ARIES January 2020

2020 – JANUARY

Happy New Year!

ARIES & Aries Rising

The last week of 2019 will have certainly lifted your spirits with a brilliant solar eclipse in your career zone touched by Jupiter’s benevolent rays.  Mercury too, now cruising at the top of your chart ensures you haven’t even begun to wrap your brain around the newly blossoming potentials of 2020.  That process will begin during the first few days of January.

On January 2nd, Mercury joins Jupiter leaving no doubt the spotlight is firmly set on you.  As such your mind may leap beyond the here and now imagining what all this will mean further down the road.  The question is how far can you go with Jupiter’s good graces on your side?  Far Aries – especially if you are serious about climbing this mountain and remain level-headed, not taking an ounce of this for granted. In truth as lovely as this influence sounds both Pluto & Saturn are also occupying your solar tenth house of rewards and recognition.  To put it mildly this is serious business.  Major elements of your life may have to change in order to explore unfolding possibilities.

Let me repeat – this is serious business.  Mars will move into fellow fire sign Sagittarius on January 3rd suggesting you’ll be more impulse driven than usual.  It does add to your enthusiasm AND encourages a positive attitude.  Yet, in this situation over-confidence can cause missteps before the whole story has unfolded.  It is just the beginning of Jupiter’s year- long tour after-all.  That said, you are still likely to have a great deal of courage and understanding of your position – an asset gained while Saturn was in Sagittarius from late 2015 to the end of 2017.  On top of that, over the course of 2019 you likely gained exactly the experience needed to handle what’s falling on your plate this year.  So while not in completely unfamiliar territory – know that there is more to learn, experiences to be had, before attempting too large a stride.

The second week of January carries an intense tone. You will sense something is brewing even the week before.  Several major astrological events that have been waiting in the wings will be poised at a peak:  A lunar (Full Moon) Eclipse in Cancer on the 10th, the awakening of Uranus on the 11th and the conjunction of Pluto & Saturn on the 12th.  Each will have implications in important areas of your life – home, family & career.

First, the most potent Eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn series falls at the foot of your chart.  This one seems more profound than the eclipses that have taken place approximately every six months since 2018. Saturn, Pluto, Mercury AND the Sun make the difference. They are practically joined at the hip, directly opposite this Full Moon.  It is not an easy configuration to explain, never mind handle.  In order to do that we’ll have to take a brief detour into the past.

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008.  At that time it began the slow process of transforming aspects of your public life, perhaps had an impact on your reputation, cleaned the slate for whatever plans you had for the future so you had no choice but to change direction.  Your relationship with either of your parents or authority figures would have also been challenged. On the flip side none of your hardships would have been in vain.  Changes you have made career-wise have likely honed your skills, made you a touch tougher so that you could roll with the big-guns now.  If a string of bad bosses or tough-stuff with one of your parents was an issue you have probably done much to equalize the balance of power – the psychological hold they had on you.

Saturn, on the other hand has only been in Capricorn since the end of 2017.  A new structure has been crystallizing – a new way to build slowly became evident.  It came with added responsibility.  Previously, and as mentioned in late 2015 until 2017, you may have been in a teaching role, a student, or in the field so to speak.  It isn’t likely that was an enjoyable experience as Saturn tends to restrict, tie us down into humdrum duties that precede any worthwhile accomplishment.

As Saturn has been steadily moving across the top of your chart then, it seems you’ve been in a position where you are finally gaining the respect you deserve. It is contingent on the work you have been putting in Aries and as always, the particulars of your personal birth chart can alter how the planetary influences have manifested in your life.  Still, on some level, these patterns are likely recognizable.

Last year Saturn and Pluto began inching closer together, turning away in retrograde motion when only a few degrees apart in the spring. The tensions felt around that time demanded hard choices be made. How difficult this transit will be depends on whether the call to action, preparation for a ‘refresh’ was heeded or stubbornly resisted.  There may have been good reason for resisting Aries – everyone’s chart is different and inherently complicated.  However, there is little doubt that something big needed changing.  Pluto has encouraged you to purge old agendas and Saturn has insisted on a serious change in perspective.  Taking full responsibility for how you’ve built your life up until now, how you have chosen to spend your time in pursuit of a worthy goal is also another hallmark urging of Saturn.

