CANCER February 2020

CANCER & Cancer Rising


“Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.” 
― Jean-Paul Sartre

 “If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month.” 

― Theodore Roosevelt

“Have a big enough heart to love unconditionally, and a broad enough mind to embrace the differences that make each of us unique.”

-D.B. Harrop

February can be a challenging month yet also one of the most rewarding Cancer.  That is if you are keen on opening yourself up to new understandings, willing to look at your life & others from a new perspective.  Any progress made by bravely taking on the task of accepting what is whilst curbing the tendency to take things personally will be worth its weight in gold.

Also, Mercury will be in retrograde phase half way through the month encouraging you to rethink your current situation, reframe the past and essentially update your life philosophy.  This is a great time to engage in research.  If you are dealing with legal issues it will be to your benefit to read the fine print and spend extra time contemplating what the ideal outcome would look like.  That doesn’t mean you will get it Cancer.  It seems you are in the middle of a learning curve that has the capacity to shape your attitude in reaction to the events and happenings unfolding throughout  2020.   Pluto and Saturn are opposing your relationship, commitments & responsibility sector suggesting you'll experience a few rough spots.  In other words, this is a transformative year that will inevitably come with growing pains. And so this process is likely to be easier if you begin with a willingness to open your mind and view life from another angle.

CANCER Monthly

Highlights & Lowlights 

MERCURY in PISCES--February 3rd to April 11th

Mercury tours the dream realm of Pisces for an unusually long stay as it slides into a retrograde phase half way through the month. Learn all you can.  Take time to put yourself in someone else’s shoes to expand your understanding.  Much of what you are dealing with, in all areas of life, falls under the category of an experience you haven’t really encountered before. It will be far too easy to take that factor granted.   The temptation to do what you’ve always done or refusing to question beliefs you have long held is relatively strong.  Needless to say you can cause yourself more headache than necessary.   (read more about Mercury in Pisces- relevant for ALL SIGNS)

MARS in SAGITTARIUS –January 4th to February 16th

While Mars continues through Sagittarius until the 16th emotional stress regarding one of your nearest & dearest or a certain responsibility, obligation could be wearing you down.   During the first two weeks of February it would be a good idea to work out your tensions at physically.  Even routinely going for a walk can make a difference mentally, emotionally.   (read more about Mars in Sagittarius -relevant for ALL SIGNS)

VENUS in ARIES--February 7th to March 6th

After the first week of February Venus glides into Aries.  On one hand you may feel ready to take on the world.  You’ll be gearing up to take control of your life strong willed and aiming to set yourself on the best path for you.  On the other hand ,you may lose sight of the fact the way you do things, the path your choosing isn't for everyone. Being mindful that others have their own agenda, needing to follow their own internal compass can save you from unnecessary conflict while Venus is in Aries.  Also, as the Moon builds, drawing to full on February 9th it will confront Saturn & Pluto.  Power struggles can ensue creating a rather emotionally tense situation with a boss, authority figure (eg.parent, teacher etc.) or partner.

FULL MOON in LEO--February 9th

By the time the Moon draws to Full in Leo on February 9th there is likely to be a pronounced change in mood. Either tensions will break in a dramatic manner or simply be dropped as a result of acknowledging that ‘it’ is just not worth getting work up about.  In any case, it may be useful to think back to what was happening in your life around the time of the New Moon in Leo on July 31st, 2019.  Intentions set then, consciously or unconsciously, will be at a peak development point.

The second half of the month is likely to be the most productive – despite the ever-dreaded onset of Mercury’s slowdown on February 16th.  It will be the first planet to enter retrograde phase in 2020.   We’ll return to that in a moment.  

MARS in CAPRICORN--February 16th to March 31st

Mars moves into a tough position, opposing your sign in Capricorn, during the second half of February.  It may be time to let go of relationship or commitment (eg. work-related).  In another vein, perhaps your expectations have been too high.  Rather than trying to force ‘the situation’ stepping back with a live and let live attitude may make everyone (including you) more at ease.  That said, for the next month and a half working towards improving the situation, taking responsibility for your actions and behaviors (because, that’s all anyone can do) will eventually change the scene.

MERCURY RETROGRADE--February 16th to March 9th

While Mercury slows it’s roll stationing retrograde on the 16th preparing to move back into Aquarius you may find yourself recalling more than a few conversations.  As mentioned, this month the planetary influences are encouraging you to glean a new understanding.  Your political stance may change, maybe you are beginning to understand someone else’s viewpoint sparking a need to rethink your approach. Once again, if you are dealing with legal issues it will be to your benefit to be aware of every last detail before signing the dotted line or officially/unofficially deciding where you stand on an important matter.

Of course, the usual warnings under Mercury retrograde also apply.  Delays, miscommunications, transportation issues, mechanical, electrical/technical problems often arise – all part of the cosmic plan to encourage us to switch gear and slow. down.  Back up your computer and double check travel plans.

Below is a breakdown of Mercury’s itinerary in February & March :

February 16th Mercury stations Retrograde @12° Pisces.

March 4th: Mercury Returns to Aquarius-- *You may need to make adjustments to your investments, take another look at your taxes (or get your papers together as the case may be).  An unexpected expense or error on your credit card bill is also a possibility.  In any case, now is the time to take a closer look at how you are managing your money.

March 9th: Mercury DIRECT @28° Aquarius – Hang tight, make sure everything is in place before moving forward.  Often Mercury retrograde phases are most potent at the beginning of the slow down and the end.

March 16th:  Mercury Returns to Pisces

March 30th :  Out of shadow @12+° Pisces.  Phew! You are out of the woods.  From here you can pick up the pace again feeling secure about the work you’ve done to regain your peace of mind.

April 11th:  Mercury moves into ARIES drawing your full attention to career and long term goals.

MARS trine URANUS -February 21st

Pow! New insights, inspiration abounds when Mars reacts with Uranus on the 21st.  In fact, it can feel like you’ve made some sort of breakthrough.  Time spent with friends or coworkers for an impromptu meet up can also lift your spirits up and out of what, may have been a rather difficult month.  You’ll need this breath of fresh air.

NEW MOON in PISCES-February 23rd

The New Moon in Pisces on the 23rd is blissful.  You are likely beginning to open up, your compassionate side rising to the surface.  Time spent with your kids, engaged in a creative project or even trying your hand on the dating scene will go well.  Kicking back and treating yourself isn’t a bad idea either.  As Mars, the North Node & Uranus sit in a positive angle to this lunation it’s the perfect time to se intentions around improving your relationships (including friendships, dynamic with coworkers etc.)


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