New Moon in LIBRA October 16, 2020

What can I say about the Libra New Moon. It isn’t much one insofar as being a great time to start something new.

As the door to this lunar cycle open we are immediately faced with blocks, restrictions (perhaps based on our fears of what a ‘new life’ means and the stress of bringing it to life?). 

Some may be lost in fix it mode striving for ultimate perfection - no doubt making life more difficult than need be.  And there there will be some who just want to make it all go away - to the point of ignoring the whole affair.  Either way, under these skies we are between a rock and hard place.

Not only that, information, inspired by our own frantic inner chatter and/or news from outside sources will be interrupting our world constantly.  It is as if the universe has lined up a row of dump trucks filled with live wires --in they roll one by one dumping their load on our doorstep.  That might be somewhat of an exaggeration.  But not really if you’ve been keeping up with media streams.

On a personal level what seems to be happening here is that Mercury’s opposition to Uranus is, in a way rewiring us – zap, zap, zap.  We have already been deep in this process, making new connections while simultaneously disconnecting.

So if you feel on edge, off balance, dizzy, nauseous, weird…like you are going mad, you are not alone. The world is spinning in ways we’ve never experienced before.  



In strictly astrological terms for those saavy:

    • The New Moon in Libra squares off with Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars & Black Lilith forming a difficult Cardinal T-Square.
    • Mercury RX @11 Scorpio is locked into an opposition with Uranus RX @9 Taurus with a lasting influence. The first exact opposition was on October 7th – exact again on October 16th and not out of range until the last week of October.  The final exact opposition strikes on November 17th @8 in these fixed signs.
    • Venus, in a fall position @16 Virgo is applying to an opposition to Neptune RX in Pisces @18.
    • Neptune RX @18 forms part of a mutable T-square to the Nodes @22 Sag/Gem.


What area of life is affected according to your Sun Sign?

All of them.

One thing leads to another.

It’s all connected.

All roads lead to Rome.

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