New Moon in LEO, August 1st, 2019

The days leading up to the New Moon on August 1stare filled with good vibes.  Venus, Mars & the Sun are positively beaming in the expressive (and a little dramatic) sign of Leo. While at times hard-headedness and brief bouts of anger may prevail, for the most part the atmosphere simply seems warmer.  And so, those little bouts are more likely to do with overflowing passions.  It is the kind of thing that comes and goes as is characteristic of fire signs like Leo. Fan the fire and, well, you’ll get a show (for better or worse) that will inevitably die down.  High flying flames can only burn for so long.

The beginning of a New lunar cycle then promises a brilliant fresh start – sparked by our own creative will with the intention of awakening the best in us.  The cosmos offers support in maintaining (and taming) the flame right up until the Full Moon in Leo in February of 2020.

More good news arrives on the same day as the New Moon – Mercury spins on the spot stationing direct in Cancer marking the end of yet another retrograde phase.   If you have been dealing with delays, encountered set-backs, been plagued by miscommunication and even transportation issues they will fade. On the flipside perhaps you’ve been engaged in a ‘project’ of sorts that has taken concerted time, effort and focus.  If that is the case it will all start to come together as Mercury slowly regains optimal speed. That said, Mercury will still be covering old ground as it makes its way back to the degree of its retrograde motion.  It will be in new territory on August 15th  - and that  happens to be the same day an electric Full Moon in Aquarius takes shape.  Stay tuned – we are gearing up to really get the ball rolling as the month of August unfolds. I’d say we’ll be kicking off to a great start this week. Next week with New Moon energy still in effect promises to be even better as the beneficial rays of Jupiter widen our perspectives.

Sun Sign Scopes from Moon to Moon:

August 1st - New Moon in Leo      / /    August 15th - Full Moon in Aquarius


From this angle life is looking pretty darn good, with, perhaps, a few exceptions Aries.  At  best you are likely to be more expressive than usual, creative juices flowing freely, an optimistic attitude in tow.  It is the kind of energy that inspires you to be a kid again.  This is the time of the year when you typically feel most inspired – although, more so this year with both Venus and Mars gracing your fifth house of love, fun ‘n’ freedom.  The New Moon in Leo, then, truly sets the stage for positive developments in any creative endeavour over the next six months.

And, that isn’t the only cosmic support you’re receiving. Mercury & Uranus are sparking bright ideas for extra income while encouraging you to explore/clarify exactly what you want.  Of course, that may be at odds with others, yet it will be hard to resist tapping into and fleshing out that which expresses what is uniquely ‘you’.

Lastly with Mercury’s intention to pick up the pace it seems you’re also wrapping up home projects and finally getting a handle on certain family dynamics -bound to bring some relief.


The New Moon inspires making changes at home. Whether that be re-arranging the furniture, taking a course in Feng Shui or even moving to another location, the drive to create a new and improved environment is at a high.  Uranus’ influence may make you feel a bit edgy, anxious (and so too inspired) wanting to do something different, just to shake life up a bit.  Now that is something considering most Taurus’ really aren’t big fans of changing pace so to speak.  Although, when you do zero in on something you really really want, well, there is no stopping you.

And so, here you are in the perfect cosmic climate to do just that – re-arrange in search of the perfect arrangement.  Of course, that will take some work but with Mercury ready to kick back into gear it’ll be much easier to find solutions and manage the details of it all.  Needless to say, there will be more than a few details to consider all the while juggling communication balls with friends and family.  In other words, as you step into August there is a definite sense that you’re here and there and just kind of everywhere.


Movin’ and shakin’, talkin’ and playin’ – feeling active and free as the New Moon approaches.  While that is your typical modus operadi Gemini it is doubly so with both Venus and Mars cruising through compatible fire sign Leo.  The New Moon too inspires you to do more, connect more and in general make ‘it’ happen.  Family (especially siblings) friends and neighbours – all the folks you’ve been meaning to spend time with may pop into your head inciting forward action to do something together.  Of course, you really can’t do it all at once, nor maintain this pace forever. Following that vein then, it seems you’ll have to prioritize.

