GEMINI January 2020

2020 – JANUARY 

Happy New Year!!

GEMINI & Gemini Rising 

The over-riding theme of 2020 looks like it will be swinging to the tune of that well-known song from the Disney movie ‘Frozen’. You know the one don’t you Gemini?  “Let it go, let it go…’ need I say more? But I’ve jumped a few beats ahead…

The New Year kicks off with a positive rush courtesy of Jupiter arm in arm with your ruling planet Mercury on January 2nd. Both are activated in a practical manner in all-business all-the-time Capricorn. This also happens to be a big money zone and transformational sector of your solar chart.

On that note, virtually any major changes you are planning are likely to, in effect, work on setting you free while allowing for a sensible well-structured order in your life to exist. Of course, this is where the willingness to let go comes in. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s not. In this case Saturn & Pluto (hanging in the same neighbourhood) tend to be seriously sober giants with quite different intentions than freedom-loving Jupiter. They will set the parameters for how far you can really go, and often how fast. We’ll return to Saturn & Pluto’s influence later on.

In short then, while Jupiter provokes much needed changes, expansions of sorts all year – apt play out extremely well financially AND in regard to your closest relationships you’ll have to follow ‘the rules’ to a tee. Legal matters, obstacles inherent in social, government-controlled, or business settings are bound to slow you down just when you think its time to speed up, and go for the gold so to speak.

That said, while Jupiter remains under the influence of Saturn-ruled Capricorn for most of the year optimism is best paired with a cautious approach.  The trouble is Jupiter won’t be in the mood to comply as it resonates with Mars’ arrival in Sagittarius on January 3rd.

Mars can be pushy and impatient in fire-ruled signs such as Sagittarius.  Essentially, you may be all-fired up to make good on chosen commitments to the point of obsession.  Needless to say that won’t go over well with loved ones and could produce outcomes contrary to your intentions.  However, there are benefits to be had if the power of Mars is used well.  Indeed, you will have added courage to take on endeavours that you have been leaving for another day.  And that proverbial day is here while Mars travels through Sagittarius between January 3rd and February 16th. A ‘just do it’ attitude applied in the right direction then, can really take you places Gemini.

Once Mars enters Capricorn on February 16thyou won’t feel as rushed and better able to begin a solid framework from which to build upon.  And so it seems the this first month of the year life can seem a bit frenzied, disordered and even disorienting.

During the second week of January, on the 10th, a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer acts as a lead-in to several other major planetary happenings.  Namely, one of the most talked about astrological aspects for at least a year, the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, will take effect. They will be within a few degrees of the Sun at Eclipse time and in opposition to the Moon within hours of the peak of the Eclipse.  As such, in order to gain an understanding of the possible manifestations it is important to understand the influence of Pluto & Saturn in your chart.

In truth nearly all of the eclipses in the Cancer/Capricorn series have broadcasted urgings from Saturn and Pluto.  However, last year while Saturn inched closer to Pluto (putting the pressure on financial matters) they did not share the same degree due to retrograde phases.  This time, they will, on January 12th – just a few days after this Eclipse.

To provide some context then, in 2008 Pluto first arrived in Capricorn.  You may have felt some sense of relief as it left your relationship sector – hopefully doing away with associations that were heavily one sided or turned out to be a constant power struggle.  With Pluto having entered Capricorn it set its sights on transforming your sense of self within partnerships of all kinds.  It hasn’t just been your relationship with another human being but also your relationship with money & resources.

In other words the challenge since 2008 has been 1. finding your own sense of strength, self-control and 2. maintaining the balance of give and take in regard to finances and energy exchanges between you and a significant other.   Hardships suffered by either of your parents, grandparents may have also had a transformative effect.  Death too, metaphorically or literally speaking, would have had the power to change your perceptions on the deepest level of your being.  These kind of experiences are all governed by Pluto.

Saturn arrived in Capricorn in December of 2017. It isn’t quite as harsh as Pluto.  However, it is not the most well-liked planet.  Saturn urges us to take responsibility, encouraging us to pull up our pants and do what needs to be done sensibly, with patience and with an eye for the long term.  As Saturn is the natural ruling planet of Capricorn it has likely been effective in guiding new and practical ways to build a better life for yourself – in a way that can stand the test of time.  The pig who built the brick house obviously followed Saturn's advice.

