CAPRICORN- July 2019 Mercury Retrograde



Emotional Trains between Friends, Family, Lovers, & Mind.

Mercury retrograde phases happen every year.  Usually the same elemental energy is emphasized.  In 2019 Mercury will spend extra time in water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.  These signs are considered karmic and tend to have an influence over the manner in which you communicate, relationships of any kind including friends, family, co-workers and significant others.   Like all members of the zodiac the emotional past intermingles, at times positively and at others not so much. As you attempt to deal with circumstances on a rational, intellectual level then, it can be overwhelming and somewhat disorienting. Psychic senses will also be more pronounced during the Mercury retrogrades adding to the confusion that increased emotional sensitivity brings.

MERCURY Retrograde in LEO/CANCER July 8thuntil August 1st, 2019.

The second retrograde phase of the year begins on July 8thin the early degrees of Leo in conjunction to Mars. Family matters are in the spotlight as are your closest most intimate ties.  While communication difficulties won’t be as pronounced as during the last retrograde phase an element of confusion still exists. As Cancer rules your 7thhouse it’s likely that difficulties you experience arise as a need to work on your shadow self.  That is, the tendency to project unacceptable aspects of your self onto others in effect is a means on working on inner self in the external world. This may not always be the case. However, awareness and contemplation of the possibility can help cultivate greater tolerance and compassion for others.  Building those qualities lead to a sense of inner peace that is often hard to come by.  This retrograde phase offers the opportunity to, once again, work with emotional stuff through your relationships with others to achieve just that –peace.

Once Mercury re-enters Cancer on July 19thyour effort to support others, or allow your self to receive support is somewhat of an exercise for the changes that will take shape in your closest relationships in mid-August.

Mercury corrects its course on August 1stbut will not re-enter Leo and be out of its retrograde shadow until August 15th.  At this point you’ll be ready clear out emotional baggage you may not have even known you were carrying to emerge with your sunniest side-up for the second half of the year.

2019 Mercury RX in a nutshell….

All three Mercury retrograde periods are likely to trigger emotions that are in need of further investigation. It won’t be easy. The tendency is to blame the actions of others for triggering us. While, yes, ‘they’ may play some part in causing us to hurt it is our responsibility to work through what comes up. The truth is no one can actually hurt us if we are aware and can accept that in order to grow, growing pains are to be expected.

* It is always worth noting that this interpretation of how the Mercury retrogrades can influence your Sun Sign is really only the first layer. It is an outline of the general theme. Where your planets were at birth, your rising sign, and a slew of other factors unique to your personal chart touch on deeper aspects.


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