“Memory believes before knowing remembers. Believes longer than recollects, longer than knowing even wonders.” 
― William Faulkner

ECLIPSES & Lunar Nodes 2021



MAY 6, 2020 – JAN.18, 2022

Lunar Eclipse SAGITTARIUS May 26th 2021 @5° Sag/Gem
Solar Eclipse GEMINI June 10th 2021 @19° Gemini
Lunar Eclipse TAURUS Nov. 19th 2021 @27° Taur/Scorp
Solar Eclipse SAGITTARIUS Dec 4th 2021 @12°  Sag

Eclipses mark milestone moments.  There is a 6-month span of influence under which we shift, change, adapt to the way our world turns under these lunations.

Nodal positions often indicate where the eclipses take place.  In 2021 we are completing a series of eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius which began in June 2020. This year we will be introduced to a new set arriving with an eclipse in Taurus in November 2021- pre-emptive of a nodal shift in signs.

In the simplest terms, our lives move in reaction to attractions in the North (Gemini qualities) and with an increasing distaste from those of the south (Sagittarian qualities).  The LUNAR Eclipses in Sagittarius pull us away from our old ways (beliefs) while the LUNAR Eclipses GEMINI weaken our resolve to hang onto them.

Depending on how well we fare in this process the SOLAR Eclipses then reveal a host of possibilities available to us - possibilities in greater alignment with the way the world turns in accordance to natural laws.


The world will continue to turn in the direction of Gemini for most of the year. Like it or not we will feel a heck of a lot more comfortable if we adapt the qualities inherent to Gemini.   That is, remaining open-minded, curious and keen to question the information we take in as ‘fact’. Gemini is that kid on the zodiac block, blessed with street smarts – always reading between the lines.

Should the details not add up, then, or the need to improvise arises, our creative selves may discover ways to get by and get around the stuffy land of rules and regulations. To be clear, Gemini is not above the law it just knows how to ‘work it’. So on one hand we won’t be opposed to binding commitments but on the other we’ve already sworn in as a law-unto-ourselves.

There is ONLY ONE Eclipse in GEMINI this year (June 10th). We have to make it count. But it will be surrounded with confusion.  It sits at the end of the second Mercury retrograde phase. It also comes at a time where Neptune is especially provocative in pushing the same question that’s been plaguing us for years: ‘What’s real’? What exactly is the truth?


If Gemini can be considered street smarts then Sagittarius would be the law, the body of knowledge that speaks to an entire belief system, of theory and of experience over time.

And so those big ideas, philosophies, beliefs systems of any kind, may prove unable to justify or neatly fit in new pieces of information, that Gemini presents.