Mercury’s re-direction may encourage a need to clarify who or what is of higher value. It'll likely be a must to prevent pushing too hard to move ‘n’ shake with everyone and everything that inspires you or that you feel you ‘should’ be dealing with during these next few weeks.


It seems your mind is on your money and your money is on your mind Cancer.  Under these skies there is indeed a higher risk of over-spending (particularly home-related purchases).  Wherever the dollars are going you're likely conscious of over-doing it which results in navigating a strange place between feeling excited and anxious at the same time.  In fact, you may go back and forth wondering if ‘this’ is really worth it in regards to anything that involves the flow of money.  That said, the New Moon will encourage you consider whittling down your wants around that which brings the most joy into your life.  From there it will be easier to assess what to do next.  Also, as this is the beginning of a new lunar cycle it can take up to six months to see how the decisions you are making now can change the flow of your life – financially speaking or otherwise.  So, may I suggest, slowing your roll a tad, especially while Mercury trudges through its shadow? It will be back up to speed, in a better position after August 15th.  Not everything has to happen all at once does it Cancer?


Leo is the star of the show at the moment – feeling good and certainly looking good.  While, you could argue that is always the case it is especially true while both Venus and Mars grace your sign.  The New Moon is also in your neck of the woods offering an opening for a new and improved you to walk through.  In other words life is looking pretty rosy for the Lions & Lioness’ from what I can see.  Underneath it all though, there seems to be a few points of contention.

As Mercury will remain in your twelfth it’s unlikely you are keen to share your thoughts openly.  There may be good reason –maybe you just want to take some time to mull things over in private first.  Whatever the case, this holding back of sorts can cause others to misread your intentions behind sporadic and seemingly out of character behaviors.


Operating incognito Virgo?  Shying away from the crowd? You can’t really get away with not participating and yet you probably can’t afford to engage too much either. In one way you’re in a classic ‘rock in a hard place’ situation.  On the other hand, life right now doesn’t resemble the steadiness of a rock which would make it rather predictable.   One thing is for sure you are gearing up for something over the next little that can't be done by walking a straight line from A to B .  In the meantime as you navigate this twisty terrain, attempting to manage the steadiest footing possible, know that you’ll make your way just fine. That is, as long as you can maintain your focus each step of the way.

That said, the New Moon on August 1st will pick up on your unconscious drives – in a sense creating the mould for what will manifest in your life over the next six months.  Dream work can be especially useful during this time.

Lastly, as Mercury, your ruling planet, awakens from retrograde it might be time to re-consider who, what, when and how you choose to spend your time.  Ultimately it seems you are most in need of soul food if you really want to keep up this juggling act.  There is more to life than checking off that long list of things to do isn’t there Virgo?


Reuniting with old friends, mixing and mingle with new folks -that seems to be the order of the days ahead Libra.  In fact, the New Moon on the 1st encourages spreading those wings a touch to widen your social reach.  The people you meet now will indeed have an impact on your life (especially career wise) for the rest of 2019 – and even into 2020.  That said, take advantage of the cosmic influences to adopt an easygoing attitude, particularly over the next few weeks.  Also, as Mercury swings on its heels ready to continue its tour through your career sector you’ll begin to notice the nuances of what seems to be a significant turn in your life direction.  You knew it was coming but you’re probably really feeling it now.  I’ll note that while you have made some changes (willing or not) there are more to come – especially on the financial front. As Uranus sends hard signals to Venus and the Sun you may not feel as prepared as you would like as the next set of adjustments takes place.


