May 2020 Forecast


April ‘showers” (aka downpours)

Bring May ‘flowers?’ (or power-hungry hybrid A.I. Venus Flytraps?)

Human Nature is a funny/not-funny thing.

Are we all sorry/not-sorry?

Lol. Omg. Imho. Ffs. Idk

an attempt to spell-it-out with the aid of astrology…


MAY 2020

 Week by Week Overview 

I’ll start with a to-the-point summary:

Main theme: Take the power back. Take our power back.  A messy process – mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

  • The New Moon in Taurus on April 22nd, next to Uranus may have allowed us to ‘break free’. It already looks like we’re moving towards ‘opening the doors’ again.

Covid-19 cases are likely to be a matter of debate mid-month onwards and especially at the end of June. (Mars in Pisces May 13th to June 28th). The duration of Mars (war, physical body) through Pisces (the only water sign without ‘protection’) worries me. Scientific data, that tracks the rise and fall of influenza, suggests there will be a drop in cases into the summer months.  That is the ‘normal’ pattern.

  • A change in the number of cases remains confusing. Can it be contributed to more testing or is it a result of irresponsible actions? (Neptune squares dates surrounding May 3rd, 20th & 22nd AND Mars in Pisces May 13th to June 28th). And so, the truth of the matter will remain elusive – hang in the air as it hinges on our beliefs.  (Definition of BELIEF: confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof.)

Rebellions will persist. Heated Debates will continue. (Gemini influence Mercury, Venus & New Moon on the 22nd, Uranus’ influence carrying over from April)

  • Thinker-Mercury in Gemini (often great in sales) on May 11th gives rise to many a silver tongue. Squaring Neptune (gullibility) we apt to believe anything the eases the distress of reality (Saturn) during the last week of May. We can already see an uptick in sales pitches looking to charm us out of our unsavory senses.

Mercury in Gemini (May 11th until end of month) also portends a lot of talk about transportation issues.

  • There will be plenty of relationship break ups induced by financial stress. (May 7th Full Moon in Scorpio & Venus Retrograde from May 13th to June 25th)

Relationships that have ended may also reconsider -Silver tongue Mercury in Gemini will be active just as Venus Retrogrades.

  • A ton of people are apt to change their mind about what they really want relationship-wise or otherwise. It seems we’ll be stuck in theoretical musings that aren’t practical (or wise) in application. (Venus Retrograde-May 13th to June 25th)

There will be a notable rise in folks expressing their beliefs, to the extreme. (Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, Jupiter trines AND Neptune squares)

  • We are likely to be fanatical about our beliefs as Jupiter (higher laws, religion, expansion) pivots to retrograde motion on May 14th interacting more closely with Neptune (boundlessness, spirituality). This influence will be felt for the rest of 2020. At the beginning of 2021 spin off from this influence poses a bigger problem.

We are learning even more about how the flow of ‘information’ affects us and our society as a whole yet we are hopelessly compelled to use it as a weapon against ourselves. The powers that be have given us a toy-gun that’s looking more like the real deal.(Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, Jupiter Trines, Gemini influence AND Neptune squares)

  • So not that much will really change. Confusion reigns. A similar theme from April continues even in the face of ‘new’ evidence from our intuitive selves AND what can be plainly understood by way of ‘factual’ information.

In short, we may know better but that doesn’t look like it will be enough to stop us from continuing to push the same old agenda anyway. What will it take? Other than embodying the core message from any belief system, I really don’t know.  What I mean by ‘core’ message is tuning into the thread of knowledge ALL belief systems have in common.  And that, I believe, is in wordless territory. That said, the chances of us sitting comfortably in that wordless space are pretty damn low this month with a heavy Gemini influence still present. But who knows, maybe we will be rendered ‘speechless’ (internal dialogue included).  If so, it’ll probably happen closer to the end of the month.

