New Moon in Sagittarius – Nov.26, 2019

NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS November 26, 2019

Under the New Moon a determined spirit is on the rise.  It is partly owing to the fact that Mars has recently entered Scorpio, in effect motivating us to 'do something' about our current situation.

Despite the boost we are receiving however, it becomes obvious that this transitional phase will still have to play out no matter how impatient we are about just getting on with it already.

Even with Mercury picking up speed increasingly adding to the feel that yes, we are now getting somewhere or at least beginning to clear our heads It won’t be out of shadow (passed the point where Mercury stationed retrograde until December 8th).

The good news is with the Sun, Venus & Jupiter beaming brightly in feel good Sagittarius a certain lightness of being does break into our awareness.  In other words, there is hope on the horizon and it is enough to keep us moving forward instead of pacing on the spot.

On top of that, a few days ago Venus & Jupiter joined hands reminding us that every second of every day our world expands a little more exposing us to new experiences and new understandings.

The New Moon in Sagittarius then, while certainly refreshing the air in our balloons, so to speak, contends with other planetary happenings that wreak of the responsibilities associated with the opening of a new world of sorts unfolding with every step we take. In a way, it is a perfect introduction to the influence Jupiter will have as it prepares to move into responsibility-ridden Capricorn on December 2nd. Venus also crosses into Capricorn on the same day as the New Moon, aiding us in seeding our wants and desires in practical plots.

ARIES & Aries Rising...

Over the next few weeks and under the New Moon on the 26thfinding your footing, adjusting and readjusting your pace with the intention of setting off on a running start is the name of your game. It may be a while though until you’ll be able to say you are steadily covering the ground necessary to make ‘it’ happen.  Put another way the more you push the more time you’ll need to recoup before attempting another try. In short, should your focus wane so too will your will power. Still, it won’t deter you Aries - even with this on again, off again approach. In fact, I imagine you’ll be reciting the well-known phrase from the little engine that could more often than not: “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….

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TAURUS & Taurus Rising...

The seemingly never-ending conflicts revolving around your relationships and/or certain responsibilities have likely had their day in the sun as far as you’re concerned Taurus.  Your eyes are likely to shift upwards with the purest of intentions to move onwards with a brand-spanking-new sense of what is, what ought to be. What truly doesn’t fit in with the big picture unfolding in your mind’s eye then, becomes the main target for your weed-whacker.  Indeed, under the New Moon it’s time for change in more ways than one - financially, romantically and philosophically speaking.  In short, the breakdown part of this transition is likely to be accompanied by a much-needed dose of hope ‘n’ faith in what is possible on the other side– where the re-building process can get underway.

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GEMINI & Gemini Rising...

A nip and tuck here, a wee pruning and primping there – all in effort to streamline your life before 2020 opens seems to be main focus of your day-to-day over the next few weeks Gemini.  The driving force spurring you on to get it all together, operating like a well-oiled machine, likely springs from a desire to spend more time with VIPs in your personal life and creating more room to do those things you genuinely love to do.  Of course, certain responsibilities cannot be pawned off nor be left untended.  And so, the New Moon on the 26this bound to inspire a ‘work hard’ to ‘play hard’ mentality.  You could say you’re actually striking the right balance by engaging in a quid-pro-quo agreement with yourself that only requires deciding just how much you’re willing to give.

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CANCER & Cancer Rising...

Before and after the New Moon you may find yourself in a funny spot Cancer.  On one hand, part of you is not at all interested in taking risks, especially if it in any way affects your sense of emotional or even material security. Yet, on the other hand there is a daredevil in you that is vying for recognition.  Put another way it is as if you’re standing in the middle of a doorway peering out at a vast open space full of possibility and right behind you is a comfy armchair where you could simply plop down and rest imagining you have the best of both worlds.  The truth is, in this case, you’ll really have to let go of one in order to truly experience the benefits of the other.

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LEO & Leo Rising...

You may feel like you are indeed making progress in an area of ‘business’ so to speak that has been driving you nuts. Over the last little while It seems life has been busier than normal yet it probably didn’t amount to much given the effort put forward – until now.  That said, the Sagittarian New Moon on the 26th encourages you to kick up your heels (or at least take a much-needed break) before stepping into the zone where you finally feel you’re at a stage that can be built upon. A new flow is indeed taking shape. In other words, while it’s been tough going you do have a better understanding on how to navigate the road ahead – even if it isn’t exactly leading you towards a previously expected destination.

