New Moon in Aries

** This article, as well as Saturn in Aquarius, was written in late February.  I am currently writing another post to address the corona pandemic from the astrological perspective more thoroughly.


March 24th, 2020

The onset of this new lunar cycle is guided by one of the most courageous (impulsive😉 ), independent (headstrong;)) signs, ARIES.  Adding fuel to this fire Mars, ruler of Aries, pairs with the power of transformative Pluto a day before the New Moon on March 23rd.  Other planetary happenings after the New Moon will also feed into a rather tense yet high spirited final week of March.

While a New Moon in Aries does bring with it a certain amount of excitement, reawakening our passions, it can incite aggression instead of assertiveness, brashness instead of bravery and unfocused hastiness instead of encouraging one to patiently pursue an admirable goal.  In other words, the warrior spirit will be strong within all of us yet, should we not honour our highest good,  it can be all too easy to get ourselves into trouble.

And so, at the opening of this New Lunar cycle it’s time to set our intentions straight.  Aries, if nothing else is honest and Pluto simply does not mess with anything that reeks of insincere.

As the New Moon builds it will meet with Uranus AND Venus on the 26th and 28th respectively.  This suggests that if you are not ‘fighting’ from the heart, from the seat of truth you can expect to experience the opposite of what you had intended.  In short, while this New Moon is packed with potential to misuse this power, so to speak, it will at very least reveal where your truth lies.  Thus, kicking off a potent, and likely necessary, transformational process first announced on the 23rd as Mars joins forces with Pluto.


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