  • Added note as per above- many may get the feeling that they are ‘giving up’ and so giving way to too big a sacrifice if they lay their minds (mental chatter) to rest. Spiritually speaking ‘losing your mind’ is a good thing.From the perspective of logic though, an opening up to the great unknown is a fear-filled endeavour.

Anyway…here’s my take with an extended astrological forecast for the month of May…


(April 27th to May 3rd)

As of April 27th Mercury begins its tour of Taurus until May 11th when it skips into Gemini. During this time we are liable to stubbornly hang onto ideas of what was previously considered ‘normal’ despite knowing that major changes in how we live will continue to unfold.  While Mercury is in Taurus a sense of safety may have been found in believing we there are predictable steady spots.  Perhaps some have decided to change careers, found new ways to earn a living when ‘this’ is all over.  Yet, the notion that predictable elements exist, elements that can be relied upon to make concrete decisions is likely to be washed away within the first two weeks of May.  Are we just ‘all talk’?  As Mercury moves into Gemini, we can easily find ourselves back at a square one – lost in a sea of possibilities.  Where we thought we saw land, solid ground worth swimming towards, may indeed dissolve before our eyes.

In fact, on April 30th Mercury meets with Uranus changing our way of thinking in a heartbeat. Much to our surprise a second wave of realization rolls in – a spin off from what we discovered over the 22nd-25th of April.  For instance, medical professionals are finding more and more about COVID-19. Around the 22nd they are noticing the virus seems to be causing patient’s blood to clot excessively affecting far more than the lungs.  Gemini is associated with the lungs by the way.

That said, this new wave of insight doesn’t seem exclusively triggered by external worldly events.  Rather, a click, a flash of insight can occur on any front, revealing a truth that can’t been unseen, forgotten or ignored as we attempt to trudge forward in our personal lives.

Truth be told, the astrology for this month certainly doesn’t see us moving forward as much as spinning on the spot.  Like a ballet dancer learning to do a pirouette, it will take effort to keep our balance, our eyes firmly fixed on a point that we return to spin after spin. In order to keep our balance we’ll first have to decide on a focal point.  AND as Venus squares off with Neptune on May 3rd the focal point is likely to be, let’s just say out of focus. So, it’s still wonky weather were battling here.  (*There is an article that’s been floating around Facebook titled Prepare for the ultimate Gaslighting”published on April 10th, 2020.  It comes to mind as I write today April 12th– worth a read although I can’t vouch for the source.)

Carrying on, the North Node shifts into Gemini on the 5th a few days before the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th.

The North Node shift is a big deal as it announces the beginning of a new series of eclipses in Gemini & Sagittarius that will last several years.  Each of us will be nudged in the direction of improving our understanding, re-evaluating where we amass our information and how we approach making sense of it all.  The North Node is a reference point – guiding us on an evolutionary scale.  Needless to say we are entering a somewhat behind the scenes process that will reshape our beliefs as a whole.  It will take several years to update our perspectives, our life philosophy under this series of eclipses.  (more on the eclipses in June’s forecast)

Note: As Eclipses arrive roughly every six months guiding us in another direction (in this case how we think, and what we believe) they influence developments in our lives that carries us to the point of the subsequent eclipse.  * There are a few eclipses left this summer to complete in the Cancer/Capricorn series that will be discussed in June & July’s Monthly forecast.


Over the SECOND WEEK of MAY 2020…

(May 4th to May 10th)

The FULL MOON in SCORPIO on MAY 7th can create an emotional disturbance unsettling us from our core and tangling connections between heart and mind.  It has a transformative effect where if we are to align ourselves with the cosmic flow (easing our discomfort) it will require a purge of psycho-emotional fodder.  This can be best illustrated with the Native American saying about two wolves…

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves.” 

One is evil- he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.”