The Eclipse on January 10th will echo much the same sentiment as Pluto & Saturn. The shifts you have experienced during the eclipses in this series may have manifested in health-related problems.  That isn’t to say you should be worried.  Rather, your body may have been behaving as a fine instrument alerting you to the fact that something is out of balance in some area of life.  Our inner world often reflects our outer world and vice versa.

Eclipses arrive roughly every six months.  Each time there is something of a shift – our actions and reactions at that time can alter the influence the subsequent eclipses.  Thus, we are nudged in a certain direction incrementally.  If you look back on the events during thisi series of eclipses you should be able to see quite clearly how one thing has led to another so to speak. Here is a list of eclipse dates in the Cancer/Capricorn series:

July 12th, 2018 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer
January 5th, 2019 – Solar Eclipse in Capricorn
July 2nd, 2019 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer
July 16th, 2019 – Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn
December 25th, 2019 – Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

There are three more (dates below), including the one on January 10th remaining before the North Node shifts into your sign on June 5th, 2020.  (Read more about the Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipses in June 2020’s forecast):

January 10th, 2020 – Lunar Eclipse in Cancer
June 5th, 2020 – Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
June 20th, 2020 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer
July 5th, 2020 – Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

That said, when Pluto and Saturn finally do meet on the 12th and the eclipse sends out ripples of change once more you can bet that you’ll know exactly what to let go of in order to bring the balance back.  Even if you don’t you can be sure that one phase of your life is coming to an end to make room for a new way of being to emerge.

Believe it or not, we haven’t even covered half of the month yet.  To be honest the next set of influences aren’t quite as potent as the ones that have been discussed.  Still, they will play  a factor in how 2020 unfolds.

On January 11th Uranus, planet of shock, rebellion, genius, inspiration & innovation will station direct in your twelfth house of the hidden.  It is so named a hidden area of your chart as energies here can be difficult to access.  And if an energy is difficult to access it can be perplexing when it appears as something ‘outside of yourself’.

Uranus has been in retrograde motion since August of 2019.  As it awakens, moving forward, it’s influence will once again ‘show up’ in more obvious ways.  A tell-tale sign that Uranus is pressing on a particular point in your chart (everyone’s chart is unique, even if you are the same sun sign) may, as mentioned, appear as a physical health concern.  Sleepless nights, bouts of anxiousness or irritability are common.  On a more positive note flashes of insight come so quickly there is hardly a second to waste on finding a pen and paper to write it down.  And in yet another vein, perhaps a surprising event, change in ‘program,’ that you aren’t likely to have any control over, works to shake up what has become stagnant in your life.  The behavior of another can also seem at odds with your needs and wants -more so than usual.

The key to working well with Uranus in this position is to channel restless energy in another direction.  That is let go of the need to control, discipline certain aspects of yourself and instead find a creative outlet where rules naturally don’t apply.  Allowing yourself a little room to be eccentric, spontaneous, rebellious is often just the ticket.  Of course, finding a harmless way to express these energies may prove to be a bit of a challenge.  But, your nervous system could be overtaxed if you don’t at least try.  Gemini’s are usually fantastic at creative problem solving – something that is clearly required in this case.  I should note that Uranus is only in the first few degrees of Taurus.  It can take time to learn how to ride this electrical wave. It will be cruising through this area of your chart until 2026.

Moving on… Venus will be in dream-weaver Pisces on January 13th until the first week of February.  If you have been worried about career matters or hoping to impress higher ups Venus will make sure that you are recognized and all runs smoothly.  This is especially true if you are an artist, working in the public sector, with a charity organization or are part of any endeavour that contributes to a worthwhile cause. In fact, Mercury, the Sun and New Moon will be in the humanitarian sign Aquarius for the second half of the month suggesting that if you are in any of the aforementioned fields you could either be trained for a new position or in a position to teach others yourself.

As January comes to a close you may not feel as steady as you would like Gemini.  However, it seems the ball is only just beginning to roll forward.  As the planets build in Aquarius, Pisces and Aries over the next few months a new world will indeed open up to you.  May I suggest having a touch more patience with yourself as you learn to dance to this new beat?  You’ll be in a position to show off your improvisational skills in no time. And when you are in a position to do that it will be that much sweeter.  You are a true freedom lover after-all.  It's just these darn hoops are in your way.

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