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Private Readings usually last an hour or more.  Before we connect, I will have already done a thorough investigation of your natal chart, progressed and transits chart- $135 CDN.

NATAL CHART reveals your highest potential & strengths.  Troublesome aspects are discussed in a solution-oriented manner to bring you into greater alignment. Overall understanding of your birth chart enhances self-knowledge in all areas of life – relationships, career, finances, family/friends etc.)
PROGRESSEDDescribes the over-arching evolutionary pattern of your life, where you are coming from, where you are now and where you are headed.
TRANSITSBoth your natal & progressed charts are considered in relation to the current & near future planetary motions. It helps you ‘work with the flow’ with a good look into how your position in the here and now can influence future developments.  Specific dates are included.