September 14th, 2019

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A potentially lovely, yet rather strange Moon builds in the realm of dream-weaver Pisces this week. We are liable to romantize our situation for better or worse – on one hand overflowing with love and compassion, blissed out by all that we deem good and right.  On the other hand, our expectations are high, our visions of the ideal can overtake the hard realities right in front of our face.  It is a tricky space to occupy as the influence of Pisces tends to 1. blur the boundaries between fact & the fictions we create in our mind and 2. can drag us into a sorrowful state that either holds us, down and out or ejects us into our favorite ways to escape. 

However, leading up to the Full Moon there are more than a few opportunities to work with what we have in solution-driven practical manner.  This contradiction arises as so many planets are travelling through Virgo – the opposite sign of Pisces.  And so, finding the balance between the earthly plane and the what could be, should be worldgoverned by Pisces can be challenging. One thing is for sure we will know if we have gone too far, off into la la land as the Moon wanes.  The hard edges of reality will once again find their place disallowing us to go further (down into self-pity or up up and away).  That is, until we can accept what work has to be done to steady our ship.

Balance, the middle point, of course is the best we can hope to achieve towards the end of the month as a new lunar cycle begins in Libra on the 28th.  And so those of us dealing with relationship issues may indeed be experiencing more than a few ups and down between now and then.  I should mention that on the same day as the Full Moon Mercury & Venus will have crossed into Libra suggesting that we will all have much to deliberate in terms of finding our balance, negotiating the terms of our relationships (intimate or otherwise).  Who, what are we devoting our time and energy towards? Who, what are we committing ourselves to? And is it in our best interest? Are we expecting too much?  Too little of ourselves, others? 

On a last note time-keeper and reality warden Saturn will wake from retrograde on the 18thmaking it clear that there is no choice but to get it together with an eye for the long term. 

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Sun Sign Scopes from Moon to Moon:

     September 14th - Full Moon in Pisces   //    September 28th - New Moon in Libra

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ARIES & Aries Rising

Leading up to the Full Moon you are likely to feel that things are indeed coming together – work wise, health wise.  Routines, schedules set in a manner that makes sense for what you are hoping to accomplish seems to be right on track.

The Full Moon itself however can drum up some confusion about exactly what you are expecting and when.  It is possible you’ve set the bar too high Aries in which case, anything perceived as ‘less than’ can feel like a major detour.  It probably won’t be – it’s just a reminder to keep it real, one foot in front of the other so you can navigate the inevitable twists and turns with grace. 

As the Moon draws down relationships are in super focus and so too are the practicalities involved in what you’ve committed yourself to. If you have taken on too much (especially work wise) or made promises you can’t keep between now and the end of the month it will be worth looking at 1. what you can handle realistically and 2. how you really want to be spending your time.

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TAURUS & Taurus Rising...

Leading up to the Full Moon it seems you are in a position where learning comes easy – and formulating new understandings, perspectives is exactly what the cosmos is urging at the moment.  Part of the reason you are able to absorb more now is there is a sense of freedom that comes with whatever you are doing making work of any kind an enjoyable experience. Finances too are part of the equation as with Jupiter in your 8thfor more than half the year now you're poised to be on the receiving end of good news especially between now and the end of the year. 

The Full Moon on the 14thhas more to do with your friendships.  Perhaps the lines are blurred as to whether ‘this’ is a friendship or true romance.   In any case, mixed messages and confusion is likely.  Maybe this romance lacks friendship but you don’t see it because well, it’s such a blissful state why bother with the real-world stuff?  Consider that the handling of real-world stuff is what gives stability to any relationship.  Normally, you are more than aware of that fact …but this Full Moon, as mentioned in the preamble, can be a tricky one affecting your perception Taurus. 

In another vein under the Full Moon your heart is bound to be open wide for everyone and anyone looking for a little tlc and understanding.

Moving on towards the end of the month and as the moon wanes maintaining a proper work life balance will become a theme.  If that is out of whack getting done what you know you really need to get done can be challenging. 

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GEMINI & Gemini Rising...

Leading up the Full Moon you’ve got your practical hat on Gemini especially in regard to dealing with your finances (debts, investments, resources shared between you and another) and the environment that you consider the base of operation (home/business).  My guess is you have some lofty goals that will take time and effort over a longer haul.  The good news is you are supported by the cosmos as you place one foot in front of the other. 

As the Full Moon draws to full though, it can either become exceedingly clear just how far you are from the point you want to be or, conversely are imagining things are closer than they actually are. 

Once the moon begins drawing down and as you roll along the last few weeks of September what you can count on is that there is a positive and negative side to everything so the absolute best you can do is to enjoy this ride.  Friends, the spark of life that comes with an uptick in your love life, a free-flowing source of inspiration makes the effort you’ve put in all worthwhile.  ‘Things take the time they take’ don’t they Gemini? So why not make the best of what you’ve got going and roll with that when things get challenging? Of course, the general advice for all under these skies is not to ignore the challenge but to tackle it with a smile on your face. And you can do that I'm sure. 