He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.  The same fight is going on inside you -and inside every other person, too.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

Mercury at the time of this Full Moon is helpful in this ‘fight’ as it taps into the spiritual realms of Neptune drawing an opening to what could be, what should be as voiced from our intuitive selves – a echo bouncing off the well walls of compassion.  It’s on offer.  The chance to listen to the voice of intuition, to know the right course of action in a universal sense is there.  But it is, by and large an opportunity.  We’ll have to reach out grab it – or rather reach further inward to clear a ‘space’.

In the same vein the Full Moon is enlivened by the transformative power of Pluto (even in retrograde).  This can spark an obsession with rerouting the powers that be internally and externally.  That is, it becomes clear our wants and desires are directly related to how the powers that be operate.  Where control is given, control is taken and used to keep us in line or in alignment as the case may be.  It is your choice.  Who has ‘the power’? At this point in time we can’t avoid the question.

Don’t get me wrong I am not one to suggest a complete overthrow in the systems that have held up society thus far or the people, things that pull our strings so to speak.  It is dangerous territory if there is no clear directional purpose to guide such a movement. True whether you are in the midst of overthrowing old concepts of self or a wider governing body. However, some attempt to realign the powers that move society at large or in the depths of our personal landscape is clearly warranted at least on some level.  To what degree, of course, will be a matter of heated debate – a debate that will form basic societal constructs and our sense of reality in the near future.  The so-called news ‘feeds’ are bound to be kicking up a storm – a case of everyone speaking at once feeling like we are being sucked up by tornado like winds.

That said, as the Full Moon wanes over the 9th and 10th Mercury harmonizes with Pluto (the transformer) and Jupiter (knowledge gained through experience).  The belief we can do better, we can think beyond the imaginary safe-havens we’ve built can emerge with some force. The sentiment of the cosmic pattern suggests, then, that as we expand our perspective (from the inside out), the greater our ability to transform. The better chance we have to be in sync with the winds of change while holding ground in our power seated securely in the eye of the storm. Perhaps that sounds too optimistic.  But we are being called into action here and with that comes advancement. We can advance through hard lessons of failure or the pain of deep inner change.  Put another way if we can’t do anything to affect external events (unlikely without a strong determined spirit) then finding the source of our power is the de-facto choice.  You can see this rhetoric across the ‘news’ feeds.  Spiritual ideologies and Activist style posts constantly crawl across our screens.  It can be attributed to the role Jupiter and Neptune are playing this year. They are considered the moral directors, keen on distributing ‘higher knowledge.’ They won’t be in as comfortable a position next year, leading me to believe this is, without doubt ‘our opportunity’.

At peak, the Full Moon in Scorpio helps us clear out the space we need to grow. And as the Full Moon wanes there is a good chance we’ll be snapping out of our previous sense of existence into quite another – one that aligns with vibrations far nearer the obvious truths we have avoided for the sake of convenience.  Let’s hope so anyway.

Of added note, Scorpio governs death/rebirth processes, transformation, intimate connections, sex, relationships, money and of course power, which I’ve touched on.  Some may indeed find that their personal lives, their relationships (especially in regard to money matters) are about to reach a point of necessary tension.  The pain awakened by this metaphorical death is precisely what will speed up the rebirthing process that at once feels like it’s taking forever and moving at lightning speed.

From another perspective the Sabian Symbols associated with 17°Scorpio (the site of the Full Moon) may be of interest.

These symbols are a collection of psychic impressions associated with each degree of the zodiac as described by Elsie Wheeler in the early 1900’s.  She paired with astrologer Marc Edmonds to develop what is known as the Sabian Symbols.  Later on, renowned astrologer Dane Rudhyar further distilled meaning of her somewhat cryptic ‘visions’:

PHASE 227 (SCORPIO 17°): A WOMAN, FECUNDATED BY HER OWN SPIRIT, IS "GREAT WITH CHILD."KEYNOTE: A total reliance upon the dictates of the God-within.

In contrast to the outgoing smile of the girl in the preceding symbol, here we see the result of a deep and complete concentration reaching to the innermost center of the personality where the Living God acts as a fecundating power. This reveals the potency of the inward way, the surrender of the ego to a transcendent Force which can create through the person vivid manifestations of the Will of God.

