LEO January 2020

2020 – JANUARY

Happy New Year!!

LEO & Leo Rising

The moment the New Year kicks off health matters ring out as a matter of priority. You may be feeling fit and fine Leo, however, the cosmos seems to be inspiring you to work harder towards more meaningful goals this year.  In order to do that not only will it require added strength and stamina but discipline and a set routine to make it happen.  January is THE month where the desire to organize your life and set things in place will be at a peak.  Take advantage Leo. The universe will be supportive.

A host of planets are marching through Capricorn your health & routine sector.  Soon energizer Mars will join the crew, in about six weeks.  That said, let’s start with Jupiter’s recent entry in this zone.

Jupiter cruised into Capricorn in early December 2019.  While it remains here until December 2020 you will have its good graces on your side – especially in regard to health and day-to-day work matters.   The thing is Jupiter seeks to expand, encourage one to do more – perhaps too much than can be reasonably done.  Needless to say, overdoing anything now whether it is over-exercising, over-planning, over eating or overworking can produce results contrary to the best of intentions.  Stress levels may rise, you could gain weight, lose weight too quickly or simply drive yourself nut trying to keep up with everything you’ve heaped on your plate.

On the plus side, Jupiter is known to have immense benefits if it is working well.  And the key to working with it well? Considering it shares the same space with restrictive Saturn and obsessively determined Pluto in Capricorn, setting reasonable limits will ensure you make those most of Jupiter’s life-affirming vibes. We’ll discuss Saturn & Pluto later on as they are the main players shaping the scene in 2020.

That said, it can be a touch difficult to gain your footing, find the right pace this month.  On January 3rd Mars bounds into no-limits Sagittarius.  Resonating well with your own fiery spirit it will indeed light a fire under your butt until the second half of February. You may be bouncing around with oodles of energy, exciting to break in the new year toting a bag full of plans and ideas. Needless to say, focusing on one task at a time in the here and now will be a challenge.  Of course, that it is the only approach to take if you are hoping to create something that lasts.

Also, if you are working on a creative endeavour, expecting a new addition to the family, or have children of your own it seems you will be drawn in this direction.  In any case, chances are, this is only the beginning of a phase – meaning a lot of energy can be spent on spinning around too many ideas that have yet to unfold.  Fire signs such as yours have a tendency to be impatient and end up expending all their energy wrapped up in ‘the prospect’.  And so, when it comes time to put the pieces in place there is often less energy to work with.

Lucky for you Jupiter is somewhat restricted in its placement. As Mars moves through Jupiter ruled- Sagittarius then the idea that you have to keep ‘this’ up for the long haul is likely a message that will not go unnoticed.  Still, it can be tough to slow down when you are this revved up.

Carrying on…the Lunar Eclipse on January 10th sets aglow alongside the most talked about astrological event of the year – the Saturn & Pluto conjunction following on January 12th. As the Eclipse occurs within a few degrees of this aspect it’s important to understand how the placement of Saturn & Pluto have influenced your life up until now.

Pluto crossed into Capricorn in 2008.  No major occurrence may have stamped the moment in memory.  However, Pluto moves slowly, in effect changing the atmosphere around you, within you, working as a rather silent by intense influence.  It is considered ‘impersonal’ in a way, yet can bring about complete transformation like no other.  Since 2008 then health concerns would have come up periodically.  Perhaps a parent or someone close became ill or you chose a line of work in the health field. You may be doing work in a service industry – your sixth house (ruled by Capricorn) is not only about health but service to others.

Saturn did not arrive in Capricorn until December of 2017.  Saturn signifies all matters that deal with practical reality, responsibilities born of material world concerns, and hard work no matter where it is in the chart.  As such then, there has already been a need to organize your life in a more disciplined and structured fashion.  That may have been due necessity in regards to the work you do and/or concern for health. Do note, this doesn’t necessarily mean you are in bad shape health-wise, only that you are more likely to strongly consider your health status – perhaps making sure you don’t age faster than you should.  In short, it’s something you do care about.

In another vein, and in a general sense, both Pluto and Saturn have planted the idea that you are in the midst of earning your freedom.  If you are an artist of any kind it has probably become clear that technique, structure and discipline have been necessary in the creative process.

As Pluto & Saturn join forces on January 12,th then, they reverberate the same message carry the same theme as mentioned above just with greater intensity.  That is, health concerns that have been avoided, skills you have not honed believing you can get by without putting in the ‘work’ will show now.  It could result in a job loss or conversely set you into an even steadier more disciplined routine increasing your productivity.  You may even be in a position to teach others. Leo usually has a natural teaching ability and can be especially effective once they’ve built a solid knowledge base.

