GEMINI – July 2019 Eclipses


The Eclipses fall on the axis of Cancer and Capricorn in 2019 and in 2020.  In general home, security, career or our collective directional purpose will be the main theme no matter what sign you were born under.

Roughly every six months events, circumstances, that are in some-way associated to these issues work to alter our perspective and guided us in another direction.  The last set of Eclipses focused on humanitarian causes, community and the pride (sometimes arrogance) of the individual more often officially or unofficially regarded as rulers, leaders.  If you have followed global politics the pattern that the last set of Eclipses brought to our attention is hard to miss.

In determining how the series of Cancer and Capricorn eclipses will function and how we can handle them in the best way possible it is necessary to with issues of a paradoxical nature in our lives. How we live, nurture, care for, secure our idea of home and family will be challenged and fall prey to our yearnings to be boss, wield power, money and have as much control in the outside world as possible.  There is a balance to strike and the Eclipses will help us navigate this field within ourselves.

It may be helpful to think of the eclipses as if you are walking towards the horizon of your soul-center. It rests on level not too high or too low but in perfect balance with the sky above and earth below.  It is a mission and half to trudge over the hills and valleys, through foreign terrain, to glean the experiences we need to prepare us for yet another trek. The horizon is always there and yet, reaching it will never be the point.  The point is to explore the territory with some directional purpose in mind to keep us sane and centered in our nature.

For GEMINI during ECLIPSE season…

The Paradox of Winning & Losing

(The value of Money)

What comes more easily to Sagittarius now challenges your understanding. You can find balance by learning from them, and their perspectives on financial management and the value of a dollar. Borrow from their experiences, musings and philosophies of what self-worth and self-respect mean. Keep in mind they too will be in the process of evolving and so integrating your viewpoint from the opposite end of the table.

It’s a hard road. The position of the Nodes, the Eclipses will provoke major shifts on the financial front for both you and Sagittarius.   It is a tension however, that promotes experiences that will broaden your perspective thus granting access to the many opportunities available to you when the North Node shifts into Gemini in 2021. Essentially, if an active life rich with stimulating experiences and a greater degree of financial freedom and independence is to be won, the eclipses will provide precisely the training and preparation you’ll need.

January 6th, 2019 -SOLAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORNencourages you to clear the decks.  Let go of what you no longer want so you can start building in terms of what you need to maintain a stable and secure financial future. Other planetary aspects surrounding the Eclipse add a decisive tone of seriousness to how you plan to stick-to a budget or any long-term plan for that matter.  There is also the risk that the weight of ‘things’ is too much to handle causing you to sit idle.  While bold actions aren’t required just yet crafting a reasonable plan and accepting that time and patience will be required can ease the pressure.  This lunar cycle ends with a LUNAR ECLIPSE IN CAPRICORN on July 17th, 2019 where you are likely to see the results of your efforts.

January 21st, 2019 -LUNAR ECLIPSE on cusp of CANCER/LEO:  The changes that were made, the events that occurred over the last 2 years may have had you running in circles – a lot of talk, a lot of comings and going, one moment inspired the next wondering if this or that was even possible.  This Eclipse, closing a series of eclipses in a way suggests those relatively recent experiences, what you’ve learned, can be applied successfully in terms of managing your resources.

July 2nd, 2019 – SOLAR ECLIPSE in CANCER– A new job, side work, a new outlook on what money means to you sets the tone under this eclipse.   You will be on the verge of completing the first phase of your plan (set in January) to improve your financial health under the Lunar Eclipse on July 17th.  As such the new way you find forward (in terms of dealing with finances) is born under a completely different set of considerations than what you had in January. 

December 26th, 2019 – SOLAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN– Over the last six months, parts of ‘the plan’ have fallen by the wayside in light of practical realities and pressures weighing on the heart.  The options have changed and a new configuration is formed. You’ll be glad it has.  Lucky Jupiter is within reach of this Eclipse in your financial sector suggesting you’ve got a lot more going for you than you thought.


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