Always do what is right. It will gratify half of mankind and astound the other.” 
― Mark Twain

For one wild, glad moment we snapped the chain that binds us to earth, and joining hands with the winds we felt ourselves divine.” 
― Helen Keller


DEC. 19th 2020 – MAY 14th 2021

JUL 28th, 2021 -DEC.28th 2021



MAY 14th, 2021 - JUL 28th 2021

DEC. 28th, 2021 - MAY 11th, 2022

Jan.1, 2021 @2° Aquarius

** RETROGRADE (in PISCES): JUNE 21st, 2021 @2° **

DIRECT: Oct.18, 2021 @22° Aquarius

Have faith in the future.  Organize – get together, form a giant collective, a body of wisdom.  Aim for the stars.  Jupiter can breathe again.

Having left its ‘fall’ position in mid-December 2020 --we know.  And what will matter most is who or what we roll with – knowing that will determine our fate.

And while we may indeed all seem to know more it will be mighty tempting to exaggerate that claim.  The theme on social media will carry the message forward, stronger than ever before that we, know everything. We know, we know, we know.


But it is not as if the tides of life have come to a standstill.  It doesn’t stop in a crystalized form in favour of our apparent knowing.   It may have felt like that at some point last year. But 2021 is not last year.

Jupiter always brings more.  In this case, yes, more knowing. Maybe we will have more respect for ourselves, our kind, our ilk. And so form an organized force around that ideal.

Then again, maybe we’ll see teachers and preachers setting the bar so high it will distance those who believe their mountain is more worthy of the climb. Maybe some will rest, be content with living in the idea of their mountain top, shunning those who ‘just don’t know’.


One thing is for sure, we will roll with the new tides amassed under the Saturn Jupiter conjunction on December 21st, 2020.  Yet the wheels of progress won’t always find a firm place on the ground as they did in earth signs.  We are likely to spin our wheels in the air much of the time.

Aside from that, Jupiter will dip in and out of Pisces this year. Our ideas, our ideals, our knowing will mingle with one another in a haze, somewhere out there, lost in space.  Who are we again, where are we again?  We may know more about the universe, new tech, discover new frontiers.  That’s hardly a prediction. We know that.

We may also exaggerate the worthiness of our beliefs, double down, amplify and specify the spiritual world we know. We know. We know. We know.

In short Jupiter’s travels in 2021 WILL be enlightening, will allow for progress the likes we have never seen.  On January 17th it will clash with


Uranus with the likelihood of a disturbance, the unexpected tied to our grand ideas. It may bring out a shocking instance that updates our future vision in a hurry.  But we won’t really know what that means.  Jupiter is just getting started.

Have faith in the future.  Organize – get together, form a giant collective, a body of wisdom.  Aim for the stars.  Jupiter may be breathing again BUT we will be reminded that while time and knowledge may be limitless our ability to understand is not.

*When Jupiter & Saturn meet it is known as the Great Conjunction.  Their meeting on December 21st, 2020 began a new 200-year cycle. They will meet approximately every 20 years, over this period, in air signs.  Previously, these two giants met in the earth signs.