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Tarot & Astrology work beautifully together.  As the Tarot Cards are associated with astrological elements the meaning of the cards can change depending on what is happening astrologically.  Here is a quick reference guide outlining how the meaning of the major arcana cards are influenced by the current astrology. Download PDF VERSION: TAROT & ASTROLOGY

0 FOOL URANUS The FOOL will operate under the influence of the HIEROPHANT from March 2019 until 2025/2026 Uranus is known as the shock-maker, innovator, and often brings major change.  It moved into Taurus briefly in 2018 but settled in on March 6th, 2019.  It will remain in Taurus until 2026.
1 MAGICIAN MERCURY The MAGICIAN will operate under the influence of the CHARIOT from May 28th until August 5th.  The MAGICIAN will be re-vaulating its position and how it FEELS between JUNE 17th and JULY 27th. Mercury entered the sign of CANCER on May 28th and moves into LEO On August 5th, 2020. Mercury enters a retrograde phase (loses speed and appears to move backwards) from JUNE 17th until JULY 12th.  However, Mercury will not be out of it's retrograde shadow until JULY 27th (won't regain full speed until out of shadow).
2 HIGH PRIESTESS MOON The PRIESTESS is busy using her intution to move through three ECLIPSES. She will be guided to follow the LOVERS and change her relationship with TEMPERANCE until FEBRUARY 2022 .  On JUNE 5th, 2020 she is influenced by TEMPERANCE in opposition to the LOVERS.  On JUNE 21st she operates under the influence of the CHARIOT.  On JULY 4th she is under the influence of the DEVIL. The MOON moves quickly, broadcasting the energy of all the planets and an influences our emotional state.  As the Lunar Nodes have shifted --North Node in GEMINI and the SOUTH NODE in Sagittarius the Moon carries the theme of encouraging us to adopt characteristics of the GEMINI archetype.  However, we will be challenged to let go of SAGITTARIAN type issues (beliefs).  Between JUNE 5th and JULY 4th there are three major ECLIPSES.  JUNE 5th : FULL MOON Lunar ECLIPSE in SAGITTARIUS, JUNE 21st: SOLAR Eclipse in CANCER, JULY 4th LUNAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN.
3 EMPRESS VENUS The EMPRESS has been working with the LOVERS since APRIL 4th.  She has been re-evaluating what she really wants since MAY 12th and will continue to deliberate until JUNE 25th.  It won't be until AUGUST 7 that she deals with the consequences of her choices in terms of her emotional SECURITY. She will be under the Influence of the CHARIOT on AUGUST 7th at that point. Venus entered Gemini on April 4th.  She entered a retrograde phase on May 12th and is due to turn direct on JUNE 25th.  On August 7th Venus enters Cancer.
4 EMPEROR ARIES The EMPEROR is dealing with tension from The WORLD, JUDGEMENT, WHEEL of FORTUNE & the DEVIL.  It will continue for the rest of 2020.  On JUNE 28th until JAN.2021 the EMPEROR will also  influence the TOWER. Mars is currently in PISCES.  On June 28th Mars enters warrior sign ARIES and will remain here until January 2020.  Mars retrogrades on September 9th, stationing direct on November 12th 2020.  Mars won't move into TAURUS until January 6th, 2021.
5 HIEROPHANT TAURUS The HIEROPHANT is working to influence the FOOL. and will continue until 2025/2026. URANUS is in TAURUS from March 6th 2019 until 2025/2026
6 LOVERS GEMINI The LOVERS is influencing the EMPRESS & the SUN currently and also in 'talks' with the MAGICIAN that is currently working the CHARIOT.  The LOVERS will be experiencing confusion as The HANGED MAN remains active on thier conscience. GEMINI's ruling planet is MERCURY (currently in CANCER).  The SUN is in GEMINI until June 21st. VENUS in GEMINI from April 4th until August 7th.  Currently Venus is moving out of a square with NEPTUNE.  VENUS retrogradesi in GEMINI from May 13th until June 25th.
7 CHARIOT CANCER The CHARIOT is working with the MAGICIAN as a team until August 5th.  JUDGEMENT & The WHEEL OF FORTUNE (are currently under the influence of the DEVIL) and are opposing the CHARIOT. Mercury is CANCER until August 5th. CANCER is the opposite sign of CAPRICORN.
8 STRENGTH LEO STRENGTH is experiencing tension from the WORLD and the STAR - the tension will persist until JULY 1st.  Also, the FOOL & HIEROPHANT make matters challenging as unpredictable changes continue to come out of seemingly nowhere. There are currently no planets in LEO.  However, LEO is a fixed sign and so naturally has tension with other fixed signs: opposes AQUARIUS and squares TAURUS & SCORPIO.
9 HERMIT VIRGO The HERMIT experiences tension in its relationship with the MOON, The TOWER and HANGED MAN.  It rests in harmony with JUDGEMENT & THE WHEEL of FORTUNE despite the DEVIL'S influence over these two.  There is some pressure but wisdom is gained.  The HERMIT is also in a good relationship with The FOOL and HIEROPHANT. There are currently no planets in VIRGO. However, VIRGO's ruling planet is MERCURY.  Also VIRGO is a mutable sign and so naturally has tension with other Mutable signs: opposes PISCES and squares GEMINI & SAGITTARIUS.