This second phase of the forty-sixth five-fold sequence brings to us the realization of normally hidden potentialities in the average human being of our day. Faith in the Divine is shown here being concretely justified. The human person becomes a "mother of the Living God." This is THE TRANSPERSONAL WAY of existence. It is the way that leads to creative mutations.

*I particularly like the last line: “It is the way that leads to creative mutations”.  It seems that is precisely what this call to action is all about. 


(May 11th to May 17th)

At the top of this third week of May Saturn holds steady, stationing in retrograde at 1° Aquarius.  This influence can create added weight to the burden of everyday life.  AQUARIANS and those born on the cusp of SCORPIO, LEO, or TAURUS are poised to experience a little more pressure yet will also have a stronger sense of resolve.  (as an offshoot Saturn in Aquarius carries the theme of ‘limits and connections’ of technology/society -something to keep in mind).

In a more personal vein, whatever your sun sign and whatever the situation, a sense of limitation, fewer possibilities of what you can do comes with a longer list of things you don’t really want to do but know you must.  And so it seems we’re riddled with responsibilities – pun intended.  Indeed this can feel like we are posed with a riddle – one our soul is obsessed with solving.

Once SATURN crosses back into CAPRICORN (government/authority) in July, though, it looks like we will have made some progress into solving ‘this’.  Eventually, our efforts to push through will amount to a sense of achievement, satisfaction for having moved through ‘it’. What we work on now, then, will play a big part in how we structure/gain authority over our lives when SATURN re-enters AQUARIUS in December 2020 where it will remain until 2023.  The potential rewards of this realignment for your Sun Sign/Rising Sign?

ARIES can reshape, sharpen their career direction, building an impressive network of support into 2021. Working in new ways with technology and communication (that is perhaps inspired by older traditions).

TAURUS can gain a new skill, impressive amount of knowledge & know how to make headway towards a new career into 2021. Research could play an important part in your choice of work.

GEMINI can use their previous experiences, understanding of the law to gain financial stability.  Might have to let go of certain investments, material goods to lighten their debt load. But in the end will have more freedom and flexibility to grow.

CANCER can rededicate themselves to the needs of a partner and/or work towards using their time more efficiently to maintain/create a more stable financial situation in the long term. Improving your health (mind/body/soul) is key.

LEO can improve their most intimate relationships by working on the little things, the day to day exchanges.  Who, what where do you want to dedicate your energy?  What is worth your time and what just isn’t anymore?

VIRGO can improve health (mind body soul) that shapes creative expressions bringing them more joy, freedom into their lives.  Re-evaluting relationship with children, ideas about motherhood (or grand-motherhood).

LIBRA can build a new space environment that offers more freedom more fun – designing a future that brings out their creative/expressive side more fully.

SCORPIO can strengthen familial bonds with a more conscious approach to how they communicate.  The same holds true for friendships particularly with those you consider to be more like siblings.

SAGITTARIUS can develop stronger, more valuable friendships – those that lift the spirit instead of dragging it down.  Improved relationship with siblings. Improved relationship to money and material world possessions.

CAPRICORN can strengthen character, improve self-worth by working in a way that contributes to their own future AND others.  Won’t want to waste energy on anything that doesn’t ‘fit’ your evolving philosophy of life or goes against societies ‘best interests’.

AQUARIUS can make better sense of their dreams, engage more deeply in spiritual matters.  Time will fly in solitude, in meditation, as you engage more with your soul.  When you re-emerge on the brink of 2021 you will have no doubt in the strength of your spirit and its ability to guide you in the right direction.

PISCES can realign their spirit with those of like-mind, those that reflect elements of their higher calling. It will take time but offers a stronger sense of self from the inside out – one that is forever stable and always in the know.

