“To destroy is easier than to create, and that is why so many people are ready to demonstrate against what they reject.

But what would they say if one asked them what they wanted instead?”

― Ivan Klima

* *Mars moves quickly this year starting in Aries and clearing nine signs – ending 2021 in Sagittarius.   Below a look at the first two signs Mars occupies in JANUARY 2021.


June 25th2020 – January 6th2021

“Non sum qualis eram -I am not what I used to be”

Mars has been in Aries so long we may find it difficult to relate to who we were, how we behaved, what we desired, or what once motivated us. 

That person existed only 6 months ago.  But now we can liken that-self to an over-starched suit, rigid, heavy, and covered in dust, lying on the floor in another dimension called 2020. 

We weren’t at home with ourselves - ‘at home’ with the world.  And so it seems, rather than lose what inner spark was left we burned our own proverbial houses down.

WE did lead the charge. We’ve been leading it all along, lost in our distorted definitions of power.  As we move into 2021 we our recognizing our power in the clearest sense of the word.


January 6th 2021 – March 4th 2021

The iron chain and the silken cord are both equally bonds.”
― Friedrich von Schiller

Mars is our motivating force – a inner fire born of the desire to experience life in a particular way. We can feel so attached to this primal urge that any system, man-made or part of the natural world, catering to that purpose is one we easily find ourselves enslaved.

But we have re-ordered ourselves, refined our inner urges while Mars was in Aries.  How we emerged from that process, for better or seemingly worse depends on each one of us as individuals.

If we have produced a world that no longer works for us, does not resonate with these newly reformed desires we WILL devote ourselves to create one that does.

Still, some may fall into the same old patterns – slip into another rigid over-starched suit.   Others will do everything they can to remain free of the dust they left behind.

In whatever situation you find yourself ideas about money, what you value, where your happiest-self resides, will continue to be in the midst of radical change with URANUS (also in Taurus).  Uranus is pushing for a revolution here – one that will bring us into greater alignment with the natural world. And so as Mars briefly tours Taurus therein lies the challenge.   No matter which way we look at it all will be requiring a ‘better suit’.