Mercury in Pisces Feb.3rd, 2020


Feb.3rd, 2020 to April 11th, 2020

The practical, cautious approach is abandoned as Mercury leaves earthly Capricorn and travels through Pisces from February 3rd until April 11th. In this position Mercury has a tendency to get carried away.  We are more likely to entertain the grandest of ideas, weaving fantasies about all that could be, should be.  And while this can produce truly inspired works, allowing our creative side to flourish and flow, there is reason to be wary.

The temptation to float high above it all, engaging with inner visions made only of sugar, spice and all things nice teases, taunts us to loosen our grip on the earthly plane. Needless to say, the further and more frequently we drift the more distorted our view.

Coming down from our flight of fancy is an inevitability.  Thus, a rather rude awakening may follow with an urge to play the blame game.  The truth is there is no one to blame – even yourself.  If you find red flags have been missed, things did not turn out as envisioned you won’t be the only one compelled to kick up dust, finger point and indulge in lecturing about what should and shouldn’t be.

Under the Piscean influence our sensitivities are heightened – we feel more, can be more aware of the world around us.  In effect, lines are often blurred between ‘us’ and ‘them’.  And so, whether or not the path of utter avoidance is taken, a touch of sorrow, sadness, can settle like a low-lying fog on our hearts.  How we handle this is a matter of how much we are capable of accepting without judgement.

On the positive side, the cosmos encourages our compassionate nature to shine through, driving the need to roll up our sleeves and help others. Thus, we are better able to work pro-actively with unsavory realities.  Who can blame anyone though, if it all becomes too much to handle?

In short, we will be tempted to slip into escape mode, in effect blinding ourselves from what doesn’t feel good, what doesn’t match our fantasy vision.  We are then liable to 1. insist it is someone else’s fault when reality strikes and/or 2. float further and further away into our happy place – making for an arduous trip back to the earth plane.

In any case, minding our boundaries, being as compassionate with ourselves as others seems key to dealing with Mercury’s longer than normal stay in Pisces.  Did I mention Mercury will enter its first retrograde phase of the year in Pisces from February 16th until March 9th? …stay tuned a separate article will be published with more details.  In the meantime, drift and dream but don’t forget to check-in every now and then lest you lose your way on many colourful paths blossoming in your mind’s eye.

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