ARIES – July 2019 Eclipses


The Eclipses fall on the axis of Cancer and Capricorn in 2019 and in 2020.  In general home, security, career or our collective directional purpose will be the main theme no matter what sign you were born under.

Roughly every six months events, circumstances, that are in some-way associated to these issues work to alter our perspective and guided us in another direction.  The last set of Eclipses focused on humanitarian causes, community and the pride (sometimes arrogance) of the individual more often officially or unofficially regarded as rulers, leaders.  If you have followed global politics the pattern that the last set of Eclipses brought to our attention was hard to miss.

In determining how the series of Cancer and Capricorn eclipses will function and how we can handle them in the best way possible it is necessary to deal with polarities and paradoxes that exist in our lives.  How we live, nurture, care for, secure our idea of home and family will be challenged and fall prey to our yearnings to be boss, wield power, money and have as much control in the outside world as possible.  There is a balance to strike and the Eclipses will help us navigate this field within ourselves.

It may be helpful to think of the eclipses as if you are walking towards the horizon of your soul-center. It rests on level not too high or too low but in perfect balance with the sky above and earth below.  It is a mission and half to trudge over the hills and valleys, through foreign terrain, to glean the experiences we need to prepare us for yet another trek. The horizon is always there and yet, reaching it will never be the point.  The point is to explore the territory with some directional purpose in mind to keep us sane and centered in our nature.

For ARIES during ECLIPSE season…

Ground & Crown


What comes more easily to Libra now challenges your understanding.You can find balance by learning from them, considering how they perceive home and family. Do borrow from their perspectives, perceptions Aries.  Although keep in mind they too will be in the process of evolving and so integrating your viewpoint from the opposite polarity – that is the meaning of success, authority and status outside the ‘home’.

It’s a hard road. The position of the Nodes, the Eclipses create tension for all the Cardinal signs: Libra, Cancer, Capricorn and yourself. It is a tension however, that promotes experiences that will broaden your perspective thus granting access to the many opportunities available to you when the North Node shifts into Gemini in 2021. Essentially, if an active life rich with stimulating experiences and a greater degree of freedom and independence is to be won, the eclipses will provide precisely the training and preparation you’ll need.

That said, what has perhaps been lacking can now be built (or rebuilt as the case may be) over these next two years.  And, contrary to what you may assume, building new foundations at home and strengthening familial bonds is what can secure and lend a boost to your social/career standing.

January 6th, 2019 -SOLAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN– A new beginning on the career front. There is reason to believe the life you dream of is possible Aries.  The work it will take is another story – and mention of that fact might irritate you.

January 21st,2019 -LUNAR ECLIPSE on cusp of CANCER/LEO:  The changes that were made, the events that occurred over the last 2 years drove you to prove yourself as a member of some community AND shed light on what you as an individual have to offer.  If you are in a creative field or work with children you will have likely developed a network of resources, people that will help you realize your long-term goals.

July 2nd, 2019 – SOLAR ECLIPSE in CANCER– Heart and mind are on the same page when it comes to family matters.  Yet, hours after the Eclipse it sits in opposition to Saturn RX in Capricorn.  You may feel that your duty ‘out there’, career matters and practical considerations draw you away from home.  That is – the load of responsibility you have to create a stable environment for yourself and others weighs heavily and shows in how you handle needs of family and may encourage you to form decisions that set aside matters of the heart - not always a bad thing Aries if you are indeed seeking the 'right' balance. 

July 17th, 2019 – LUNAR ECLIPSE IN CAPRICORN- You are potentially looking at an end.  This could mean leaving a job or career or scrapping the long-term plan that you had in mind at the beginning of January.  Yet, it is also possible that instead of scrapping ‘the idea’ all together you’ll will only drop some parts, perhaps make hard decisions which make the previously plan still viable but further away from the dream you envisioned. Pluto and Saturn are fairly close to the Moon around Eclipse time creating a rather serious vibe.

December 26th, 2019 – SOLAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN– Parts of ‘the plan’ since the last eclipse has fallen by the wayside in light of practical realities and pressures weighing on the heart.  The options have changed and a new configuration is formed. You’ll be glad it has.  Lucky Jupiter is within reach of this Eclipse in your career sector suggesting you’ve got a lot more going for you on the career front that you thought.

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