CAPRICORN January 2020

2020 – JANUARY

Happy New Year!!

CAPRICORN & Capricorn Rising

The New Year seems tailor-made for you Capricorn. The most important astrological event of the year is happening in your sign.  Jupiter too, the luckiest planet of them all will tour Capricorn throughout most of 2020.

Let’s start with Jupiter.  Jupiter entered Capricorn in early December.  During 2019 it’s life-affirming vibe lay somewhat dormant in your twelfth house of the hidden.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t working its special brand of magic in your favour.  On the contrary, Jupiter was busy expanding your subconscious, guiding you from behind the scenes behaving much like a guardian angel.  Now, as it has made its way into the light, so to speak, you’ll be good and ready in heart and mind to let the best of you show through.  You are bound to be more confident than usual. It is likely you have already be inspired to make ultra-ambitious plans for 2020.  Truth be told, Jupiter is a touch restricted under the archetypal influence of Capricorn.  However, that won’t bother you as much as other signs.  You are naturally efficient, patient and always persevere.  In your mind and indeed in sync with the main message from the cosmos, achieving true success takes time and heaps of effort.

Needless to say, you will be at your productive best this year AND others will notice. If it’s one thing you strive for above all else it’s gaining the respect you know you deserve.  You will earn it this year Capricorn and you will also be rewarded handsomely in more ways than one.

There is more good news, on January 3rd energy-packed Mars bounces into Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius.  Roughly every two years Mars dips into this metaphorical cave instilling a need for you to step out of the limelight.  Yes, out of the limelight.  That does contradict Jupiter’s will to push you out on stage.  The thing is there is work to do and you are more serious than ever about reaching your goals this year.  You won’t take kindly to anyone or anything distracting you from those efforts.  And so, with Mars encouraging you to take the time needed, without guilt, you’ll likely pull back from the crowd.  Resting well then, while plugging along with a reasonable plan of action between January 3rd and February 16th, will ensure January runs as smoothly as possible.

That said, there are several other major planetary happenings waiting in the wings that can disturb even your best laid plans.

A Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10th and the much talked about Pluto, Saturn conjunction on January 12th are essentially THE main astrological events in January.  How they play out will have a direct effect on how 2020 unfolds. As the Eclipse is within a few degrees of Saturn & Pluto’s meeting point one cannot be discussed without reference to the other.  In order to gain a better understanding of how Saturn and Pluto have thus far influenced your life we’ll have to take a short detour into the past.

In 2008 Pluto made a silent but profound move into Capricorn, your first house of self- identity.  As Pluto moves slowly it may have felt like a dark cloud was lifting.  However, you may not be able to recall any significant events happening in your life at the time.  Others may have commented that you presented as more in control, cooler, calmer yet with an obvious depth behind your eyes.  As Pluto has been working on transforming how you present yourself in the face of the world, by now your demeanor naturally exudes a force to be reckoned with.  Dare I say, it’s possible others could even describe you as intimidating.

Saturn, your ruling planet, operates in a different manner.  It arrived in your sign relatively recently, in December 2017.  Saturn can present as cold, defensive, in-complete-control similar to Pluto.  However, Saturn also encourages one to pull up their pants, take full responsibility for building a life that holds its own, for the long term, without the need to worry about stray arrows sending it all crashing down.  In other words, Saturn demands we do the work necessary, whether we like it or not, to build the kind of castle that lets others know we are worth our salt.  It seems you are well on the way of doing that right now Capricorn.  And it is only just beginning.

The Eclipse on January 10th sings much the same tune as Saturn and Pluto.  The same areas often rife with contention in regard to marriage, business endeavors (if in a partnership or you own your own business), and the foundations of who or what you consider home base.  Much of what you are hoping to accomplish or strengthen on any or all these fronts are likely in super-focus.  Under the Eclipse, relationships/business partnerships in particular are likely to point out what further work needs to be done.  That is if ‘it’ is to survive for the long haul.

It may be useful to look back at events during the eclipses in 2018 and 2019 -also part of the Capricorn/Cancer series. Each Eclipse spans an influence of six months.  Every ‘shift’ that occurs feeds into the type of experience likely to manifest during the subsequent eclipse.  Here is the list of eclipse dates in this series.

July 12th, 2018 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer
January 5th, 2019 – Solar Eclipse in Capricorn
July 2nd, 2019 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer
July 16th, 2019 – Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn
December 25th, 2019 – Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

There are three more (dates below), including the one on January 10th remaining before the North Node shifts into Gemini on June 5th, 2020.  (Read more about the Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipses in June 2020’s forecast):

January 10th, 2020 – Lunar Eclipse in Cancer
June 5th, 2020 – Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
June 20th, 2020 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer
July 5th, 2020 – Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

As you can see there is quite a bit happening January. It is a good thing Mars will be encouraging you to withdraw a touch.  You really will need time to process it all.

We are not even half way through and there is still more to say!

On January 11th surprise-a-minute Uranus lifts its head from retrograde effectively awakening your creative drive. Hallelujuah!  You will absolutely love this vibe as it continually churns out one great idea after another especially between now and August 2020.  The only issue with Uranus from this viewpoint is harnessing the ability to keep up with every inspirational whim.  It’s not such a bad problem to have is it Capricorn?  Still, if this kind of thing stresses you out keep a notebook handy and write it down. Uranus is known to produce flashes of insight, often dropping hints of what the future holds quite out-of-the-blue.  Some of what you write down could in fact be prophetic and/or be useful to have ready when the timing is right.  Whatever the case, it ought to be an interesting read as you cross the threshold into 2021.  And if you’re a writer the second half of January is looking rather sweet too…

On January 13th harmonious Venus glides into Pisces, your communication sector and home of the written word.  She will be there all month and into the first week of February. It is a wonderful placement to help soften the all-business-all-the-time persona you’re apt to be casting.  Indeed, your words can have a poetic quality AND many a pleasant conversation can be had, soothing any tensions with siblings, friends, neighbours and the like.

Mercury, the Sun, and New Moon in Aquarius on the 24th also ensure that January sets your year up right Capricorn.  As Aquarius governs your earned income sector finances will be looking good AND many of the ideas you have for earning more are bound to pan out well.  Aquarius is both future-minded and practical like yourself.  Additionally, under an Aquarian influence it is easier to maintain a healthy distance from emotional entanglements that can hinder clear-thinking.

All in all January is set to be a great month for your Capricorn.  With five heavenly bodies in your sign, three of which especially stout and commanding, I’d say you’re in one of the strongest positions you have been in a while. It should be noted here though that the Saturn Pluto conjunction is a tough aspect.  If you do suffer any losses know that is the universe’s way of identifying areas that have been in need of reform.  It’s unlikely to strike you by surprise and very likely to work out in your favour in the long run.

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