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In another life, about 15 years ago I worked as an art therapist.  What a beautiful combination art AND therapy – both resonated so well with who I am, my own personal astrology.  Surprisingly, I didn’t continue down that particular path.

The institutions where I worked – hospitals, elementary schools, assisted living facilities proved limiting, and time was always an issue.  I don’t think it was a waste of time by any means.  The practice of Art therapy does allow access to those hidden caves we all have and often protect with fierce resolve.  And it does so almost immediately. Other therapies seemed to just skim the surface spending a lot of time looking for a way ‘in,’ where the real work takes place.

But art therapy, while it does find a way in quickly, brings issues up to the surface where they hang suspended in a vague metaphorical space. What I wanted was the best of both worlds to have inner and outer worlds of the Self meet, shake hands so my client could confidently move on with their life. That is possible with astrology.

Astrology was already an integral part of my life at the time.  Like art therapy, though, it was, and often still is, considered a fringe profession.  So, not the most practical career choices in either case.  Still, that has in no way lessened its value in my eyes.

Astrology, seems to me, the only system capable of reaching those depths, where the ‘work’ is done AND provides vocabulary to effectively translate (and so bring into life) what the heck is going on in these silent inner worlds. It is, in my opinion within that space where the meaning of our current experience takes shape and informs the conditions of our future.

Clients often approach an astrology reading with ‘what will happen TO ME?” The truth is, YOU are happening to YOU.  And that has sometimes been a difficult message to get across.  Yet, it’s a crucial point and the basis from which I work. It is also why I believe, and to which my clients have attested, that the usefulness of astrology session far outlasts its value in the moment.  Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself applies to virtually any space and time-- now, in the past, and in the future.

It is understandable those seeking help desperately want to know ‘what’s next’, ‘what is going to happen to me?”  But to arrive at a truly satisfying answer to those questions we just can’t bypass the truth of the matter:  ‘You are happening to you’.

Is it any wonder then, why the most pressing question of all time has always been ‘who am I’?

At the time of this writing (October 2020) the astrology is difficult for everyone.  You are definitely not alone if you are feeling an inexplicable pressure and are suffering from extreme bouts of discomfort.

While there are a few influences with promise to provide relief they also have the potential of drawing us deeper into our escapist tendencies. Drugs, alcohol, comfort food, religious & spiritual fanaticism indeed may serve to exacerbate an unwillingness to participate in ‘this’ reality.  ‘Checking out’ mentally may soothe your soul momentarily but too much of a so-called good thing is obviously problematic.

So if you find yourself doing a deep dive into an escapist’s world you may be, unwittingly, leading yourself inwards, like it or not into those well-protected caves – the dark areas begging to be illuminated.  Have you ever described yourself as hopelessly lost?

That seems to be where many of us are headed right now unless we engage our inner selves with the unsavory realities of today.  Even those who consider themselves spiritual, as vibing high, can fall prey to the temptation of escapist solutions. Some can be so lost in beliefs far removed from the harder aspects of reality that they begin to lose ground completely - all of sudden discovering they are unable to tell which way is up.

In other words, from the perspective of the spiritual community the idea that some of us have already ascended, so to speak, can just be another form of escapism. According to the astrology (from a spiritual perspective) we have only just begun.  And the process doesn’t involve the sky breaking open with angels singing hallelujah.

It is work.  And I believe it requires a fearless approach to understanding ourselves from the very place where images, the appearance of things, even words are out of their domain.

How can astrology help us move through this tunnel?  By tuning into the frequency of our experience, the very stuff, the energy that forms our words, visions, the way the world appears in the first place.

Did you know that stroke victims, with impaired speech centers are able to communicate if they sing their words instead of speaking them normally?  Astrological language encapsulates the same idea.

And so, I believe it’s time to tune into our selves, and perhaps retune ourselves to harmonize with what appears as a not-so-palatable outer reality.  The tune we are playing is the same song and dance we are hearing and seeing.   We are indeed happening to ourselves.

Personally I’m just not into over sensationalizing the current astrology or disturbing psychic vibes because that won’t change a damn thing. The energies will express themselves.  It is not as if we will reach a point in our lives where everything is love and roses forever more.  Life will continue to pull us up and drop us down as it always has.  Life has never been any other way.

There is no light without dark, no good without bad and so on.  It doesn’t matter if we imagine we are above ‘this’ or lost in our own murky personal hell.   It is not happening to you. You are not above you.  You are inseparable from you AND all the energies, whatever form they take, around you.

It seems to me the more we resist the more impossible it is to settle into an observer’s space for the length of time necessary to not only raise our vibrations but maintain a connection to our higher selves, as the spiritual community would say.

Anyway, I have had enough of the wispy visions of rainbows.  I think the only way out is in and to do that we have to roll up our sleeves and get down and dirty.  Understanding your own personal astrology can help with that.

In short, I not a soothsayer or fortune teller. While I have several decades of psychic practice behind me I use it to complement my work as an astrologer. What use are my visions to clients if it implies they are not participants in their own life, that life just happens to them when that couldn’t be further from the truth?

What has been of lasting benefit to my clients over the years is rooted in the idea that who you are and how you handle this moment has everything to do with the unfoldment of your future.  In way your astrological chart, is a source map where I can immediately draw a handle on where you are coming from, access where you are now and help you touch base with the future you are consciously and unconsciously creating. I am here and ready when you are.

In light of the extraordinary events of 2020 I am wishing each and every one of you the best as we all work to navigate the bumpy terrain ahead.


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