Despite Mercury’s retrograde phase, which is synonymous with a general slowing down, it has been all forces go with you Scorpio.  In some ways you’ve been playing catch-up or riding quite the learning curve keeping you on your toes.  Legal matters, foreign affairs or even ‘family business’ has probably required much of your attention.  And so under the New Moon on August 1st, it seems you will be entering a new phase or, at very least, receive tell tale signs of a new deal, so to speak. To be clear that doesn’t mean you’re completely done riding this wave.  There is more to learn and a few surprises ahead that you may not have seen coming. Believe it or the unexpected can manifest moments of surprise in regard to your own behavior.  That said, you may not be able to wrap your head around the implications of the real deal, what all this really means, until after August 15thand the remainder of 2019.  Needless to say then, you’ll likely be experiencing something of an attitude adjustment along the road into 2020.


The desire to spread your wings – do more, see more, be more is at a high with both Venus and Mars in Leo. The New Moon arriving on August 1stcarries the same vibe.  While on one hand you are full of vim and vigor, optimistic about what comes next there is a part of you that still has some concern over financial issues.  You can only do what you can do Sagittarius -the trick is sticking to a plan long enough to make headway.  That has likely been difficult, to say the least, especially with your penchant for over-indulging in the name of fun, love ‘n’ freedom.  Even those Sagittarians that find themselves financially secure will experience some tension around quid pro quo engagements.  In other words, there can be tension-filled discrepancies over who owes what to whom. Much will be worked out between now and August 15th.  Although, Uranus’ position (for the long haul) doesn’t exactly help as there are unpredictable factors involved that can mess with establishing any kind of consistent rhythm.  And sometimes Sagittarius those unpredictable factors may point directly to you as the source.


Money is a thing right now Capricorn.  If someone owes you money or you owe them it is likely you’ll be more aggressive about setting things back to right – right in your eyes that is. If money isn’t truly at the heart of the issue you can bet that there is tension around someone owing someone something.  In any case, while most Capricorns are rather conservative in nature, rarely seen to express themselves without some hint of constraint – I don’t know about that this time.

In another vein, especially around the time of the New Moon on the 1st, you have the drive to make certain changes in your life that involves letting go of something or someone.  Under these skies I'd say you are up for taking control more than able to firmly handle any undesirable situations over the next few weeks.  It will all pay off between now and the end of the year Capricorn as you step further into your own power.


Love is in the air Aquarius.  Either it is a new found appreciation for who you are, what you do or you’re beginning to see someone in a different light – one that brings out a warmth in you that isn’t always easy to reach.  Whatever the case you may find yourself unsettled, have less tolerance for the situation you’re in unless its flexible enough to offer the freedom you crave.  That itch, in turn, can cause you to both re-think and take surprising action in effort to rearrange your arrangement so to speak.  And so, under the New Moon you’ll find that you are able to bypass strict logical assessments to get to closer to your own heart.  From there it will indeed be your heart informing those next moves. Also, with Mercury halting in preparation to move forward you’ll likely be inspired to take better care of your health (of which time management plays a big role).  If you find too much of your time is spent on doing things that don’t really satisfy your soul, well, you’ll be up on your toes ready and willing to make the necessary adjustments.


The New Moon bodes well to set your intentions on taking care of business.  If you feel the need to get organized, start a new health regime the inspiration to do it right will be there. Not only that but you’ll be able to follow through and maintain what you put in place. Indeed, you’re starting out fresh with a new & improved program.

Aside from the New Moon the influence of Uranus and Mercury add a little, ahem, extra character in how you express yourself. I would advise you to be careful with your words over the next few weeks Pisces, but it seems futile.  While, no doubt you’re likely to be extremely honest, the truth is the cosmic winds increase the risk of contracting foot-in-mouth syndrome.  Words are likely to escape your lips far faster than you can assess what impact they may have on another.  On the bright side it won’t always get you in trouble.  In fact, verbal snafus can even elicit a few good laughs, breaking the ice and opening the doors to sincere exchanges.

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