Full Moon in Leo, Feb.9th, 2020

in LEO

February 9th, 2020

The holidays have long passed, those in colder climates have had just about enough of the gray.  At this point there hasn’t really been enough time to fully develop our grand plans made at the beginning of the year either, so it can feel as if we are in a strange in-between state. Then along comes a bold and bright Full Moon in Leo on February 9th adding a touch of feel good …

The end of this Lunar cycle is indeed one to wrap your arms around with a welcome smile.  What was initiated (consciously or unconsciously) at the time of the New Moon in Leo on July 31st, 2019 is now coming to a point of completion.  Either you will experience the end of an important first phase of developments and/or finally close down an issue brought to your attention approximately six months ago.

FULL MOON Sun Sign Notes…

Shining strong in the sign of Leo the Full Moon brings a childlike energy, touch of glee and rush of pride in a different area of life for each sun sign…

*side note: if others aren’t as happy with your efforts, attitude or the like though, tempers can briefly flare – like unexpected licks of fire off the tongue.

ARIES: parental pride, bursts of creative inspiration, feeling fun, fancy ‘n’ free in the work you do and/or more than pleased with the results of a side project or two, or three or four…Aries: February Forecast

TAURUS: full of love at home, with family.. tempers may flair but it’s probably because you care, they care Taurus.Taurus: February Forecast

 GEMINI: among friends, neighbours, running here and there, news, gossip, quick conversations and perhaps more information, and things to do, places to be than expected.Gemini: February Forecast

CANCER: money matters, work well done won’t go unnoticed, although it’s possible not everyone agrees on what ‘work well done’ looks like.Cancer: February Forecast

LEO: Wearing your heart on your sleeve – It’s up to you if it glows sunny side up. That’s a matter of just how much you’ve kept bottled up Leo. Leo:February Forecast

VIRGO: Not one for drawing in the spotlight, there’s contentment and reason to  congratulate yourself even if only in private.  Indulge in a nap, lean back and day dream Virgo – you’ll have cleared some space in your heart for you now. Virgo: February Forecast

LIBRA: It never seems like it’s enough.  While all looks peachy keen to you someone is sure they know better or gripes about not getting the attention/respect they deserve.  You can’t please ‘em all Libra – although I’ll bet you’ll try… and therein lies the rub. Libra: February Forecast

SCORPIO: You’re busy, you’re doing what you do, yet if it’s not in effort to meet the needs of someone else they probably won’t be as impressed as you are of you. Scorpio: February Forecast

SAGITTARIUS: It’ll be worth it in the long run, what you’re learning, deals you’re making, working through ‘this’ experience can afford you itty bits of freedom from it all. Sagittarius February Forecast

CAPRICORN: There are reasons to be proud of what you’re proposing to do even if you haven’t come close to seeing the results.  It’s all in the planning.  The work left to do and sacrifices needed to be made is the easy part for you. Capricorn February Forecast

AQUARIUS:  Emotional satisfaction comes from praise given AND received in equal measure.  At time when half of your mind is locked in seclusion sneaking a peak out at the lightness of the day sure feels good. Aquarius February Forecast

PISCES:  Keeping it ‘real’ means keeping it simple now Pisces.  Work well done that’s good enough for you IS good enough.  It’s better than good enough.  In fact, even better if you’re keen on keeping it real. Pisces February Forecast

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