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VIRGO & Virgo Rising...

There has probably been so much on your mind that the idea of putting it all in order has been challenging.  It seems there hasn’t been any clear-cut way of dealing with it in an efficient manner.  However, it is more likely that you’ve come across unexpected benefits, experienced happy mishaps that have led you into a different mental landscape altogether.  That said, with your ruling planet Mercury in the process of regaining speed & the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 26thyou can expect a heck of a lot more to fall into place quite naturally. That is with less effort than you could have imagined possible over the last few weeks. Sometimes, life isn’t about mastering the details but rather all in the timing Virgo.

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LIBRA & Libra Rising...

It seems you’ve had quite a bit to deal with over the last little while Libra. Too much to think about alongside the pervasive feeling that you’re tight for time. Perhaps too much time has simply drifted away in what appears to be an unusually long deliberation process. That said, the need to get yourself in order – by way of taking charge of things you can actually control may be exactly what you need to snap out of it and refresh your perspective (and so perception) of where you stand in the here and now. The New Moon on the 26thin Sagittarius then, bodes well especially if you are game for rising above the little things, the heated tit-for-tat style encounters that have likely, until now, blurred the bigger vision, the potentials of what you’ve already managed to create for yourself at this point.

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SCORPIO & Scorpio Rising...

You are bound to be experiencing somewhat of a revival Scorpio.  Newly arrived Mars in your sign brings with it a boost to your energy levels and so too encourages you to be more assertive.  In other words, I imagine you're at a stage where you've had enough and are apt to make bold moves in effort to wrap up certain details, courses of action begun some time ago.  The New Moon on the 26th can help you along in that you are better able to rise above the little things just enough to disentangle yourself from considerations that have been holding you back.  That said, as you embark in the process of wrapping things up a whole slew of ideas is likely to spring forth about what you would like to accomplish in 2020.  You always have plenty of will - and so there is little doubt that the way will start to make itself clear as 2019 draws to a close.

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SAGITTARIUS & Sagittarius Rising...

There may be part of you that wants to spring up and bolt out the door -eager to explore something new, something exciting, something different. Yet, an equally strong urge to pull back from the ‘noise’ so to speak can easily compete.  This inner world push and pull is likely to tire you out Sagittarius. That said, under the New Moon in your sign on the 26thit’s a perfect time to 1. dream a little about how you would like to see 2020 unfold and 2. Focus on one or two things that really grab your interest without necessarily worrying about the outcome. These two strategies can help you tap into the flow of an undercurrent that will indeed lead you exactly where heart wants to go.

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CAPRICORN & Capricorn Rising...

It seems you are on the precipice of yet another new beginning Capricorn – more so, than perhaps any other sign.  You’ve had the strength to weather it all and more over the last few years and so, at this point, I imagine you’ve also developed impressive strategies as to how to deal with what comes next – even if you aren’t quite sure just what that will look like.  As Mars cruises through Scorpio’s waters sharpening your ability to see things as they are and a New Moon in your solar twelfth of what’s hidden you can bet that laying low in observation is indeed what will move you through this transitional phase with greater ease.

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AQUARIUS & Aquarius Rising...

Your kahunas are growing Aquarius – particularly on the work front.  While you may not exactly be flaunting your stuff you are holding yourself up well AND are able to adapt with grace socially speaking.  Like a prima ballerina you command respect quite effortlessly.  That said, you may indeed be faced with a few ‘situations’ between now and the beginning of 2020 where the ability to ‘hold your own’ will be required.  The New Moon on the 26thworks to help you rally the good graces of others at the as does Jupiter right before it crosses into Capricorn at the beginning of December. In other words it’s pretty darn important to keep it up for a little while longer to ensure you land in the best possible position down the road.

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PISCES & Pisces Rising...

You’re likely well in the mood for something new Pisces – something more inspiring, intriguing, something that piques your curiosity.  Kicking around in too small a space, then, can cause frustration or worse, drain you of energy.  Exercise gurus often claim that the more energy you put out the more energy you end up having.  That said, if you can’t fly the coop or are not in a position to indulge in spreading your wings the next best thing may be to clear what no longer holds your interest or is in your best interest.  In effect, new energy can flow in quite effortlessly naturally reviving your ‘space’ metaphorically and/or literally.  The New Moon in fact, encourages you to open up, aim a little higher if only to recognize just how much potential, how many possibilities there actually are out there for you.

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