SAGITTARIUS February 2020

SAGITTARIUS & Sagittarius Rising


“Live with intention.
Walk to the edge.
Listen Hard.
Practice wellness.
Play with abandon.
Choose with no regret.
Appreciate your friends.
Continue to learn.
Do what you love.
Live as if this is all there is.” 
― Mary Anne Radmacher

“Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome. The law creates the world.” 
― Brenna Yovanoff

February is a feel good month Sagittarius especially during the first half while Mars continues to energize your sign.  However, over the second half of the month Mercury enters a retrograde phase.  So, while your spirits may be high domestic matters will need your attention as will your finances – all of which coax you back down to earth.  It’s also likely you will simply want to spend more time at home wrapped up in the coziest of corners drifting off into a day dreamy space.  All and all though, the ups and downs of February will feel much like you are cruising along peacefully at sea lulled by the gentle swells of ocean tides.


Highlights & Lowlights

MERCURY in PISCES--February 3rd to April 11th

Mercury cruises through dream realm of Pisces for an unusually long stay as it slides into a retrograde phase half way through the month. Even if you have been active, out and about, the urge to spend more time at home or with family is strong.  Also, it seems there is work to do at home.  Perhaps you are working on much loved hobby, creative project or decide it’s time to rearrange your abode, update the décor.  Chances are for the first two weeks of February though you are still somewhat required to be out of the house more often than not – unless you have a house plant that has miraculously started to produce dollar bills... or loonies if you live in Canada 😉  (read more about Mercury in Pisces- relevant for ALL SIGNS)

MARS in SAGITTARIUS –January 4th to February 16th

Motivational Mars continues through your sign until the 16th.  You’ve been feeling more confident lately, daring, looking for a little excitement in life for weeks now.  No doubt you’ve indulged in the urge to get out there and make your presence known.  By your own philosophy life is meant to be lived to the fullest and you naturally are on the lookout for the next mountain to climb. Take advantage while you can – Mars turns on a serious note once it enters Capricorn later this month. (read more about Mars in Sagittarius -relevant for ALL SIGNS)

VENUS in ARIES--February 7th to March 6th

While Venus is in Aries it’s an ideal time to work on creative projects or come up with out of the box solutions.  You can also come up with inspiring advice for your kids (if you have any of your own or work with children).  Sagittarians are often drawn to career fields where they can teach or guide others.  In another vein, Venus in Aries awakens the free spirit in you.  It is not that you are much of a loner yet having the freedom to move when, how, where you want on a whim is often something your spirit craves.

On the 8th, soon after Venus shines a light on your love & leisure sector the waxing Moon confronts Saturn & Pluto.  As much as you may want to throw caution to the wind, latching on to the next big adventure money matters weigh on your mind – likely stopping you in your tracks.  The feeling passes soon and you are able to put things into perspective.

FULL MOON in LEO--February 9th

When the Moon draws to Full in Leo on February 9th there is likely to be a pronounced change in mood. Think back to how much you managed to accomplish since last summer (particularly around the time of the New Moon in Leo on July 31,2019).  Just taking a moment to see how far you’ve come will reawaken your usual optimism and start you thinking about just how many possibilities are now open to you.  This is especially true if you work in a creative field or are a teacher.  

The second half of the month is likely to be the most productive – despite the ever-dreaded onset of Mercury’s slowdown on February 16th.  It will be the first planet to enter retrograde phase in 2020.   We’ll return to that in a moment.

  MARS in CAPRICORN--February 16th to March 31st

As Mars leaves your sign, falling under the influence of Capricorn, money matters once again will require your undivided attention.  It is not just what you’re earning Sagittarius but rather monitoring the money going out.   From now until the end of March efforts made to ensure what comes in is at least in balance with what is going out will save a lot headache in the long run.  That doesn’t make it any easier to do.  You may be in a position where you have no choice but to dish out the dollars.  Perhaps there are home repairs that can no longer wait.  If you have children you may need to spend a little extra this month. Whatever the case, as long as you are sticking to a reasonable budget you will be able to manage.

MERCURY RETROGRADE--February 16th to March 9th

It is worth emphasizing that Mercury’s retrograde phase can be truly beneficial if 1. you focus on one thing at a time and 2. resist starting anything new, instead wrapping up what you’ve already started.  This is particularly true if you are dealing with difficult family member, are in the middle of renovations, looking for a new house –virtually anything related your idea of ‘home’. In a nutshell, do be wary that during Mercury retrograde phases your timing can be off with delays, miscommunications, troubles with transportation, mechanics, electronic equipment etc.  Slowing down and putting in extra effort to focus on the task at hand, reading the fine print will go a long way prevent frustrations from building.

Below is a breakdown of Mercury’s itinerary in February & March :

February 16th Mercury stations Retrograde @12° Pisces.

March 4th: Mercury Returns to Aquarius-- *a good time to gather information, for friendly exchanges and dealing with those details you are not normally concerned about but need doing.  Double check, clarify and reclarify documents, fine print, or the words you are putting ‘out there’ (eg.on social media, in seemingly friendly conversation).

March 9th: Mercury DIRECT @28° Aquarius – Hang tight, make sure everything is in place before moving forward.  Often Mercury retrograde phases are most potent at the beginning of the slow down and the end.

March 16th:  Mercury Returns to Pisces

March 30th :  Out of shadow @12+° Pisces.  You are out of the woods.  From here you can pick up the pace again feeling secure about the work you’ve done to ‘get it together’.

April 11th:  Wooo Hooo!  Mercury moves into ARIES and you are ready to take on the day – once again filled with new ideas (read more about Mercury RX - relevant for ALL SIGNS)

MARS trine URANUS -February 21st

When Mars reacts with Uranus you really can luck out Sagittarius.  If you have been hoping to make a big purchase or needed to come up with a little extra an opportunity could arise out of the blue.  It’s also possible that money rolls in with no effort on your part --a bank error in your favour?  Who knows with you!?  Sagittarians somehow get what they need and with Jupiter, your ruling planet, in one of your financial zones your lucky streaks are doubled this year.

NEW MOON in PISCES-February 23rd

A lovely New Moon in Pisces on the 23rd sets the tone for the last week of February.  This is an ideal time to make a wish for what you would like to see unfold over the next six months.  Mars, the North Node and Uranus will be in a supportive position to this lunation.  And so, the universe will be especially receptive if you are looking to improve your situation around earnings, health (mentally, physically, emotionally) and of course home and family.


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