10 WHEEL OF FORTUNE JUPITER The WHEEL of FORTUNE is working under the influence of the DEVIL and joining forces with JUDGEMENT.  It will remain in this position until December 20, 2020.  After that date it will be under the influece of the STAR until the end of 2021. JUPITER is the ruling planet of SAGITTARIUS and the traditional ruler of PISCES. JUPITER entered CAPRICORN on December 3rd, 2019.  It will move into AQUARIUS on December 20th, 2020.  JUPITER is currently in conjunction with PLUTO meeting by exact degree three times this year April 4th, June 30th and November 12th.  Their influnece is felt even when not in exact conjunction.
11 JUSTICE LIBRA JUSTICE is experiencing tension from the JUDGEMENT & WHEEL of FORTUNE - both under the influence of The DEVIL - It will continue until December 20th.  It is aslo in a tense relationship with the MAGICIAN & the CHARIOT until AUGUST 5TH.  On JUNE 28th The TOWER and the EMPEROR Will create even more tension that will last until January 2021. There are currently no planets in LIBRA.  However Libra is a cardinal sign and so naturally holds tension with other cardinal signs: Opposes ARIES, squares CANCER & CAPRICORN.
12 HANGED MAN NEPTUNE The HANGED MAN has been operating under the influence of the MOON since 2011.  It will continue until 2026.  At that point it will be under the influence of the EMPEROR. NEPTUNE is the modern ruler of PISCES. NEPUTUNE has been in PISCES since 2011 and will remain there until 2026.
13 DEATH SCORPIO DEATH is experiencing tension with the WORLD until JULY 1st.  It will have an opportunity to work better after this date as the WORLD will be  again under the influence of the DEVIL. There are currently no planets in SCORPIO.  However, SCORPIO is a fixed sign and naturally has tension with other fixed signs: opposes TAURUS, squares AQUARIUS & LEO.
14 TEMPERANCE SAGITTARIUS TEMPERANCE joins forces with the HIGH PRIESTESS on JUNE 5TH.  TEMPERANCE will also be working with the EMPEROR & the TOWER after JUNE 28th Until January 2021. JUPITER is the ruling planet of SAGITTARIUS. The Lunar South Node has recently shifted in SAGITTARIUS begining a series of eclipses that will occur on the GEMINI/SAGITTARIUS Axis.
15 DEVIL CAPRICORN The DEVIL is strongly influencing how JUDGEMENT & the WHEEL of FORTUNE operate.  It also has a tense relationship with the CHARIOT, JUSTICE and the EMPEROR. SATURN is the ruling planet of CAPRICORN.  At the moment JUPITER, PLUTO & SATURN are in under the influence of CAPRICORN.  Two eclipses will take place on the CANCER/CAPRICORN series as the Lunar Nodes have just recently shifted into GEMINI and SAGITTARIUS.  A LUNAR Eclipse in CAPRICORN is due July 4th.
16 TOWER MARS The TOWER has been under influence of the MOON since MAY 13th.  It will continue until JUNE 28th.  * On JUNE 13th The TOWER joins forces with the HANGED MAN.  The TOWER will be under the influence of the EMPEROR on JUNE 28th for the remainder of 2020. MARS is currently in PISCES until June 28th, 2020.  Mars will conjunct (share same degree as) NEPTUNE on JUNE 13TH, 2020. MARS enters ARIES on JUNE 28th where it will remain until January 6th, 2021.
17 STAR AQUARIUS The STAR has had a major influence over the WORLD since MARCH 22nd.  The STAR naturally has a difficult relationship with the SUN, HIEROPHANT and DEATH. SATURN is the traditional ruler of AQUARIUS.  SATURN is in AQUARIUS from March 22nd, 2020 until JULY 1st, 2020.  On December 17th SATURN will re-enter AQUARIUS to stay until March 8th, 2023.  On December 19th JUPITER will be in AQUARIUS. AQUARIUS is a fixed signs and so naturally has tension with other fixed signs: opposes LEO, squares SCORPIO & TAURUS.
18 MOON PISCES The MOON carries the weight of The HANGED MAN from 2011 until 2026. It naturally has a difficult relationship with the HERMIT, TEMPERANCE and the LOVERS. PISCES is a mutable sign and so is naturally in a tense postion in relation to other mutable signs: opposes VIRGO, squares SAGITTARIUS & GEMINI.  Currently MARS is in PISCES until June 28th and NEPTUNE is in PISCES until 2026.
19 SUN SUN The SUN is under the influence of the LOVERS until JUNE 21st.  After that point it will under the influence of the CHARIOT. The Sun is currently in GEMINI.  On June 21st, the summer solstice the SUN will move into CANCER.
20 WORLD SATURN The WORLD is currently under the influence of the STAR until JULY 1st where it will then be under the influence of the DEVIL.  At that point it will also move to join forces with the JUDGEMENT & WHEEL of FORTUNE. SATURN is currently in AQUARIUS but will move back into CAPRICORN on JULY 21st.  It will not re-enter AQUARIUS until December 17th where it will remain until 2023.
21 JUDGEMENT PLUTO JUDGEMENT is under the heavy influence of the DEVIL.  It has been since 2008.  It will remain unde this influence until 2023.  Also, it has teamed up with the WORLD & WHEEL of FORTUNE (Both alo heavily influenced by the DEVIL for most of 2020.) PLUTO has been in CAPRICORN Since 2008.  It will not enter AQUARIUS until 2023/2024.  Currently PLUTO is conjunct JUPITER.


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