Full Moon in Aquarius

FULL MOON in Aquarius August 15th

Leading up to the Full Moon a mild tension builds – one strewn with mixed signals.  Mercury, now out of its retrograde shadow, lets us know it is indeed time to pick up the pace. The Sun and Venus also meet in Leo suggesting we are feeling good about the direction we are headed – especially in love matters.  But then, there is Uranus stationing retrograde.  The feeling that the ball hasn’t really started rolling yet can lead us to question whether ‘it’ will turn out as expected.  You can never truly predict which way the sparks will fly when Uranus is in play.  

This particular Full Moon, like any other amplifies emotions, and acts as a catalyst for endings. In Aquarius however, we are better able to remain objective – cool.  Whatever comes up can be handled.  Afterall when your eyes are on the future it affords just the space you need to make adjustments until you get ‘there’.

Mars will be in a perfect position as it powers up the industrial sign of Virgo after the Full Moon on the 18th.  We’ll be inspired to work harder taking care of the necessary details that keep our lives running smoothly, efficiently and in the spirit of self-improvement.  In other words, if the eclipses and mercury retrograde in July spun you around now is the time to re-orient yourself. Keep in mind that the intentions we set, events/ happenings that brought us to this point during early February of this year are reaching the end of the first phase of development. Clear the slate, polish what you have and update your goals.  Once the New Moon in Virgo arrives on the 30thwe’ll be ready for a full reset. 

More on the New Moon along with your bi-weekly Sun Sign Scopes at the end of August ….Stay tuned J

Sun Sign Scopes from Moon to Moon:

     August 15th - Full Moon in Aquarius   //   August 30th - New Moon in Virgo



You are still in fun mode Aries.  Hopefully you’ve been able to afford yourself a little space or have the opportunity to run free if you know what I mean.  As several planets remain in fellow fire sign Leo your love life too is looking pretty good. 

The Full Moon seems to be offering the opportunity to take a look at the friendships you’ve built this year, the contacts and connections you’ve made. Some will no doubt be a part of your life for the long term.  However, some may fall to the wayside as you sharpen an evolving view of your future. It has changed since last February (the time of the Aquarian New Moon) mostly because of the connections you’ve made in the past seven months. 

Towards the end of the month the fun-loving freedom fighter in you, so to speak, will give way to a more serious attitude.  Although, organizing your life in a way that affords you the freedom you crave will remain in the back of your mind.  Indeed, the urge to get to work will be strong as Mars, Venus, the Sun and Mercury cruise into Virgo.  Health matters will also be at the top of your priority list …and so earning the freedom 'to be' easily falls into the category of maintaining spiritual health. 



Spice girls song popped into my head “tell me what you want, what you really, really, want…”  I think you are in a prime position to let that be known Taurus.  What’s most important is not shouting it to the world though, not before you’ve clarified it to yourself first. There are two reasons.  First there seems to be a discrepancy between what you believe you deserve now as opposed to ‘then’. Perhaps you are feeling different about the base you’ve built.

Secondly Full Moon’s portend endings. In your case during early February of this year under the Aquarian NEW Moon intentions were set (consciously or unconsciously) about your long term direction.  As this lunar phase comes to a close then, you’ll notice things have changed along the way since then and that has to be taken into account.  Some of what you set out to do in effort of reaching those heights didn’t work the way you thought did they?  It is time to refine ‘the plan’ don’t you think?  That, of course, starts with letting go of those old ideas.  When the New Moon at the end of the month comes around it will be a good time to build a new way forward– one with built in contingency plans.



You are reminded under this Full Moon ust how far you’ve come since the beginning of the year Gemini.  No doubt you’ve moved well passed your comfort zone (which pretty far out there compared to the other zodiac members). That said, there is more ground to cover – something you have probably picked up on during most of July.  The busy bee in you will indeed still be buzzing right until the end of August.  However, it looks like you will be more stationary than usual as these next two weeks unfold. 

Shortly after the Full Moon you may also find that folks will be getting on your nerves or you’ll notice they may be acting funny towards you.  It seems there is an underlying insecurity that gnaws on you in the wee hours of the morning – a question, a whispering “can I do this? Can I really do this?” In turn, the uneasiness may be felt by others and responded to unconsciously.  It isn’t surprising considering that you have crossed into a ‘new world’ and while you catch up with it all you're bound to feel a little wobbly on the inside.

On the 18thMars will enter fellow Mercury-ruled Virgo until October 4thsuggesting it’ll be time to get back to work on the basics …no matter how much headway you’ve made over the last year.  In short, you may want to re-establish your footing, maybe organize your space, take a little more time at home?



Even under the Full Moon it seems you are still dealing with financial issues.  Perhaps you’ve accrued a debt or are extra careful about how you manage your funds. The chances are someone else is involved which adds to difficulty in making hard choices.  Whatever the case it has been an underlying theme since early February of this year.  That said, as this lunar cycle draws to a close you’ll be ready to take action.  Of course, it is also likely that the lead up to and waning of the Full Moon will encourage more discussion.  And so by the time Mars enters Virgo (and the New Moon in Virgo arrives on the 30th) you’ll be in a position to ‘make a deal’.  It will indeed be a load off your mind Cancer – and you can expect a whole slew of new developments as you make your way into September.  Did I mention that you will be approaching one of the busiest times of year especially between the 18thand October 4th?  Let’s hope you had a good rest this summer!


LEO & LEO Rising

Leo! You truly have been the star of the show.  All this attention has got to feel good.  This Full Moon too suggests that your closest relationships are reaching a new stage of development no matter how long you have been together. While February of last year may have been a tad rough in that department, you’re moving through the completion of a cycle that was meant to bring a little fresh air your way.  If you are single or unattached it looks like you’ve been committing to live your life to a different beat.  I’d say you’re in the process of truly catching that groove for the better. 

