PISCES March 2020

PISCES & Pisces Rising

MARCH 2020

If you are wanting to spend a little more time alone Pisces it wouldn’t be surprising.  Mercury tracks back into your house of repose on the 4th, and will remain in retrograde until the 9th.  That said, if you can take the time for a little more rest and relaxation it will do you good.  Once Mercury returns to your sign on the 16th you’ll feel more refreshed AND more productive. Your dreams too may offer profound insight into any difficulties you’ve been having - an added benefit to taking more time outs.

Also, on March 4th, Venus returns to her natural home in compatible earth sign Taurus.  This suggests there will be work to do – but, you aren’t exactly eager to get it all done. Venus can be lazy when she moves through Taurus.  And so, it is worth emphasizing that pushing too hard, stressing out about that long list of things to do, won’t help matters.  Added rest, on the another hand will allow allow you to focus on one thing at time.  Little by little you will get it all done.  That said, take note of March 8th – the cosmic weather will be a tad wonky and it probably won’t be a good time to focus on work.  If you can manage to take that day off you’ll be glad.

On March 9th a Full Moon in Virgo shines in your partnership zone.  This is one of the best full moons of the year as it is well supported by life-affirming Jupiter.  Truth be told though, while positive vibes surround your relationships, business partnerships and social life you might not be in the mood to engage as much as usual.   That is, you are likely to take the angle of observer, drifting in and out of the moment.  It may be useful to think back to what was happening in your life or what you were wishing for around the New Moon in Virgo on August 31, 2019.   It will feed into events/feelings you have during this Full Moon.  You may also notice that what has developed between then and now will bring a sense of satisfaction.

Between the 11th and 14th Neptune, Jupiter & Pluto works in harmony with Mars and the Sun respectively.   Old flames, friends from the past come out of the wood work and new lasting connections can be made.   The Sun, (Mercury soon again), and Neptune are active in your identity sector AND love planet Venus is receiving an extra dose of inspiration from Uranus in your communicative third house!  No doubt you will be feeling extra special about who you are.

Near the end of the month, on the 21st,  Saturn shifts into Aquarius .  Once again, there is an urge to draw back, recovering your private space.  Saturn does not stay long in this position – returning to Capricorn in July.  However, over the next three months you will want to take life with a slower stride.  Around mid-May when Saturn stations retrograde it may dawn on you that it is time to make a more permanent change of pace.  That is you are likely to re-evaluate if it is worth it to work as hard as you do.  Achieving more may not be as high on your agenda as it once was.  Saturn does moves slowly and won’t settle into Aquarius until the end of 2020.  This suggests that should you be entertaining a way to restructure your life in a manner that requires less energy output it won’t come into full effect until 2021.  At that point it will set the stage for how life unfolds until 2023.

Carrying on, a New Moon in Aries on the 23rd can be tough.  As it falls in your earnings sector it seems you will be in position where you have to spend more money than usual.  Asking yourself if ‘this’ is really worth it can do much to curb the desire to spend recklessly.  Remember the beginning of a lunar cycle is always a great time to set intentions.  And so, if you are serious about taking control of your finances this would be an ideal time to craft a sensible budget that is easy to maintain.

Early next month Venus moves into Gemini where it will remain for an extra-long stay.  Home and family matters will be high on your agenda.  Jupiter & Pluto also unite.  This bodes well if you are in the publishing industry, work with social media or the ability to network is an important aspect of the work you do.

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