Full Moon-Scopes Jan.16-23,2022



Weekly Overview
January 16th -22nd, 2022 

This is a big week. The image that comes to mind is a ship dropping anchor in the midst of a turbulent sea. In short, we are needing to locate a deeper sense of resolve within ourselves to keep us steady.

So, while the changing winds and sense of indecision may linger (with Mercury AND Venus in retrograde) the Pluto Sun conjunction on Sunday does get us in touch with what we are and are not willing contend with. And despite Pluto having a reputation for permanency, there are unfinished details, things to do before our head catches up with our heart.

Put another way it is as if we have a hefty magnet at our core. Magnets have a definite polarity. Our thoughts and ideas, questions, all around buzzing in our heads will, like iron filings, find their place.  It's the core that counts right now. The bits and pieces will come together around that.

On Monday we have an emotionally charged Full Moon in Cancer that follows and it will sit in opposition to Pluto. We are aware of something no doubt. It is likely to manifest in an obvious sense on the world stage. On a personal level we are cutting through the bull, our fears, hesitation to face the music and shake hands with an inner power source, our inner authority. (sidenote: The Sun will oppose Pluto from the position of the Full Moon at 27 degrees Cancer on July 19th, 2022 suggesting we will see the results of the silent choices we make on Sun Jan.16th & Mon.Jan.17th. To be clear, it’s not something we have to think too hard about. We know it in our core and again, we just might not be able to articulate just what that is exactly. It is just something we know in our gut).

As the Moon wanes then, there may be a sense of relief along with it – a satisfying exhale. We've dropped anchor. The storm will pass.

Adding to the intensity of this week North Node shifts into Taurus and Uranus stations Direct on the 18th. It is time for a change. It is time to get on with it and of our slump, our confusions. That doesn’t mean we have to hit the ground running. It’s probably better we don't rush into anything quite yet. Rather, the astrology supports securing our thoughts and ideas around what makes sense to us in the here and now. We know we are at sea. We know the winds of change are blowing so let’s secure what works for us right now and focus from that central place – the place in which we drop our anchor.

With the North Node shift its quality over quantity. It’s smart spending NOT indulgent spending. It’s using what you have right now, being resourceful NOT stuck in the mind frame of ‘if I only had this, that, or the other then it would all be better.” The same holds true in realtionships/partnerships. Does it work or doesn’t it? Draw the lines. Make the clear distinctions. These retrogrades will help us clean up, refine and sharpen our intentions. In a way, it prepares us to move forward with strength and surety when the time comes (Feb.3 to late April 30th all planets are moving forward – probably where we’ll begin to make real progress).


Next week Mars and Mercury will be in Capricorn AND Venus will finally be direct (on Jan.29th). It’s next week the plan really starts to form. This week though, get in touch with that inner anchor, that inner power source.

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