Moving forward into the third week of May, Mercury arrives home in Gemini on the 11th and Mars dives into Pisces on the 13th.  As these transitions take place our minds can spin once again, this time with an increasing sense of agitation.  There are too many possibilities, too many what ifs.

However, once Mercury settles into its comfort zone in Gemini our mental faculties are likely to be sharper.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be a ton to think about, to consider.  Rather, we will be better able to juggle the possibilities.

Mercury does not remain in Gemini for too long.  At the end of the month, on the 27th, it will speed into Cancer the sign of home & family.  At this point we will be looking for comfort and support.  This will be the site of Mercury’s second retrograde phase of the year and so ‘family matters’ more than ever. (More on Mercury retrograde in next month’s forecast).

Mars in Pisces from the 13th until June 28th sings somewhat of a different tune.  Over these, roughly, six weeks we may notice just how much our state of mind can affect our physical body.  It isn’t just a matter of stress, although that is undoubtedly part and parcel of overall health.  But, under these circumstances, the connection we have between mind, body and soul is, all of a sudden, far more relevant than usual.  To that effect, it seems many of us will be tuning into our psychic selves, become more sensitive to negative energies so to speak.  In other words, what doesn’t feel good on a soul level is less likely to be tolerated.  If we don’t agree, on a soul level, that the world should be ‘reopened’ immense waves of sadness can rush through us.  Even if you are in agreeance with getting back to ‘normal’ a guilty feeling, the feeling something is not right will linger.

Our engagement with seemingly external matters, then, is likely to change while Mars is in Pisces.  We may be more suspicious, feel compelled to keep our motivations to ourselves-to hide out, feel less motivated to do what we’ve done ‘before’.

Mars denotes physicality. As it swims through the realm of Pisces, in essence our boundaries are dissolved.  There is less protection between us and the pain of the world. It’s hard to imagine that we won’t be feeling ‘it’ in our bones.  The realm of Pisces (and Neptune), is associated with a deep sense of compassion AND propels escapist tendencies for this very reason.

And so, while Mars is in Pisces there is somewhat of a cosmic mandate to slow us down – easier to be accomplished if it feels as though we are carrying the world on our shoulders.  If our old selves truly want to recover a life built on the less-than-kind basis of old norms the weight may prove unbearable.  In short the motivation, the drive to return to what was familiar won’t be there.  It is far easier to drop it in favour of pursuing the kind of life that seeks to lighten our lives. However, our minds (Mercury in Gemini) will likely be spinning a different story.

Still, Mars in Pisces works to knock our head out of the game placing the urgings of our soul firmly in the driver’s seat.  Have you ever had a dream where someone else was driving the car and no matter how much you wanted to take the wheel something in you knew that you’d be worse off?  It’ll probably be a good idea to take it easy on ourselves for the next few months as we continue to get further in touch with parts of ourselves some of us have never seen…

It is interesting to note that during the Spanish Flu in September of 1918 Mars was in Scorpio.  Chiron was in Aries (theme of war, courage).  Pluto and Jupiter were side by side (transformation, death/rebirth processes and expansion).  In mid-May, we have a similar arrangement.  Although, Mars is in another water sign – Pisces.  Of all the water signs Pisces is the only one without a ‘shell’ or defense. The Scorpion and Crab have hard shells.  Also, while Mars in Pisces does not speak of ‘war’ once it moves on into Aries (the sign of the warrior) in late June it makes me wonder.  Mars will be in Aries for the rest of 2020.  It may be safest to say whatever we feel in our bones, so to speak, for the duration of Mars in Pisces (May 13th to June 28th) will contribute to the driving force that motivates us for the remainder of 2020.  That begs the question just what kind of ‘war’ are we dealing with here?  (I’m spending a lot of time sifting details, writing as fast and as far ahead as possible to address that question).

The third week of May has more under its sleeve…Venus retrogrades in Gemini, an aspect that will have a great deal of influence on us this year. Jupiter too, a key player in how 2020 has developed thus far also enters a retrograde phase.  It’s tricky business dealing with this duo under the circumstances brought on by Covid-19.