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CANCER & Cancer Rising...

As the Full Moon approaches there is a ton on your to do list that may be amounting to just too much to do Cancer.  The Virgo influence is still strong suggesting that prioritizing and spending your time organizing yourself is good strategy if you are already feeling overwhelmed. 

The FULL MOON on the 14this also likely to open your mind allowing you to consider new perspectives, follow a new philosophy bringing in more love, compassion and understanding in your life. In other words, an emotional shift can affect your ability to get things done - but it seems for the better.  I’ll mention that cultivating more love and compassion for yourself is really where it all begins.  This is especially true if you are having difficulties with your closest relationships and also with work-related endeavours where you have consciously taken on certain responsibilities.  Again, if you have taken on too much or are expecting others to pick up the slack take a step back Cancer.  It would be wise to stay within your own bounds, making sure what you’ve taken on is indeed manageable. 

As the Moon wanes and the rest of September plays out your focus is likely to be more at home than work.  In the same vein, the need to set yourself up right (work related?) becomes noticeably more important than charging ahead with what you wish could be or should be in the future.  In short, the theme now until the end of the month revolves around establishing a solid ground from which you can build in any aspect of your life.

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LEO & Leo Rising...

Work, money, health – all remain matters of concern leading up to the Full Moon on the 14th.  It does seem like you are beginning to get things in order just like you want them Leo but I’ll bet more time is needed before you’ll be fully satisfied with these arrangements.   For instance, if you have begun a new exercise regime, set a new routine  at work the feeling you are really only just in the beginning stages are likely to rush in at some point after the Full Moon.  

The Full Moon itself amplifies the emotional connection you have around money and relationships.  Perhaps you are thinking of having children and worried about having enough.  Maybe debts are looming or the give and take aspect of one particular relationship is a bit ‘off’.  Whatever the case, it would be wise to pull back and look at things from a practical fact-based perspective as the love can conquer anything attitude, or taking on the role of martyr can lead to complications later on.

Carrying on towards the end of the month you're apt to be one busy bee, dealing with paperwork, engaging in what can be a endless set of ‘discussions’ about what is fair and what isn’t fair.  Then again, this influence can sometimes manifest in endless conversations with yourself where you are constantly looking at the pros and cons – hesitant to make any impulsive decisions. 

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VIRGO & Virgo Rising

Hi Virgo!  You are my favorite this month.  It seems as if the universe truly is smiling down on you …BUT that has its own set of complications.  Put another way it seems that you are enjoying more freedom than usual, doing the kind of work you enjoy yet emotionally dealing with a mixed bag along the lines of 1. Is this real? practical? 2. how long can I manage this and will it result in all you’ve dreamed of?  What are your dreams anyway? What do you hope for and wish?

The Full Moon blossoms under these inner-voice questions either sending you too far off into la la land (particularly in regard to your closest relationships but perhaps work-related commitments as well.  If you over reach the mark, place your trust in the dream version you carry of someone, reality will step in eventually.  That said, toeing the line between being too cautious and overly driven by faith in all that is good (what you would love to see) can make you a bit dizzy.

As planets will be moving on into Libra after the Full Moon and into the last few weeks of September then, finding the right balance will become a major theme.  You will be more focused on ranking, so to speak, what is most valuable to you. From there calibrating elements of your life in a way that follows this relatively new schema will indeed help you maintain ‘the flow’ no matter the ‘real-world’ obstacles that present themselves now and for the rest of the year.

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LIBRA & Libra Rising...

Neck deep in work or want to be but find the energy isn’t all there Libra?  Don’t worry, this week things will change.  Hopefully you’ve been steadily putting in the work bit by bit or, on the other hand found some time to get much needed rest and relaxation.  Whatever the case the feeling that you are waking up to a new day is around the corner.

The Full Moon will be drawing up emotional energy that can both make you feel a little day dreamy or as the theme has been, a little sleepy and lacking in motivation.  The dreamer in you probably wants to save the world so to speak and it may be good to remind yourself that doing it all at once isn’t possible anyway.  It really is the accumulation of the little things that will eventually create the kind of change, the kind of rhythm you want flowing in your life. 

On another note, it would be wise to pay attention to your health, how your body feels now and over the next few weeks.  If you are feeling too stressed it’s a signal to slow your roll so that you can be at your productive best. 

That said, between now and the end of the month the faster moving planets are preparing to activate your sign.  That means the more effort you put into putting things into their rightful place – prioritizing health, working on what will be of value in the long term the better off you’ll be.  You are, consciously or not working towards building a more harmonious work/life balance.  You may have noticed it’s indeed something you’ll have to work on as the rest of the year unfolds.

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SCORPIO & Scorpio Rising

Leading up the Full Moon I can imagine your life has been unusually ‘active’ – people to see, places to go, things to do. While it is likely to be rather enjoyable you only have so much energy and time in the day. And so, as the Full Moon blossoms you may indeed find that time spent relaxing, away from it all makes its way onto your agenda. That could take the form of a leisure/creative activity, perhaps the desire to spend time more time with kids or grandkids, as the case may be. 