And so now, as powerful Pluto and stern Saturn swing arm and arm on January 12th, their message ringing loud and clear with the power of the sun and mental fortitude of Mercury it is report card time.  Have you put in the time, made the necessary changes physically, psychologically, required to stand with unshakeable faith and self-respect?  Let’s hope so as Pluto is bound to break-down and push for another purge to set you on track – in greater alignment with the ever-pressing cosmic rhythms of 2020.  I hesitate to claim this is something to fear.  Transformational processes such as these can yield an opening to incredible insight into ourselves, catalyze a giant leap in our personal evolution – and isn’t that what life is all about -evolving?

A few days before Saturn and Pluto press noses the Eclipse on January 10th once again raises the topic of home moves, major changes in lifestyle, family dynamics and changes in career.  That has been the main theme of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses over the last year and a half.  As this lunation draws to full in the sign of Cancer then, you are likely to find that adjustments are necessary on the home front or around foundational aspects of your work.  There is typically an ending indicated. During the eclipse last July a new intentional pattern was set that will now reach the height of its development.  For instance, if you moved house or changed your living space it has likely brought about a new order – sleeping patterns, eating habits or habits of any kind have likely changed are now becoming the new norm.  The same is true in how you relate to family members.  If you began a new endeavour it is reaching a completion point or the first phase is coming to a close.  Some of these shifts, all with profound potential to elicit rather all-encompassing changes, don’t necessarily happen all at once or out-of-the blue.  One thing leads to another from one eclipse to the next.  Looking back to July of 2017, when the first eclipse in Cancer took place, you can easily track how, at times, seemingly small occurrences shifted you to this point. For reference sake here is a list of eclipse dates in this series.

July 12th, 2018 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer
January 5th, 2019 – Solar Eclipse in Capricorn
July 2nd, 2019 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer
July 16th, 2019 – Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn
December 25th, 2019 – Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

There are three more (dates below), including the one on January 10th remaining before the North Node shifts into Gemini on June 5th, 2020.  (Read more about the Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipses in June 2020’s forecast):

January 10th, 2020 – Lunar Eclipse in Cancer
June 5th, 2020 – Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
June 20th, 2020 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer
July 5th, 2020 – Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

If you thought January could not possibly host any other ‘major’ astrological events – think again.  We have yet to discuss the sparkiest planet of them all – Uranus!  On January 11th Uranus wakes up from its sleepy state in retrograde.  At this point all planets will be in direct motion.  The first planet to mess up the forward march will, surprise, surprise be Mercury in mid-February.  Suffice to say 2020 will be a heck of a year for retrogrades with both Mars & Venus backtracking as they do approximately every other year.  That is a topic for later time.

Uranus stations on the same degree it managed to reach in 2018 – at 2 degrees Taurus.  That would have been a tough transition year affecting your earnings and sparked a desire for you to be independent as possible in the work you do. The influence continues as Uranus trudges deeper into Taurus, your solar second house of values.  It seems more than ever, since 2010, you want something different out of life, you have become increasingly aware of your unique qualities.  This may have caused a persistent restless sending you this way and that in effort to make your way in your own special way regardless of the work you do.  The essence of that drive is one that has been pushing for innovation, even collaboration with other inspirational folks – people with whom you can jive. That part of you is waking-up again in January after having laid somewhat dormant over the last six months.  It will take some time before Uranus’ inspirational vibes truly ignite. However, you may indeed notice the added zing, feel a touch more restless than usual this month especially when Uranus squares the New Moon in Aquarius on the 24th.

As January draws to a close you’ll find, looking back on this first month of 2020, that much of your time will have been spent focusing on how to build for the long term.  At this point, while you prepare for February the idea that it’s not what you know but who you know will resonate loud and clear.  It will be time to make new connections and foster old ones if you really want to get ‘this’ show on the road.

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