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Marie Exenya Astrology
Marie Exenya Astrology1 day ago
Prove it. Do it.... or don’t. Either way with Mars in Aries the world rushes on head first.

In effect, while Mars was in Pisces, where it’s been for last six weeks or so, many of us have been entertaining all the things we would, could or should do.

Now the cosmic forces are calling us out. Do it or don’t. The world rushes on …

Sidenote: Mars moved through Aries in June of 2020 and lasted a whopping 6+ months. It was pretty gruelling as it was in retrograde that year. This time Mars will retrograde in Gemini extending its regular stay-- another story to be told sometime in August this year.

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Marie Exenya Astrology
Marie Exenya Astrology4 days ago
Mercury slides back into Taurus on May 22nd. It will station direct on June 3rd. Between now and then It is likely we will be re-evaluating past choices and re-figuring what what we really want. In other words, time to get that priority list in order.

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Marie Exenya Astrology
Marie Exenya Astrology
Marie Exenya Astrology6 days ago
Mercury prepares to move into Taurus as the Sun crosses into Gemini. The universe encourages thinking with and moving from the heart. And so, it'll be awfully tough to do anything we don't really want to do.

Happy Birthday Gems!!

Sun in Gemini: May 20th - June 21st, 2022
Mercury RX returns to Taurus on May 22nd, 2022

Marie Exenya Astrology
Marie Exenya Astrology1 week ago
Let go. Move on. Clear the decks. Under the Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, near the transiting south node an ending of some sort is imminent.

In a tense square to Saturn in Aquarius and trining Mars/Neptune in Pisces it may be that we simply don't have the motivation to continue down certain paths.

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Marie Exenya Astrology
Marie Exenya Astrology2 weeks ago
Last summer, working through the charts of 2022, one jumped out demanding immediate attention. The message? “STOP”. I wish I could remember the exact chart. It was around this time of year. I would look into it again but I , myself am at a definite stop.

Struck by a bout of vertigo right after a car breakdown while on tour across Canada even venturing to write this seems too far to push.

My point is this Mercury retrograde alongside Jupiter’s move into Aries can bring produce something of a dizzy spell in all of us. Maybe in literal sense, or just metaphorically speaking.

First, Mercury in Gemini can at once speed up our thought processes, flush us with an urge to flit around looking for the next thing, the next step – an opening, a new possibility. Yet, with Mercury stationed retrograde today (May 10th) preparing to turn on its heels and slide back into Taurus (on May 22nd) you might feel as though you’re at a standstill.

In short, while we may desperately want to look forward, plot the course ahead, we might not be able to do that quite so easily. It can feel a bit strange. On one hand believing we ‘should’ make that next move and on the other tangled up in logistics with too many unknown spaces to yet to fill. Which path, possibility do we really want to explore and will it be worth the fuss?

Jupiter in Aries shares this impulsive drive, to look around, on our toes ready to spring into action. But, in this case too, with Mars THE motivating force in all of us underwater in Pisces it can feel all too big a task to take on whatever it is you are dreaming of. Or, perhaps, there are too many ideas swirling around your head to choose just one. Choosing one would mean passing up all other possibilities wouldn’t it?

Needless to say, while there is a will to do, a need to make bold moves and act on impulse there is a good chance that little voice will tug at you, whispering stop, stop…slow down.

One last thought…As Jupiter gains distance from Neptune in Pisces (the overwhelming conjunction that was exact on April 12th) it still echoes a larger-than- life effect in Aries, an ‘it’s just all too much to handle feel’. The exception here though is we want to push through, do something about it and now. There’s a bit of a conflict in that with Mars in Pisces which I’ll get to in a moment.

I think it’s important to note that broader perspectives we may have adopted over the last month and half may not make sense anymore. Jupiter is synonymous with our ability to understand and with the Jupiter Neptune conjunction it is very likely our minds cast a wide net further out into the collective ocean than normal. We do have to work through what we just experienced – at least neaten our thoughts around the whole ordeal. Like I said, there is an echo effect. Maybe it can be considered a period of convalescents after these last few rather emotional months.

It is time to let it lie, clear a space and move on, get on with ‘it’, get ‘it’ done, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple from my estimation of the current astrology. It seems to me we are still in the midst of discerning where and how we will operate in this newly widened perceptual space. That will take the time it takes. Rushing forward to conquer the day might actually slow us down under these skies.

My guess then, is if that little voice nags to slow down now I’d bet there is good reason for it known only to your wiser inner self. The question is with Jupiter animated under the pushy cardinal force of Aries will we take the time, have the patience to listen? And that is where this Mercury retrograde can be seen as a blessing – a time to retrack where we’ve been to refine our understanding of how, what, where and when to motion onward and upward.

*as for my situation I’ll be posting less for a while ….

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Marie Exenya Astrology
Marie Exenya Astrology
Marie Exenya Astrology3 weeks ago
Venus encourages a 'you do you' attitude in Aries.
Maybe that is exactly the perspective we're needing if there's a need to clear the air.
Marie Exenya Astrology
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