LIBRA February 2020

LIBRA & Libra Rising


 “What I believe to be true I must therefore preserve. What seems to me so obvious, even against me, I must support.” ― Albert Camus

Sometimes when things are way too big and I can't control it, I do sort of a weird thing where I kind of check out a little bit. It's all about self-preservation for me.--Hoda Kotb

Self-preservation is the first law of nature.--Samuel Butler

Health, work, managing your day to day routine more efficiently are the main themes in February.  While you’re probably wanting to work smarter not harder, perhaps affording yourself a much-needed break, that could be tough.  Life has no doubt been busy and will continue to be during the first half of the month.  Over the second half of February family and work obligations are such that you can’t just opt out.  However, keep in mind that overworking yourself, not scheduling in pockets of time for a little rest and relaxation you’ll likely end up with more on your to do list than you can manage.

Mercury enters a retrograde phase half way through the month signalling that it is time to slow down.  If that cosmic call is not answered it increases the likelihood of having to redo work you thought was off your plate, experience delays, miscommunications and annoyances in general.  That said, maintaining a nice ‘n’ easy pace will ensure you are more productive without overspending your energy AND this approach can help curb the likelihood of life not going to plan.

LIBRA Monthly

Highlights & Lowlights 

MERCURY in PISCES--February 3rd to April 11th

Mercury moves into your health and wellness zone for an unusually long stay as it slides into a retrograde phase half way through the month. You may not be quite feeling yourself, a little sluggish or find yourself drifting in and out of a daydreaming state while Mercury is in Pisces.  Needless to say, it will pay to pay attention to your body.  Extra sleep, a change in diet may be necessary to feel your best.  If you can manage to clear a few things off your schedule, effectively lightening your load, all the better.  (read more about Mercury in Pisces- relevant for ALL SIGNS)

MARS in SAGITTARIUS –January 4th to February 16th

While Mars continues through Sagittarius until the 16th you’re still buzzing around like the busiest of bees. It seems you are unusually concerned about the time – there is only so much of it and you have things to do!  You may be in the midst of gathering information, fielding phone calls, messages or find everyday packs itself with one thing after another.  It would be a good idea to set a priority list, where you can get 'it' while Mars remains in a supportive position until Mercury backslides on the 16th. (read more about Mars in Sagittarius -relevant for ALL SIGNS)

VENUS in ARIES--February 7th to March 6th

Venus’ move into Aries encourages a shift in attitude.  Libra usually consider and reconsiders other people – always eager to make sure their partner, those around them are in a good place so to speak.  While Venus is in this position, however, it seems you will be more concerned that you’re are able to skip along to your own beat.  In other words, the cosmos is encouraging you to take care of your needs first. It isn’t selfish Libra, at this point, it is matter of self-preservation so you can operate at your absolute best. During this second week of February Mercury is already beginning to slow down, and so it becomes clear that you only have so much energy to spare. Also, the Moon, on the 8th, before drawing to full, will confront Saturn & Pluto.  It is high time for a reset, to clear your closet so to speak, in order to operate from a more secure & sustainable foundation.

FULL MOON in LEO--February 9th

The Full Moon in Leo on February 9th is set to lift your spirits.  Socialize, mix, mingle - this a great time to unwind with friends.  That is, really unwind Libra, obligations, responsibilities out of sight and out of mind.  The only thing on the agenda, by cosmic order is to have a good time ;).  If you are a writer and have been working on a project or joined a group around the end of July, beginning of August 2019, it is likely you are reaching an important stage of development or nearing completion point.  Whatever the case, this is a day to celebrate.

The second half of the month is likely to be the most productive – despite the ever-dreaded onset of Mercury’s slowdown on February 16th.  It will be the first planet to enter retrograde phase in 2020.   We’ll return to that in a moment.  

MARS in CAPRICORN--February 16th to March 31st

Mars cools its heels as it enters the industrial sign of Capricorn on February 16th.  Chances are you  your plate is full (officially employed or not).  Although, Mars is not as eager to charge ahead in Capricorn.  Yes, there is still work to do, but the idea that you have to get it all done now is gone with the wind.  It will be increasingly obvious that it is important to 1. Do things right the first time to save time AND 2. Make decisions with an eye towards the future.  That is, build, do, in a way that will last for the long haul. That is especially true if you are in the midst of renovations, moving house, or rearranging your work space or foundational elements at work to help you move more efficiently towards your goals.

MERCURY RETROGRADE--February 16th to March 9th

It is worth emphasizing that Mercury’s retrograde phase can be truly beneficial if you focus on one thing at a time and resist starting anything new. At this point with Mars encouraging you to bide your time.  Delays & miscommunications that so often arise when Mercury is retrograde can actually work in your favour.  You may even find time spent visualizing hoped for outcomes renews your faith in what isn’t working out so far.

Below is a breakdown of Mercury’s itinerary in February & March :

February 16th Mercury stations Retrograde @12° Pisces.

March 4th: Mercury Returns to Aquarius-- *great time to consider asking for a raise, looking into other ways to earn dollars. It isn’t the right time to make a move but consider your options. Also, it would be a good idea to double check your paycheck, invoices etc.

March 9th: Mercury DIRECT @28° Aquarius – Hang tight, make sure everything is in place before adding on anything new, or even re-introducing tasks that have been on backburner to your to do list.  Often Mercury retrograde phases are most potent at the beginning of the slow down and the end.

March 16th:  Mercury Returns to Pisces

March 30th :  Out of shadow @12+° Pisces.  You are out of the woods.  From here you can pick up the pace again feeling secure about the work you’ve done to ‘get it together’.

April 11th:  Wooo Hooo!  Mercury moves into ARIES and you are ready to commit yourself more fully to the work you do, the people you love (read more about Mercury RX - relevant for ALL SIGNS)

MARS trine URANUS -February 21st

Mars reacts with Uranus electrifying the atmosphere.  It may don on you that quite a bit has changed and somehow you weren’t as aware as you are now.  Life can be like that – one day you are simply in a different place mentally, emotionally, physically and can’t recall, exactly, how you got ‘here’. If you have changed your living space, changed jobs, or even moved, over the last few years no doubt a lot has happened between now and then.  And so, the thought alone re-instills a sense of courage and confidence that has lain somewhat dormant.

NEW MOON in PISCES-February 23rd

A lovely New Moon in Pisces on the 23rd encourages a sense of ease in body and mind. This is the perfect time to set intentions. As Mars, the North Node & Uranus are in a supportive position the universe will be especially receptive. And so making a point to wish well about home, family, health will not be in vain.  Between now and the Full Moon in Pisces (roughly six months from now) you are likely to see positive developments.

The moon continues into Aries a few days later, on the 25th where you are likely to once again revisit what you have chosen to take on.  At this point it seems you will, consciously or unconsciously, be making a decision of what is worth devoting your time and effort towards and contemplating how to let go of what really no longer needs to be your responsibility.


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