“We acquire the strength we have overcome.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


NOV. 26th, 2008 – JAN. 20th, 2024

Jan.1,2021 @24° --- Dec.31,2021 @25°

RETROGRADE: Apr.28,2021 @26°

DIRECT: Oct.6, 2021 @24

Pluto set its laser-like focus on the first degrees of Capricorn in 2008.  The plan?  To induce a great purge, to transform, reform, annihilate and purify the systems that run our lives, within and without- inch by inch, pixel by pixel.

Pluto is powerful, is power personified.  And so, it follows that Pluto’s first course of action has been to strip us of that very power -ours as individuals AND as a collective force.

It works dreadfully slow – so slowly we barely notice, often forgetting

we are like patients on the surgical table in the process of a complete transformation. We HAVE been reminded, at times, the pain Pluto can cause. The anesthesia certainly wore off in 2020.  But has it been enough of a wake-up call?

It doesn’t actually matter to Pluto.  It will press on, crawling along these last degrees of Capricorn (a mission that will last until 2023/4). Between now and then it can feel like the universe is having contractions, increasing in strength and frequency.

At some point there will be no doubt that yes, we are birthing a new world.  The question 2021 asks is will we use our innate power to help bring it into being? Or will we continue to numb ourselves – let the powers that be, those clearly crumbling, fumbling, their way through this process take over?

We might, in fact, choose the latter if we have not come to terms with the


idea that true power is the power to endure, to transform AND heal.  Pluto is the harbinger of utter truth. And it is with the utter truth in mind that it will continue to clean-up our being, our planet, our forms of government, economic structures, social structures, ‘systems’ that have held us captive. Pluto, by the way, is associated with viruses and plagues, death and destruction.

Individuals dealing with addictions, obsessive or dominating behaviors, paranoia, fear, anxiety will be especially challenged.  These are, after-all, also Plutonian-type issues. At root, an extreme desire to maintain control and seek to possession of power will be continue to be a major operating force in our lives.


And so, in 2021 Pluto will incessantly pose the same question it has since 2008:  What is power, what does it look like, feel like? It will remind us we don’t know--yet. We have none. It is only when that message has been fully received will we be able to access a source of power we never knew even existed. It’s been in the bones of our being all along.

 *In 2023 the power of ‘the people’ will undergo a metamorphosis with Pluto in Aquarius.