New Moon in CANCER July 20th, 2020


JULY 20th – NEW MOON in CANCER @28

Saturn’s opposition to the New Moon provides an official stamp on this new beginning.  Of course, the pressure to start anew has been there for longer than a little while.  It is just that now we are pressed to try another strategy – one that actually produces (or has the potential to produce) the results we truly want. Having faced uncomfortable moments with three eclipses in less than two months, there is no use putting the cat back in the bag.  And so we are challenged to 1. put an end to excessive internal fussing – where we learn to channel our frustrations without flailing arms or indulging in long-winded moody spells and 2. foster a stronger connection with what matters most to us as individuals.  However we fare, this New Moon works us into a corner where taking responsibility for how we are handling ‘all of this’ leads the way onward and upward.

Don't go around saying the world owes you a living.The world owes you nothing. It was here first.
– Mark Twain

ARIES: This New Moon is ideal for building new strategies at home, with familial relationships that will also have implications in your career.

TAURUS: This New Moon is ideal for exploring new ways to communicate especially with siblings, friends and even acquaintances. The smallest exchanges can lead to a change beliefs.

GEMINI: This New Moon is ideal for making adjustments to your priority list - who? what? matters most Gemini?   Ultimately your answers can lead have an effect on your finances.

CANCER: This New Moon is ideal for getting real, flaws and all Cancer.  It can mean a new start when it comes to your closest relationship or have an impact on career direction.

LEO: This New Moon is ideal for stepping back for a moment in observation without trying to make sense of it all.  Health is numero uno at the moment especially if you want to be at your best by the time your birthday rolls around.

VIRGO: This New Moon is ideal to begin fostering a stronger support network, or even weeding through your contacts list on social media.  It's becoming more important to build the kind of life where you have the freedom to express yourself unhindered.

LIBRA: This New Moon is ideal to address any misgivings you've had about the work the you or who you work with. Eventually it will help build a steadier foundation moving forward at home & at work.

SCORPIO: This New Moon is ideal for diving a little deeper into the origins of your beliefs. What you discover can have an effect on how you communicate with others AND alter toxic internal dialogue.

SAGITTARIUS:  This New Moon is ideal for dislodging old patterns from childhood that contribute to the feeling of a sense of lack.  Ultimately this can have an impact on your earnings and/or how you manage your finances.

CAPRICORN: This New Moon is ideal for re-examining your perspective about family dynamics.   They aren't what they used to be.  In turn this can have a major impact on how you relate to a significant other or influence where or toward whom you devote the bulk of your time and energy.

AQUARIUS:  This New Moon emphasising health, lifestyle and your daily work schedule.  If you aren't feeling like you are at your productive best consider it's not the energy you put out but rather how you take care of yourself from an emotional standpoint.

PISCES: This New Moon encourages following the road that leads AWAY from unnecessary drama Pisces. You may have to distance yourself from a friend or certain associations in order to cultivate the peace of mind you're after.

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