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Mercury in Virgo
August 4th – August 25th, 2022

Mercury in Virgo is a blessing. Considered at home and in its place of exaltation, our ability to deal with the details, perceive reality as it is will be strengthened.

Hallelujah – it seems everyone is in the midst of important changes. It will be nice to have a clear head for what feels like a fresh new start.

There will be a touch of stress for the first few weeks as Mercury sits at an odd angle to Jupiter RX and Chiron RX. Both Jupiter and Chiron are carrying us through a process of examining experiences over the last few months from a different perspective.

That said, integrating what we are coming to realize ‘now’ provokes a need to re-arrange elements of daily life. As mentioned, it is just a tad stressful.

Mercury’s forte in Virgo is critical analysis. If there is a problem, something needs fixing it’s a great reason to put our minds to the task. In other words, it feels good when we engage in life from a solution-oriented perspective. Efficiency and productivity are highlighted when the Virgo archetype is in play.

Last notes and head’s up: near the end of the month, August 20th Mercury enters pre-shadow retrograde -a mere 5 days before moving into Libra. This suggests most of September will bring delays, miscommunications or a need for re-working.

It would be a good idea to create a priority list, improving and cleaning up what you can BEFORE August 20th.

Aug. 20: Mercury Pre-shadow RX @24’11’ Virgo
Aug.25: Mercury in Libra

Sep. 9: Mercury Stations Retrograde @08’55’ Libra
Sep. 23: Mercury RX re-enters Virgo

Oct. 2: Mercury Stations Direct @24’11 Virgo
Oct. 10: Mercury Direct re-enters Libra
Oct. 17 : Mercury Out of Shadow @08’55’ Libra

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Marie Exenya Astrology
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Marie Exenya Astrology
Marie Exenya Astrology2 weeks ago
NEW MOON in LEO @05°38’ (1:55pm EST)

Thinking about this New Moon the image of a drill came to mind. It gave rise to the idea we are being tested on some level.

How honest have we been with ourselves? There really doesn’t seem to be much room to escape the truth of ‘the matter’. Either we are fixed on, and well-seated in our essential life force or we are not.

As Jupiter (aka the guiding light) stations retrograde on the same day and, the Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction approaches (spitting sparks, amping up anxiety levels) we are indeed about to find our ground.

It is at the onset of this new lunar cycle where we will discover 1) if we have been pushing ahead on a clear understanding and 2) are able to weather the force of inevitable changes, unpredictable shake ups ahead without losing focus, or will to push on.

And so, some us can be caught off guard (especially early next week. Others, however, may feel recharged, ready to go – all of a sudden able to break through obstacles that seemed impossible to conquer before.

If you are feeling anxious, constricted, intuitively sense you’ve got to hold on tight there will be a moment of release soon enough. And with that, there is an opportunity to re-focus, reset, and restructure with your heart’s seal of approval.

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Marie Exenya Astrology3 weeks ago
We are directed to our core with the Sun in Leo. There is a boost in potential to build on our inner confidence. You could say the universe is encouraging us to shine from the inside out. It is as if our heart demands ‘nothing less will do’.

And so, by the look of the upcoming skies, we will have our work cut out for us. That is especially true near the end of the Sun’s tour through Leo where it faces a square to Uranus (inspiring unsettling change) and an opposition to Saturn (becoming even more aware of what really isn’t working or settled within). While we can’t control everything or insist life plays by our rules, on our time, we can work on trusting our heart to steer us through – and that it will.

Sun in Leo
July 22 @4:07pm EST – August 22nd, 2022

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Marie Exenya Astrology3 weeks ago
Fresh off an opposition to Pluto RX, Mercury enters the Lion’s den. The truth (like it or not) finds us drawing on heart-centered willpower – our quintessential source of passion and courage.

There are several volatile energies emerging in the next few weeks. It’ll be anything but tame. The good news is there will be a natural inclination to allow our heart to lead, to guide our thinking.

On the not-so-great side, while Mercury remains in Leo (July 19- August 4th) it’ll be too easy to lose our temper. Letting loose too bold a roar could get us into trouble.

Yet, this is part of the process of learning how to define our purpose – paving the way forward with increased surety & confidence.

By the time Mercury enters Virgo (Aug.4th) we’ll be able to refine the game plan and tend to the practical details.

Mercury in Leo:
Jul. 19 @8:34am EST-Aug.4 @2:57am EST

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Marie Exenya Astrology3 weeks ago
Venus enters Cancer tonight. We may naturally move away from anything that just doesn’t feel right.

Comfort, safety and the ability to govern ourselves based on how we feel tops the list of considerations in our decision making process between July 17th to August 11th, 2022.

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