New Moon in PISCES Feb.23rd, 2020


February 23rd, 2020

Under the New Moon in Pisces we may feel we aren’t doing enough for ourselves or others.

In this mind space, we are liable to wander between our inner and outer worlds - often skipping a beat here and there. The image of Dorothy waking up looking out the window discovering the house is floating comes to mind.  Things have changed alright and the next steps cannot be taken until we figure out how we feel about all of ‘this’. In short there is a feeling of waiting for something, someone, for ourselves, to land somewhere - hopefully on the good side of the rainbow.  Until we can be sure though,  we are prone to drift off, awaiting THE sign that will wake us from this semi-sweet stupor.

That said, New Moons are known to present openings where our wishes, intentions are clearly transmitted. And so why not dream in detail of the ideal, envision the best case scenario?  By the 25th the moon will build in action-oriented Aries.  So if this is what you really want you won’t be short of courage. Mind you guilt can nip at your heals if the other players aren’t considered.  Surrounding influences: Mercury, Neptune and the Sun are still broadcasting the need for compassion.  And Saturn & Pluto won’t support a lone wolf unless the underlying intention is to serve & protect both those perceived as above or below.

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ARIES & Aries Rising

Wishing: for time to rest, to dream a little more before stepping out in this new terrain.

The work: taking the reins and so most of the responsibility
The payoff: being your own boss in a way

Taking the road less travelled: exploring other ways to earn money, exploring your potentials

TAURUS & Taurus Rising...

Wishing: to remain connected, maintain friendships despite….

The work: learning another skill, another game, another way
The payoff: personal growth, further exploration of potentials

Taking the road less travelled: Doing you, following your path with or without them.


GEMINI & Gemini Rising...

Wishing: to locate the untouched mountain peaks.

The work: managing the money
The payoff: having the money

Taking the road less travelled: zooming in and understanding what’s at the core of unsettlement and finding new ways to work ‘with’ it.

CANCER & Cancer Rising...

Wishing: for a new experience, travel, exploring, space & time to experiment

The work: standing by, honouring commitments, responsibilities and even taking on a little more.
The payoff: securing the value of your word, trust, respect, earning favour

Taking the road less travelled: speaking to, hanging with a different crew, more open to the idea of live and let live.

LEO & Leo Rising...

Wishing: to find the right balance of give and take. That money doled out creates a path for money to flow back.

The work: time management, efficiency, routines and being in control of it all
The payoff: setting up the right foundation to make for a fuss free future.

Taking the road less travelled: Focusing on the progressive (not necessarily popular) end goal. Unconventional approaches to make ‘it’ work.

VIRGO & Virgo Rising...

Wishing: that once you make the commitment to this dream it doesn’t wither away despite your best efforts.

The work: due diligence, risk management, getting serious about not being so serious
The payoff: well-earned freedom, increased respect for self-respect

Taking the road less travelled: honing ability to adapt, trusting ‘the’ experience while moving through new territory.

LIBRA & Libra Rising...

Wishing: for health improvements mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually

The work: taking time to build a solid foundation, clearing, resetting
The payoff: a solid base that doesn’t move when the wind blows

Taking the road less travelled: investing in health, social media, efficiency software, preparing for the unexpected

SCORPIO & Scorpio Rising...

Wishing: well for your children, creative endeavours, for time to just be in your happy place.

The work: taking care of little details, communicating clearly and directly without being too pushy
The payoff: the job done right (not necessarily quickly), people are all ears.

Taking the road less travelled: trying online dating, out of character texts, sending/receiving messages with those nearest & dearest, out of sight/mind or at a distance.

SAGITTARIUS & Sagittarius Rising...

Wishing: the best for your home, family, that building blocks for career moves fall into place.

The work: spending time and money on ‘things’ of real value.
The payoff: having exactly what you need and a little extra in the pocket for a rainy day.

Taking the road less travelled: trying out something new at work, changing your exercise/diet, routine to bring a l’il zing back into your life.

CAPRICORN & Capricorn Rising...

Wishing: the best for friends, neighbours, siblings AND discovering you're more talented than you’ve given yourself credit for especially in communication arts or with creative problem solving.

The work: becoming braver, more assertive yet softening up at the same time.
The payoff: being more approachable and improvements in your relationships

Taking the road less travelled: spontaneous trips, pulling out dusty projects, rekindling the desire to pick up an old, much loved hobby, letting the kid in you come out to play.

AQUARIUS & Aquarius Rising...

Wishing: to make the money honey, rollin' in nice ‘n’ easy

The work:  is all happening behind the scenes, in your home office and/or in your nocturnal dreams.
The payoff: much needed rest, rejuvenation, a solid body of work that will serve you well for the second half of 2020.

Taking the road less travelled: Rearranging your living space, office, spontaneous visits/communication with family members, loved ones you haven’t spoken to in a while. Dream time communication with those who have passed.

PISCES & Pisces Rising...

Wishing: to appear as the best version of yourself, fulfilling your potential

The work: making your presence, your point of view known, being counted, considered, respect among peers.
The payoff: gaining more confidence and control over your own life.

Taking the road less travelled: speaking your mind, exploring/discussing ideas, allowing those flashes of brilliance, genius to be seen & shared.

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