GEMINI February 2020

GEMINI & Gemini Rising



 “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”
– Arthur Ashe

There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”
– Douglas H. Everett

“Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.”
– Mae Jemison

Dreaming of the future – the ideal, the perfect scenario. Might find it difficult to stick to one thing though.  This month, in your mind, the possibilities, the potentials are endless.  This is especially true when Venus moves into Aries after the first week of February.  And so, You’ll be feeling bolder, braver and eager to explore the space beyond your comfort zone.  That is likely pretty far out there - Gemini’s do love to explore and aren't the type of cat that often suffers on account of curiosity.

Mercury, your ruling planet, is retrograde this month so take care not to push your luck too far Gemini. It is often difficult to plot a plan when you’re compass needle is constantly changing direction.  You’ll be better able to zone in on where to target your efforts Mid-march if indeed, you are looking to aim higher than ever.

GEMINI Monthly

Highlights & Lowlights 

MERCURY in PISCES--February 3rd to April 11th

Mercury dips into the watery dream realm of Pisces where it will remain for over a month!   During this time your head may be up in clouds resulting in dizzy spells, especially when it comes to career matters.  That isn’t to say dreams can’t come true.  However, it can take all month to clarify which ideas having a fighting chance to manifest here on earth. In other words, setting your sights high without checking in on what needs to be done in a practical sense can throw you for a loop.  Mercury will be in a retrograde phase beginning February 16th suggesting it would be wise to keep your expectations reasonable. (read more about Mercury in Pisces- relevant for ALL SIGNS)

MARS in SAGITTARIUS –January 4th to February 16th

Fiery Mars continues its tour of Sagittarius until the 16th adding to the risk that you’ll be tempted to put more on your plate than is manageable for the long haul.  You’ll know it’s simply too much if you find yourself more impatient than usual.  (read more about Mars in Sagittarius -relevant for ALL SIGNS)

VENUS in ARIES--February 7th to March 6th

Venus’ move into Mars ruled Aries can also give rise to impatience.  And so, donning the attitude of wanting, needing it to happen right this very minute can cause more friction than perhaps is necessary. It will be in your best interest to make sure you maintain a friendly, team spirit as there is an opportunity to make all the right connections.  Will it all get done, come together as quickly as you would like?  Probably not – so why not do all you can to make peace with the moment.  Afterall these are the moments that craft the quality of what comes next. The waxing Moon will have also just had a confrontation around this time with Saturn & Pluto.  You are NOT building a straw house here Gemini and so things will take the time they take. (read more about Venus in Aries- relevant for ALL SIGNS)

FULL MOON in LEO--February 9th

Good news on the financial front arrives as the Moon draws to Full in Leo on February 9th.  The feeling that all the effort you’ve have put forth has indeed been worth it will put a smile on your face.  Think back to the beginning of this lunar cycle, the New Moon in Leo on July 31st in 2019.  Intentions set way back then are reaching a point of completion or you are now beginning to see genuine developments.

The second half of the month is likely to be the most productive – despite the ever-dreaded onset of Mercury’s slowdown on February 16th.  It will be the first planet to enter retrograde phase in 2020.   We’ll return to that in a moment.  

MARS in CAPRICORN--February 16th to March 31st

Mars is a force to be reckoned with and while under Capricorn’s influence you mean business.  This is an ideal time to focus on your finances.  Mortgages, pensions, investments, setting a budget, getting your taxes done, negotiating divorce settlements will  be easier to deal with as you’ll been keen on setting yourself up right for the future. Take your time, Mercury retrograde technically begins the same day Mars enters Capricorn.  However, it’s effects are often felt a least a week before it officially stations retrograde.

MERCURY RETROGRADE--February 16th to March 9th

It is worth emphasizing that Mercury’s retrograde phase can be blessing.  The trick is cultivating more patience, consciously focusing on one thing at time by limiting distractions.  As mentioned, you are likely to drift off into your dream world while Mercury is in Pisces so it may take more effort than usual to keep yourself on target.   If you are still contemplating which direction to take this is a good time to spend time envisioning possibilities – just not for taking irreversible action. Succumbing to the temptation of moving quickly down one road before thinking through possible consequences could easily send you back to square one.  By and large the cosmic call is to do ‘this’ right instead of accepting second best just because it’s quick and easy.

Below is a breakdown of Mercury’s itinerary in February & March :

February 16th Mercury stations Retrograde @12° Pisces.

March 4th: Mercury Returns to Aquarius-- *You may need to double check legal documents – the fine print, research, fill the gaps in your understanding on a particular topic or work with integrating things you may have missed, factors not taken into account earlier on in the month.

March 9th: Mercury DIRECT @28° Aquarius – Hang tight, make sure everything is in place before moving forward.  Often Mercury retrograde phases are most potent at the beginning of the slow down and the end.

March 16th:  Mercury Returns to Pisces

March 30th :  Out of shadow @12+° Pisces.  You can really get back to work now Gemini.  All should be in order and running smoothly.

April 11th:  Mercury moves into ARIES and it looks like your social calendar is starting to fill up.  If you work with social media, have been planning a campaign or are launching a new project now is the time to network and expand your reach (read more about Mercury RX - relevant for ALL SIGNS)

MARS trine URANUS -February 21st

Expect the unexpected when Mars reacts with Uranus on the 21st.  It seems a secret comes out into the open with the high potential of being a game changer. From this angle it looks like a good thing Gemini.  However, it’s likely too soon to judge.  What appears as a problem could be to your benefit in retrospect. This is especially true if this concerns finances or relationships.  Whatever the case it’s best not to act rashly unless it is part and parcel of what you have already been working on before Mercury entered a retrograde phase on the 16th.

NEW MOON in PISCES-February 23rd

The New Moon on the 23rd is sweet.  As it marks a new lunar cycle in Pisces this is a great time to set intentions for career related matters.  There is cosmic support with business-minded Mars in Capricorn, the North Node & Uranus at a wonderful angles to this lunation. And so aside from business endeavours, financial goals and changes you are hoping to see with an intimate tie, can begin to grow around the visions you’ve been forming in your mind’s eye.


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