After the 18thit will be time to prioritize, shuffle a few other things around in your life to make sure everything jives just the way you like it Leo.  Money will be looking pretty good to between the end of August and into October although do keep in mind the urge to spend will be higher as well.



I hope you been managing to slow down a touch Virgo.  With so many planets cruising in your twelfth house of rest & regeneration AND a Full Moon in your health sector the universe may have had to push hard to get the message through.  If you’ve insisted to go against what your intuition has been saying – well it wouldn’t be a surprise if you found your more tired than usual. There are so many new things (people, places, faces, ideas etc.) that have been happening in your life over this last year that the need to process it all has likely been fairly high.  That is what the twelfth house is all about Virgo and so moving with the cosmic current would do you well.    

Once Mars moves into your sign, on the 18thto stay until early October, you’ll have all the energy you need to run full speed ahead. So between now and then consider that the more time you give yourself to regenerate the better your performance when you do attack that to do list.



Lovely Libra with so many planets hanging out in compatible fire sign Leo it seems you’ve been quite the social butterfly.  It looks like  you’re going to need a breather from it all and the universe is prepped to comply. However, the Full Moon does bring another dose of feel good vibes your way that will last a while – until the 18thto be exact.  Once Mars moves into Virgo (to stay until early October) it seems you’ll want to get as much time alone as possible.  Perhaps there is a project you are working on that will demand much of your focus or you’ve simply burned the candle at both ends and can’t deny that a break is overdue. That said, try not to be too hard on yourself if you find you’re passing up invites or need to pull back from the crowd. If you feel guilty about it consider that your body mind and soul can sometimes be less forgiving.



It seems your public self has been in demand for the last month or so Scorpio.  While it probably hasn’t been too much of a strain allowing the social aspect of your work/life to take precedence might do you good.  Under the Full Moon home & family matters will need to be taken care of as well.  No doubt it’s been on your radar but time tends to fly quickly during this time of year for you.

And so as you move towards the end of the month the urge to ‘be with your people’, network, or in general expand your reach of influence (eg. social media) will be strong.  As Mars moves into worker bee Virgo (your networking sector) on the 18thto stay until October you may indeed want to continue ‘reaching out’ as a way to be more part of crowd than the leader of one. 



Have an itch to travel Sagittarius? Maybe you are in the process of deciding "this' should be a consistent part of your life somehow? Either that or exploring a new area of interest (going to school, diving into research of some kind) becomes an urge that isn’t likely to be quieted until you do something about it.  Sagittarius is known as ‘the globetrotter’ although truth be told what attracts Sagittarius to exploring new lands is often born from an innate interest and curiosity in the world out there, socially and culturally speaking – whatever form it takes.  And so, learning as well as experiencing the new and exciting doesn’t necessarily mean travel.  Engaging in social causes, educating yourself, donning the role of teacher or student can be just as satisfying to you – especially right now.   You may lean more towards teaching – feeling as though you MUST school others lest risking being schooled. Of course your ego may not take kindly to the latter which could make you come off as a know-it-all. Although, Mars in Virgo (from Aug.18thto October 4th) does encourage you put in extra effort to really know your stuff – thus, helping you avoid those less than comfortable scenarios.



You may have been pressed by financial and/or relational issues over the last little while Capricorn.  However, by now as the Moon draws to Full in Aquarius, much of what you have been dealing with has or will be handled soon enough as far as you’re concerned.  So, while it probably has been a pain at least it’s coming to an end and a new energy is starting to lift you out of those tensions.  No doubt you’ve already been at very least inspired to loosen up and welcome a little more fun, freedom flow into your life.  If you are single maybe someone has caught your eye and simply making you feel a little lighter about life.  Well hallelujah Capricorn and bravo if you have made an effort to spontaneously answer the call, so to speak.  There are more of those vibes headed your way.

As the Full Moon wanes and Mars skips into Virgo you can bet that more travel or the desire to engage in something new and exciting (without having to deal with all the tough stuff) is indeed on the cosmic agenda. 



One particular relationship or the details of one significant commitment/responsibility has likely been weighing on you Aquarius.  It that is the case the Full Moon in your sign will come as a blessing – even if it brings matters to a peak.  What seems to be happening is you are better able to see both sides of a situation that somehow has escaped your conscious attention.  And so, there is the sense that you simply know better now (especially about a situation that has been developing since the beginning of the year).  Should the Full Moon bring up tensions then, consider it a good thing – a valuable lesson learned that will inform the next steps you take. 

I’ll note that on the 18thinto early October Mars will move into Virgo suggesting that you can make quite a bit of progress as you engage in either 1. Dividing your ‘responsibilities’ between you and another or 2.  Are finally taking action to close down a chapter of your life that may have gone on longer than you had hoped.



You may have been inspired to get your life in order (differently than how you’ve been doing things).  Although it doesn’t look like you’re stressing yourself out too much about it but rather adopting a leisurely pace. The thing is Pisces you probably want to have a little more fun in your life and so if you aren’t doing what you love or at least making sure that the schedule you set, arrangements you make, work for you then hey, why make life any more stressful than need be at the moment?  In other words, I imagine your day to day is naturally reflecting more of what you want from life, what you want to work towards rather than in response to the needs of others (employers, dependents).  Of course, you are often being called to support others which can make this a tricky time for you.  And so, needless to say it’ll take some conscious doing to at least put some of your needs first.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is rather passive in your case.  It might be best to use it a chance to draw back a touch – meditate, contemplate in private.  Your dream world too can offer insight as it processes the end of this lunar cycle which began way back in early February of this year. There are hunches even cryptic premonitions about the direction your future is taking that you would do well not to ignore.

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