“Life is nothing but a transient dream dancing at the tip of a leaf called time.”

― Debasish Mridha


APRIL 4th, 2011– JAN.27th, 2026

Jan.1, 2021 @18°– Dec.31, 2021 @20°

RETROGRADE: June 21st, 2021 @23°

DIRECT: Dec.1,, 2021 @20°

Did the world just lose its mind, turn everything completely upside down in 2020?  Yes and No.  We’ve been drifting in and out of our own little worlds, our virtual realities since 2011. Neptune, the dream-weaver, first cast its net wide in Pisces way back then.

It is at home here. Pisces has no edge, no boundary, no container to limit our fantasies. In this realm all is smoke and mirrors, cleverly arranged to reveal an ideal self in an ideal world.

All of this may have been enchanting for a time, but it seems we are lost in this space now.  It seems we are convinced it shares a common reality with the astute structures Saturn has been forming in the background. It doesn’t. And the contrast is staggering.  It’s reaching a point of such discomfort that some are doubling down on the fantasy vision insisting ‘the world SHOULD be like this, or that, or the other’.

How then do we bridge these two worlds? How do we manifest our ideals into the very reality we were trying to escape from in the first place? We can’t. That is, not unless we are willing to look beyond the dreamworld. In truth that is a mission that finds many a spiritualist, do-gooder, and saviour-type tangled up in Neptune’s nets.

But, there are several ways to handle the cunning of Neptune. And if we can succeed in those efforts we will have more than a few opportunities to witness real magic at work.

It’s probably not what most would expect.  Neptune tends toward having high expectations and often suffers severe bouts of disillusionment, sorrow and desperation when the real world doesn’t reflect what it should.

In basic, we’ll fall short of understanding how to dance with Neptune when not in tune with its higher vibrations but rather tempted by the image we hold, stuck at the level of its distorted reflection.

Adapting a KISS, ‘keep-it-simple-stupid,’ attitude, and accepting what is instead of what should be is the first rule of thumb if you do indeed feel lost in a Neptunian fog.


For example, exhibiting ourselves as an individual with a higher than high moral code, as spiritually awakened souls is far different than embodying a spirit so rich with those qualities ‘the image’ loses all quantifiable meaning. You can’t go with the flow if you’re tangled in a net can you?

Our extra senses, our intuition always rests and is most powerful, provides the most accurate truth, in the moment - not tangled in the net of wants, desires or beliefs of what should be.

In another way, it is possible to be both lost and found in a state of unconditional love, in full acceptance of what is.  And what is right now is like a spray of mist, forever in motion, ready to sacrifice every ounce of space it occupies for the next moment to live.


Neptune does not have any major aspects with the outer planets in 2021. So we will have added support from the cosmic currents to align with the higher vibrations of Neptune. That which speaks to an increased ability to go with the flow.

May, June, September, October and December may prove more challenging as far as mastering our levels of awareness and ability to tolerate life as it is.

MUTABLE Signs: especially those born during the late degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius will continue to wrestle with the wily nets of Neptune. You could say it is a rite of passage on the road to enlightenment.