LIBRA March 2020

LIBRA & Libra Rising

MARCH 2020

Mercury dips its toe back into Aquarius on March 4th adding a lightness to the air. Your mind will be a touch sharper and should you be on the hunt for creative solutions there is good chance you will find what you need. While Mercury, still in retrograde until the 9th is apt to cause a few hiccups, perhaps find you frustrated with your kids or a creative project what comes up between the beginning of March and the 9th may be a blessing in disguise.   That is, if you find something really isn’t working addressing it now will save you plenty of headache down the road.

Also, on March 4th, Venus arrives home in Taurus highlighting one of your financial sectors.  Debts, loans, joint funds/resources, investments, inheritances will need your attention.  However, this does not look like a bad thing Libra.  Rather, you will be driven to make sure that everything is in order – investigating where and how every penny has been spent.  If the books are out of order so to speak during the entire month of March you will work to find a way to bring it all back into balance.

In another vein, as Venus is your ruling planet, your love life is likely to turn up a few notches.  If you are attached and the relationship has been going well you will draw even closer together.  If you have been on a rocky road however, a serious discussion about having your needs met will probably be necessary.  Singles or newly involved couples may find they are also approaching an extreme.  For instance, if you are single you will either seriously entertain dating or refuse and spend your time on more pressing matters this month.  New couples will reach a point where they feel it’s time to make a decision of whether to continue or go their separate ways.

Leading up to the Full Moon in Virgo Neptune & Uranus make waves on the 8th further emphasizing an all or nothing attitude.  There is however, the possibility that you all of sudden have a change in perspective about one particular relationship.  You may throw caution to the wind with a ‘let’s just see’ attitude.  Once the Moon draws to Full on the 9th though, you’ll want to stand back, stay in for the night or at very least, search for a calm space to gather your thoughts.

Mercury stations direct on the same day as the Full Moon suggesting thoughts about the kind of future you are building for yourself will be up for contemplation.  This shouldn’t be surprising as there is quite a bit of planetary activity occurring in a foundational sector of your chart.  Career, home & family matters look like they have been high on the priority list for a while now. You are either in the midst of foundational changes or cannot downplay the fact that fundamental changes are needed. This could amount to a home move, significant moves that affect career or perhaps, your spouse is undergoing significant changes in their life.

That said, opportunities, openings that you have been patiently waiting for are likely to present themselves between the 11th and 14th as Neptune, Jupiter & powerhouse Pluto work in harmony with Mars and the Sun respectively.

Towards the end of the month, on the 21st, Saturn makes a relatively quick visit to Aquarius your fifth house of love, children & creativity.  As it will only remain here until July before returning to Capricorn (your base zone) it will offer a hint of what is to unfold at the end of the year right up until 2023.  Whether you are in the middle of a home or career-related move it seems from the end of March until July you will have a taste of how certain aspects of your life will be affected.

Carrying on, a New Moon in Aries on the 23rd can prove challenging. These are the kind of challenges however that require clear practical thinking.  It doesn’t look like that will be possible on the 23rd.  Although a few days into this new lunar cycle discussions will indeed be more productive.

The month wraps up with Mars’ arrival in Aquarius.  It is just the boost you need view your world from another angle – one that considers the long-term outlook of continuing to operate this way day after day. If life has become dull, or tension has been mounting with no end in sight you will have the wherewithal to work towards changing your circumstances for the better.

Early next month Venus moves into Gemini where it will remain for an extra-long stay.  The itch to travel, take in a change of scenery will be strong.   If you are dealing with legal issues it will begin to lean your way.

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