These two, Venus and Jupiter, are often looked upon as the most beneficial players in the cosmos.  That doesn’t mean a) they are immune to tensions inherent in other planetary activity and b) their positive influence is immediately felt – especially as they enter a retrograde phase.

We’ll start with Venus and weave in bits of Jupiter’s influence along the path of Venus’ retrograde.  Do you remember how you felt at the beginning of April? What you were concerned about, what was number one on your priority list?  Was it having a stocked fridge, money, a desire for lasting freedom from certain responsibilities?  Whatever it was, those wants and desires have, in a way, dictated how we have conducted ourselves for the last month and a half.  We have since touched base with what our souls really need.  And so, this has likely had a significant impact on our intimate relationships amongst other ‘things’.

While Venus pauses on May 13th preparing to tread back to the early degrees of Gemini we will continue to be pressed, uncomfortably so, to rethink the true value AND potential consequences of ‘getting what we desire’.  There is a price to pay and yet, there a pronounced temptation to skirt that fact. Perhaps convincing ourselves that we ‘should’ be allowed to have our cake and eat it too.  Using that analogy, you may be able to indulge, free of care, eat that cake – but you’ll get fat.  There is no avoiding that whether you want it to be true or not.  Indeed, we can fool ourselves, especially while Mercury cruises through Gemini.

Over the second half of the month then, we desperately want to have the freedom choice.  At the same time we will know deep down that we cannot have ‘it’ without taking full responsibility for inevitable consequences.

What, then, do we really want AND what compromises, pathways can we take, build to achieve the best from both worlds?  That seems to be the question posed by the Venus & Jupiter retrograde phases.  (Venus retrogrades from May 13th to June 25th/ Jupiter retrogrades from May 14th to September 12th)

Here is an overview of planetary connections Venus makes as she guides us to reconsider the fine line we draw between wants and needs in May. Jupiter periodically acts to further this exploration in hopes of improving our understanding.

May 3rd (Venus direct) & June 2nd (with Venus in retrograde)– squares Mars in Pisces.  A sense of guilt can wash over us if we have been operating out of tune with our intuitive guides.

May 17th Jupiter trines the Sun in Taurus – hopefully we are getting the idea that we need to focus on what is practical – something that can be in conflict to those ‘things’ we really want but don’t actually need. 

May 20th Venus RX squares Neptune in Pisces. It dons on us that we have, at least to some degree, been working against what we truly believe is ideal. Collective engagement in self sabotage?


END of MAY 2020

(May 18th to June 1st)

The last leg of May looks to be the least intense.  Yet, it may start off a little wonky on the 20th and again on the 22ndwhere we still feel too far from an ideal situation to be amply satisfied.  However, the NEW MOON in GEMINI and Mercury’s impending arrival in Cancer on the 28th, suggests we’ll soon be ‘seeing a new light’.  Honestly, the way the astrology has been playing out I am not sure if I mean that strictly metaphorically as in we are waking up to a different perception of reality or if we’ll be out of lock down mode feeling the sun shine on our faces. I guess they are two sides of the same coin.

Whatever the case, the end of May has a lighter atmosphere that will help further the development of our awareness. There seems a pronounced need to rely more and more on intuitive self to lead the way, to guide our thinking.  That, in itself, will remain a challenge to be sure.  When was the last time we felt compelled to explore the depths, the validity of our core beliefs? Even if we have, was it so prolonged, considered as vital? And from what we have discovered about ourselves, the collective this far, do our beliefs actually hold in support, strengthen our faith or find us eroding from its now obvious points of ineptitude?

Let’s break down the astrology for the end portion of May..

The Sun enters Gemini on the 20th, the same day Venus squares Neptune.  We are liable to be 1. more gullible than usual as information continues its momentous flow through our ‘feed’ and 2. trying to convince ourselves we know more than we do.  As we connect the dots so to speak a great deal of our subjective sense of reality intertwines.

