is part and parcel of what you have already started before Mercury entered a retrograde phase on the 16th.

NEW MOON in PISCES-February 23rd

The New Moon in Pisces on the 23rd is magical.  You are likely beginning to truly envision how to set yourself up right, on solid ground, not just in your dream world.  There is cosmic support as business-minded Mars in Capricorn sits in a wonderful angle to this lunation as does the North Node & Uranus.  And so in regards to business/career or home related dealings (real estate particular) it is likely your instincts are right on the money.  Still, it is worth emphasizing ‘good things come to those who wait’.

Onwards toward the end of the month then, you may find it’s time to hone a skill to make yourself more marketable, increasing your value to an employer or improve your business.  Freelancers can also edge themselves into a good situation with ongoing work.

The moon continues into Aries a few days later, on the 25th.  Once again the urge to take action swoops you up on your feet. Yet, in attempt to put the pieces together you may give yourself the run around questioning yourself again and again – a rarity for most born under an Aries sun. Remember Mercury will still be in retrograde motion. Saturn & Mars will also continue to insist that the slow, cautious approach is the only one that truly feels right.  There is time Aries.  And time spent well now will be akin to stocking the woodpile  ensuring your fire burns bright and steady all year.

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