Full Moon in Virgo – Mar.9th, 2020


March 9th, 2020 

This Full Moon completes a lunar cycle that began on August 30th.  At that time we likely started a new ‘program,’ changed our health routine, organized our life differently.  Virtually anything associated with self-improvement drew our attention.  If you did manage to keep up you’ll be amazed at how the little thing have added up under the Full Moon in Virgo on March 9th.

Virgo is, in fact, all about the little things.  This can amount to being a little more fussy than usual, or we may find ourselves wound up over what can seem insignificant in terms of the big picture.  Still, details do matter and the Virgo influence can help us see what is not working. It is important to clear out the unnecessary to help us focus on both improving our lot AND finding more efficient ways to reach our goals.

Before the Full Moon arrives though, the sun will be somewhat lost in space with images of the ideal, the perfect case scenario as it is diffused by the fog in opposition to Neptune.

Jupiter, another angle can also move us into a mental space of high expectations.  This can be a good thing urging us to be the best we can be.  However, should we fall short of those expectations or, worse yet, find that others are falling short we can jump onto our moral high horse. Here are a few words that characterize this Full Moon: hypocritical, hypercritical, hypersensitive, hypnotic AND hypochondriacal (Virgo is known for as the super health conscious uber clean freak of the zodiac).

Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet will also station direct in Aquarius on the same day.  March 9th may indeed be the pivot point where we decide 1. how far we are from the ideal, and 2. whether or not we're willing to apply concerted effort to make this ‘dream’ a reality.  The more open to constructive criticism we are, the better. The saying, well-worn by many a Virgo, “an ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure” comes to mind.

By the New Moon in Aries, if we haven’t clarified our aims or spent time identifying potential pitfalls we’re liable to bulldoze over the little things that can help us get ‘there’.

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