Full Moon in AQUARIUS, August 3rd, 2020


August 3rd, 2020

The Full Moon in Aquarius allows for a sense of detachment. After the last set of notable lunations in water and earth signs it’s quite a change.  That doesn’t mean we won’t feel its effects.  Rather, it can feel as though we are being weighed down as if by a tangible force.  This Moon is about mind stuff, packed solid with considerations of material world concerns, the logistics, practicalities - the way we seek control over our life’s direction.  In this case, we are challenged to build and communicate our intentions for the future -- in a way where we don’t feel emotionally ‘locked -in’. That said, we may have great ideas.  However, they are likely to only sound good in theory.  We’ll have to see ‘it’ in practice before we can be sure a viable solution has indeed been found.

The Sun and Moon form what is known as a fixed T-square with Uranus in Taurus suggesting we’ll be compelled to draw a hard line.  It is as if building a shield of impenetrable logic can save us from having to deal with emotional waves.  But, our so called ‘logic’ may not, in fact, be impenetrable no matter how much we push our point.  In fact, we are more liable to appear as rationalizing our position, justifying our actions, behaviors with fervor for the purpose of convincing ourselves.  It is only human to want stability, a definitive answer to feel like we have it together.

Fixed signs Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus are often fantastic at devising solid strategies AND following through.  Their drive, stubbornness, ensures they ultimately get want they want.  However, with Mars already forming a square to Jupiter there is only so far we can go no matter what strategy we employ AND we’ll have to feel our way through the next steps before firmly planting our stake in the ground.


Strategies to gain more control over your life, how you earn a living, who you can and cannot work with can prove frustrating.  Although, the Full Moon can also inspire new ways to make a buck (not all will stick of course) or send you on a different course unexpectedly—one that may be a blessing in disguise.



Strategies to demand more respect for your position at work or at home can cause friction or elicit a response you weren’t expecting. It seems ‘they’ may question your motivation Taurus.  Although, the Full Moon can strengthen your bond with another as a result. Respect to be respected.



If your strategy is to step back and observe the facts (no matter how inconvenient) you’ll be working with rather than against the tense vibes of this Full Moon.  In other words there is only so much you can do. And so using this time to identify the options you do have can help you steer through stubborn issues at work, in regard to finances or within your social sphere.



Crafting a new strategy to manage your finances or equalize the balance of power in a significant relationship may need some tweaking Cancer.  It will likely take a few days to shift your perspective to one that is more inclusive of all involved.  From that point creative solutions can be found. In other words Insisting on your way or the highway will cause more problems than it’s worth.  Keep it cool.



What you believe is a sensible strategy or manner of approach may not jive with another creating unexpected friction.  It can take time to understand another’s point of view and you probably won’t be as open to ‘their’ opinion under the Full Moon.  However, that’s what the cosmos seems to be calling for if you’re hoping to come to an agreement.



You often take pride in devising efficient methods, coming up with a set framework from which you can operate with ease.  However, this Full Moon may prove irksome with the propensity to knock you ‘off schedule’. In fact, you’d be wise to leave room for the unexpected.  New information can change your course or have an impact on what you believe to be true about yourself.



You may need to lay down the law with kids, within a social group, or even address an issue amongst coworkers.  Libras are naturally driven to mediate mayhem.  And so it seems if folks are being a tad difficult you’ll likely step in with the belief you can bring some ease to the situation.  Easier said than done under this Full Moon Libra.



You’re apt to exhaust your energy in attempt to keep your cool under the Full Moon, Scorpio.  It isn’t that you aren’t ‘cool’ but others will notice you are drawing your energy inwards to merely appear more in control.  Others may read your demeanour as simply being inflexible. Don’t be surprised if ‘they’ reflect the same in kind. The pressure will drop in few days.



Under the Full Moon you may be unusually optimistic Sagittarius.  The trouble is your attitude may irk others.  They may read your positive spin as proof you don’t care – seeing how easy it is for you simply shake ‘it’ off.  What can you do?  Even if ‘they’ have a point it’ll be awfully tough not to actively seek the sunny spots.



This Full Moon is a money Moon for you Capricorn.  Whether you are devising a plan to increase your earnings or looking for ways to maximize investments you’ll be more than determined to make it happen.  The key is to allow a little room for ‘off the wall’ ideas to peak through. And it seems there is someone around you that can inspire just that – if you would just hear them out.



This Full Moon is all about you Aquarius.  Needless to say that might go to your head and end up causing a stalemate situation with your nearest and dearest.  If however, you are in the midst of choosing whether or not you really want to commit to a business-related endeavour hang tight.  It doesn’t look like all the information is on the table yet.



This Moon, despite drawing to Full under the fixed (ahem inflexible) sign of Aquarius may actually inspire a desire for more spontaneity in your life Pisces. It seems you are somewhat caught in the middle of a feeling - needing time to unwind yet could also use a boost.  That said, it wouldn’t be surprising if you throw caution to the wind just to shake off the decidedly heavy (yet somehow undefinable) vibe moving through the air.


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