The Lunar Eclipse on January 10th will carry the sentiments of Saturn & Pluto. In addition it seems issues around family matters, a significant female in your life, or even memories from childhood could resurface catalyzing a shift in attitude.  As the Eclipse falls in your twelfth house of the hidden the main energy is expressed privately, in the confines of your mind.  Still, it can influence the work you do and how you approach your health, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

It may be useful to look back at events during the eclipses in 2018 and 2019 also part of the Capricorn/Cancer series. Each Eclipse spans an influence of six months.  Every ‘shift’ that occurs feeds into the type of experience likely to manifest during the subsequent eclipse.  Here is the list of eclipse dates in this series.

July 12th, 2018 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer
January 5th, 2019 – Solar Eclipse in Capricorn
July 2nd, 2019 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer
July 16th, 2019 – Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn
December 25th, 2019 – Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

There are three more (dates below), including the one on January 10th remaining before the North Node shifts into Gemini on June 5th, 2020.  (Read more about the Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipses in June 2020’s forecast):

January 10th, 2020 – Lunar Eclipse in Cancer
June 5th, 2020 – Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
June 20th, 2020 – Solar Eclipse in Cancer
July 5th, 2020 – Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

As you can see, January is quite a month for astrological activity – we haven’t even covered half the month but we’ll get there.

Uranus stations direct on January 11th right between the Eclipse and Saturn/Pluto meet up.

Uranus is one zany planet, unpredictable, rebel rousing and known to strike like lightening quite out of the blue.  Its main aim is to spur progress and innovation as quickly as possible at that.  It can be uncomfortable, setting your nerves on fire or create instances that leave your open mouthed in awe.  And it so happens to be occupying your tenth house of career, rewards and recognition.

While Uranus has been in retrograde motion since August of last year every time it struck, so to speak, making contact with a faster moving planets, it did so with less of a bang.  As it will be awakening, continuing to cover more ground in Taurus its potency will increase.

If you have been wanting to change careers, do something different on the side or have had enough of following in the footsteps of the status quo the urge to rebel, go out on your own will be high between now and August 2020.  In short, an inspirational light has been turned on and with it a desire to break out of routine structures.  Keep in mind that Saturn, Pluto AND Jupiter are, at the same time, keen on you reinforcing a set schedule.  It will all jive together quite nicely, setting you up in sync if you are planning on trying out a new endeavor.  Discipline, time, hard work and patience are hallmark qualities of the most successful among us.  Those are the very same qualities Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are encouraging you to master.

Over the second half of the month the tone changes a touch with Venus gliding into dreamworld Pisces AND Mercury, the Sun plus a New Moon arrives in Aquarius. Truth be told the influences from the first half of the month will echo throughout 2020 so it is not as this scene change will override their prevailing current.

First, wanting Venus draws your attention to your finances, debts, investments, wills and any resources shared with another.  Your love life too is likely to take on a sweet feel funny enough.  In essence Pisces rules your eighth house of not only finances but intense energy exchanges of any kind. It can shed light on whether or not the give and take balance in any area of life is, in fact, balanced.

And so, with Venus in this neck of the woods until early February, adjustments will need to be made concerning the dynamic of your most intimate relations and your bank book.  All is likely to run smoothly.  Afterall Venus is the planet of harmony.  It should be noted however, that on January 27th and 28th lovely Venus is challenged by the wonky energies of Neptune.  Bouts of confusion, even pangs of guilt may be felt at this time – more likely if you are in a tight position with money or have been having problems with your partner.

In fact, as thinker Mercury and the Sun roll into Aquarius on the 16th and 30th respectively you can expect to be settling into more than one conversation about the future of your relationship.  Working as a ‘team’ isn’t always easy.  Although, the Aquarian influence is one that can incite greater objectivity – helpful if you are discussing topics of an emotional nature.

You may also be surprised by what comes up during the New Moon in Aquarius on the 24th especially in regard to your relationships or chosen commitments eg. work life.   Uranus sits at a hard angle to this lunation suggesting you could be blindsided by an action or reaction from a co-worker or friend.

All in all the first month of January is one that packs a punch.  You will be revved up ready to tackle your goals.  Like a warrior charging forth with sword in hand you’ll not only need a healthy dose of courage but also a solid plan of action, one that will hold for the long term if you want to conquer the castle at the top of 2021.

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