Astro Overview: Week of March 6th, 2022

Weekly Overview

March 6th - March 13th, 2022 

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It is a strange week ahead. At times we may feel we are walking on a cloud, floating upside down. And it all seems to hinge on our thoughts, expansive ideas that aren’t likely to be anchored in hard reality. The good news is most of the aspects this week aren’t as tough as they have been.

Of course, there is always the possibility we latch onto a negative train of thought that drags our mood down with it in a heartbeat.  In truth that's always the case.  However, we may be more prone to that this week.

On the flip side we can latch onto a thought train that is too positive. Our imagination can run away with us leading us up up and away into the land of high expectations and wishful thinking. The trouble with being too positive, too hopeful is that it eventually drops us back down to earth. Disillusionment sets in. And reality really bites when you return (as you must) from La La Land.

So, the trick to cruising well with the cosmic vibes this week is to be aware of when you have drifted too far away from reality. I think we'll all be guilty of that to be honest.  But, it won't be worth beating yourself up about. It's enough to be aware that you've gone too far one way or the other. This can lessen the thud when you land, so to speak that comes with holding onto high expectations that have no real proof to back the idea. If you've been on the negative train, well, you might actually be presently surprised and things turn out better than you'd hoped.

That said, let’s run down the aspects for the week …

On SUNDAY, March 6th Mars & Venus join in Aquarius. We’ll feel the difference. Perhaps we are better able to loosen our grip – loosen up on trying to control everyone and everything. That is especially true when it comes to our relationships. We will still want to have some kind of strategy, a framework to work from moving forward. Afterall, Capricorn and Aquarius share the stoic qualities of Saturn. However, Aquarius is a little more progressive, fixating on future. The idea ‘I’ll get there someday’ is liable to resonate with many. And that sentiment allows us to chill a tad.

On top of that MONDAY March 7th and into TUESDAY the 8th, the Taurus Moon helps us shake off the unnecessary weight on our shoulders. The Moon will join with Uranus offering the break free moment, then glance at Saturn reminding us of those responsibilities we simply cannot afford to ignore. It bodes well that the Sun, Jupiter & Neptune are angled well to the Moon at the beginning of the week as well. There is a good chance, or, at least an opportunity for tensions to be smoothed over.

WEDNESDAY, March 9th MERCURY enters PISCES. Now this is where some of us may feel lost in space. Thinker Mercury doesn’t do particularly well in water signs. In fact, it can feel as if our heads are clouded in a mist, like we are under water – perceptual distortions abound. It would be a good idea to double-check your facts as this placement lasts a few weeks (until March 27th).

The following days, on THURSDAY & FRIDAY, the Moon squares the SUN & NEPTUNE in PISCES and enters CANCER (squaring Mercury) respectively. Again – the underwater feeling persists. Take note that appearances can be deceiving and our emotions are likely to cloud our judgement.

Lastly, over the weekend, it looks like SATURDAY is bright &  peppy giving good reason to believe in the best outcome. Although, and I know I must sound like a broken record here, the SUN joins NEPTUNE on SUNDAY.


NEPTUNE is well-known to distort our perceptions on one hand. Yet, on the other, it can offer profound spiritual experiences, douse us with an abundance of inspiration.

In short, we return full circle: either our thoughts will lead us into the manifestation of a blissful reality or, our dream bubble will pop (early next week) leaving us wondering what the heck we were thinking. Keep it simple. Keep it real.

*As mentioned last week, I am preparing to head out on a tour across Canada. Sun Sign horoscopes will be on hold for the next few months.  Private readings are once again available online beginning March 23rd. However, availability is limited.   More information is available below for tour dates & locations for In Person readings…

Have a great week everyone!

Marie 🙂

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