That is, it can be difficult to notice that our personal, often limited, experiences (because nobody has experienced it all) distorts how we absorb information AND how we relay that back to others.  It’ll be too easy to convince ourselves we know it all, kicking off rants with ‘and here’s why I’m right and you’re wrong’…These influential aspects echo what was occurring around the time of the New Moon in Taurus on April 22nd.  And while there has been a distinct Gemini influence for over a month now sorting the bits and pieces of whirls and whirls of information has exhausted the best of us.  It’s no wonder we are still on the hunt for clear definitions – so much so that our brains are desperate to manufacture them.

In a relatable vein, our true motivations (hidden by intricate word sets) can stem from what is convenient for us, likely ‘us’ alone.  Information is liable to be gathered and praised to support claims whether it is objectively true or not. So we are blindsided around the 20th under the fog of Neptune – seeing what we want to see.  Not everyone will so easily fall into the illusionary fog.   Meditators, practiced psychics aware of the beguiling ways of Neptune can sail through letting the ‘image’, the appearance of things drift by, choosing instead to rest in the space of unknown.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” 
― Socrates

On the 22nd, thinker Mercury too, squares off with Neptune on the same day as the New Moon in Gemini.  Believe it or not the saving grace here is Saturn RX.  Saturn, in short, is boring, stern, cautious, responsible and anchored in reality – the kind that bites but represents those ‘things’ that have be dealt with nonetheless.

That said, the New Moon does open doorways of communication.  We’ll want to chat, discuss, connect with others.  It’s as if our neural pathways are flooded with energy.  If you are more of an introvert perhaps you will want to write your thoughts down or find yourself engaged in endless internal dialogue.  All this amounts to an amassment of mental fodder that, depending on how we are thinking, can lift us into a dreamworld landscapes (that aren’t particularly realistic) or pull us down into bouts of despair.  The latter is usually what wakes us up to Neptune’s beguiling ways.

It is a state of mind burdened by despair that alerts us we are, in fact, in control of where our mind takes us.  Chances are though, up and down we’ll go on a roller coaster powered by images of an unrealistic ideal we want to maintain AND those we disdain.  That is, unless we can find virtue in simplicity and disciple of the mind (popular advice given by astrologers when dealing with Neptunian issues).  You can see why then, that meditation practices, mindfulness of the little things, can be so useful at this time.

Returning to Saturn, it has the wherewithal to hold us steady as it sits in harmonious trine with the New Moon.  As Saturn relates to the notions of time, tradition, and the archetypal ‘father’ I will pass on a useful bit of wisdom my own grandfather, left behind.  He used to say that when contemplating an action, behavior, way of thinking ask: if the whole world were to follow in the same manner, what then would the world look like?

What would you do if you ruled the world?  And how deep is your capacity to include everyone’s’ experience, situation in your proposals?  Who should be the winners, the losers? Is it possible not to be biased?

Remember New Moons do portend the beginning of something. In this case, influenced by Messenger-Gemini, the information we gather now, the conversations we have, the messages we exchange can hold sway over our thinking. And so, under another 2020 New Moon we have the potential to influence how our style of information exchange can encourage the manifestation of positive outcomes at the completion of this lunar cycle -the FULL Moon in Gemini on November 30th.

Global politics are likely to be especially hot topics at the end of the month. Discourse on that front will also have a major influence over the next six months.  Indeed it’s an animal of a different kind that we may have some part in taming.  Although I’m not holding my breath. It will depend on whether we are able to screw our own heads on straight first – a tricky feat as you can see under these skies.  The trickster mind is in full effect, sending our hearts on many a detour.

Is your head spinning? Geeze.  Mine too.  And yet, there is a sense of calm too isn’t there?  How can that be unless we know something more in our heart of hearts, somewhere in that wordless, speechless, unthinkable place of the unknown.

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