The Full Moon itself draws your attention to the sweeter things in life suggesting that has been something 1.  missing from all your day to day running around or 2. you haven’t considered the value of little things that bring you joy resulting in pangs of regret.  Either way, it will be brought to your attention under this moon and shape how you deal with the remaining weeks of September. 

In short, the cosmos is stepping in to help you draw back a touch to process how you’ve spent your time between your last birthday and your next birthday year ahead.  Remember, there is only so much time and energy available so slowing down to recharge and re-orient yourself will be worth its weight in gold closer to the end of the year.

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SAGITTARIUS & Sagittarius Rising...

Are you set Sagittarius?  Positioned yourself in the best possible ‘place’ to move forward towards those lofty goals?  I hope so as it seems life is going to get busier and busier as the days of September roll along.  I’ll add that there is quite a bit of social activity on the agenda as well so if your work stuff isn’t organized well or set up efficiently you may find yourself scrambling.  Needless stress, particularly for fire signs, can easily result in an increased frequency of irritability

The Full Moon also brings up work matters suggesting you may have set yourself up for more than you can realistically manage.  If that is the case, something might have to be stricken from the list, so to speak. In other words what you expect from yourself and what you can actually deliver could be vastly different things. Needless to say, the bigger the gap the more likely you’ll be overwhelmed (and even a touch embarrassed later on). 

Moving on to the last weeks of September, then, may I suggest keeping your schedule as light as possible?  You are entering the best time of year to network, make new and lasting connections and so the ability to accept the invitations that run across your table will come with lasting benefits down the road.

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CAPRICORN & Capricorn Rising...

There is so much more to know, more to discover Capricorn. That notion is being emphasized so loudly right now that it would be surprising if you haven’t hit the books, dived into research of a previously unknown-to-you topic or even started thinking about all the places you’d like to go. For many Capricorns travel has been on their mind for weeks now.  What I am trying to say here is it’s time to get out there and explore Capricorn – the planetary influences are turning up the volume and practically pushing you out the door into undiscovered territories. 

The Full Moon too echoes this theme.  However, it does lean more on the idea of gathering intel, organizing info. and otherwise tackling "the" to do list.  Admittedly, that can be overwhelming especially if you’re keen on thinking about the ‘bigger things in life’. 

That said, as the Full Moon weakens over the remaining weeks of September setting yourself up to work towards long term goals (ones that will put you in the best position to explore/travel at leisure) will be the order of each day.  And you can, of course, build in that direction with patience and perseverance– a well-known characteristic of those born under a Capricorn sun.

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AQUARIUS & Aquarius Rising...

It seems confusion reigns in your world Aquarius. Whether that is a result of how you are handling things or someone/something external to you is making this harder than it should be.  From a wide angle view I’d say you are in the process of learning how to wield your own power by gracefully rolling with the punches.  Another cliché phrase that is particularly relevant to your situation is ‘choosing your battles’.  You only have so much energy and so to waste it while in, what looks like, a transitionary moment, would be a shame.  Any way you look at it though you will gain from this experience – more so if you take the fair and balanced approach.  Adding to that, knowing that things aren’t likely to move as quickly as you would hope can help you keep it all in stride.  It is the long term that matters most now I think you’ll agree. 

The Full Moon itself is apt to be a touch emotional. Aquarians are typically able to distance themselves from emotional tangles most of the time but I bet this time it’s a little different.  It is partly because either 1.another person is involved (making it difficult not to consider their emotional state) or 2. how ‘this’ turns out can have an effect on other areas of your life (eg. decisions you’ll have to make further down the road with regard to your finances/relationships). 

On another note - the last few weeks of September will  kick off a new set of experiences that may require doing extra research and/or inspire you to learn a new skill, hop a jet plane?  For some the Libran influence that slowly builds will bring legal matters to the forefront.

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PISCES & Pisces Rising...

You are probably still in the midst of getting your ducks in a row as the Full Moon approaches.  Work and especially health seem to be your central focus.  And I am sure you’ve made some productive moves on those fronts.  However, as the Moon builds in your sign your attention is drawn towards your love life or one particular person (an intimate connection or otherwise). The emotional realm is always harder to deal with since, as you know, is liable to change with mood, circumstance etc.  And therein lies your dilemma Pisces.

Who or what you commit yourself to work wise, relationship wise feels like it should be concerned with an eye to the future.  If you don’t think ‘this’ is going to work in the long run then, a natural ending will result.  Full Moons, after-all, portend endings of some sort to make room for a new phase to begin. 

That said, it isn’t likely that you are necessarily under pressure at the time of the Full Moon to make a decision.  Rather, observing how things flow at this time (especially in relationships) can give you a good indication of how things are likely to carry on between now and the rest of the year.  In other words, your attitude, how you think will naturally move you to make the necessary changes and adjustments.  I’ll add that you will also be moving into a period where managing your finances in a different way is likely to be necessary.  For some that is directly related to the status of one particular relationship.

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