Sagittarius Full Moon June 17, 2019


June 17th, 2019

Bi-Weekly Horoscopes …on the moons


There is action on the home front closely tied to the direction your career is taking or a long term endeavor of any kind.  It can be an unsettling time Aries, but it is worth it and I think you know that.  You’ve known it is time to expand your horizons since the end of 2018. 

As the Full Moon builds then, blossoming in Sagittarius on the 17thyou can expect to be both energized and overwhelmed as you finally make your moves.  Okay, you’re probably going to be a touch in patient and short with people (to put it lightly) too. Navigating the ‘new space’ you’re creating for yourself can indeed be a wee bit difficult.

After the Full Moon and for the rest of June it would be wise to focus on the day-to-day-must-do-list. Veering from this strategy might result in building too many unmanageable expectations that far exceed what is manageable right. this. very. moment.  In other words you’ll have to work at taming the fire a touch Aries 😉 …just a touch...a wee touch.  


Oooh boy.  You Taurus folk are usually fabulous with money.  You know exactly how to make it and exactly what's worth spending it on.  As the Moon builds though rising to Full on the 17th it seems the pressure is on concerning your finances ...and you're feeling it.  Either you're a bit anxious about overspending , a debt has crept up or you just plain feel like you haven't had enough control over what you make and how you've been spending.  Control is definitely 'a thing' in your world.  

The feeling will pass and over the rest of the week you'll be changing your tune in one of two ways: 1. it may feel like regardless of money 'the' experience will be worth it and/or 2. you've really learned something new that wouldn't have been possible without exceeding your 'normal' limits.

That said, the last two weeks of June it would be wise to have a loose idea on how you want to manage your time and money before the Mercury Retrograde phase moves in during July. So have your 'fun' now while assuring yourself that you will indeed take care of business soon enough.



Money is still a thing as the Full Moon approaches.  Chances are thought you probably aren't too worried.  It is partly because it seems time spend with a special someone makes you feel lighter and happier about life in general. Either that, or you've sunk your teeth into something so good, so worthwhile that it's easier to see the bright side of the challenges you've been facing. Those challenges are likely related to finances but could also be health related.  Stress of any kind of course is at the root of so many problems.

That said after the Full Moon you'll feel like you can handle more, are at lease more at ease about what comes next on 'the' agenda.  During the last few weeks of June I should note that it would be wise to slow down on your spending. The upcoming Mercury retrograde phase in July will be affecting your financial zone. New information is set to come in that will have an impact on some of the decisions you are in the process of making  - especially if financially related. It's the kind of thing where counting your chickens before their hatched is best avoided for the next little while.


Graced with the added strength of having Mercury, Mars + the Sun & Venus just about to move into your sign I can't say you are in the worst position Cancer. Although, the Full Moon does press on the need to deal with several things that may be getting your knickers in a knot.

Your health may be an issue and it seems hinged on the need to get 'things' in order.  Setting up a new healthy routine can help you integrate some of the rather tough lessons you've learned about a certain someone in your life or no longer in your life as the case may be.  Yes- thoughts are energy and so it really can affect your state of health.  If you are married, it has been challenging to say the least.  On the other hand whatever you've devoted your heart and mind to is likely in need of serious re-evaluation.

Anything that causes emotional strain, is indeed, tough for you to handle and so getting it together, re-organizing yourself can take the edge off stress levels that have run too high lately. Once you get yourself back into some kind of manageable groove, well, you'll be groovy ...ish 😉

By the end of the month and a fews days into July the pressure and lack of motivation that has plaguing you will lift.  Hang in there - as I said you really aren't in the worst position Cancer.  As long as you trudge through with a mind willing to slowly change perspective  I'd say you're coming into your 'own' shortly that will be a heck of a lot brighter than it was.




Well darling, under this Full Moon it seems more obvious than ever that you're in need of lightening up.  Most Leos are themselves a ray a sunshine but like anyone else you've been having too many of  'those days' if you know what I mean.  The good news is during the last 2 weeks of June you'll slowly begin to get your mojo back, feeling more 'with it' by the time July rolls around.

Health is highlighted so both taking the time to rest AND get yourself in order is called for as from what I see part of you really wants to get out there to do and be.  The trouble is you can run out of steam rather quickly sending you back into one of 'those days' again. It's normal this time of year for you.  It is a regenerating time.

I should note that Mercury does enter a retrograde phase next month so slowing down before attempting to speed up will be just the ticket you need to ride.



The Full Moon has everything to do with where and/or how you live Virgo. In turn your choices will have a significant influence on where you go from here career wise or in regard to a long term venture.  That said over these last few weeks of June it seems you can't help but make lists of things to do even in your so called 'off hours'.  Normally I would say don't worry so much Virgo.  Alas, that isn't likely to help one little bit.  The best thing you can do right now from my view is plug away -arrange, neaten, re-neaten and refine whatever you've put on your plate.  It is in your nature after all so it makes sense to work with those natural tendencies for now.  

I'll also add that making time to connect with others could be a pain in your side for the rest of this month and next.  It's partly because it presses on you to slow down and smell the roses.  So getting your things together just the way you like them when the time is available will take a load off your mind next month.  Mercury, your ruling planet naturally slows down in July too, so gearing up in preparation to gear down a touch will be worth it.  In other words, it's time to wrap up what you can over the next two weeks while keeping in touch with those roses honey. 


Your mind may have be going a million miles a minute over the last little while. it all hinges on the feeling that you're wanting more, itching for a new experience and doing everything you can to 'make it happen'.  

Some of you have been travelling, dealing with legal issues, in the midst of a home move and under the Full Moon it is simply overwhelming. All this moving and shaking in your life is, has, taken a toll - thrown you a touch off balance no doubt. It seems it's you rocking the boat though.  Now that could be a good thing or a bad thing.  One thing is for sure though you've been asking for change for some time and it looks like you. are. doing. it.  

During the last few weeks of June then, learn all you can, take a good look at the experience you've had as you continue to adjust your sails towards what feels most like home. Your perception of just what that is has been quietly but consistently forming in the background. *Whether you are physically moving or not, ripples are turning to waves on the home front.   


Legal stuff, money stuff, travel stuff, emotional stuff, family stuff...all stuff that seems to be par for your course lately Scorpio.  The Full Moon emphasises finances but it seems to be affecting other areas of your life in a rather direct way.  It isn't really anything you can't handle.  Of all the zodiac signs I'd choose you to be able to handle anything really.  That said, it does'nt mean you don't get overwhelmed like everyone else - only that you can keep it under wraps better than others.  The pressure is on though isn't it? But will ease up a touch after the Full Moon.

During the last two weeks of June you'll want to tie up any paper work that has been building, including signing important documents sooner rather than later.  Mercury retrogrades in July suggesting you'll have to suffer through more delays than is tolerable AND could second guess your line of reasoning.  If you do indeed have a tinge of reservation about going ahead then I'd suggesting waiting until August before putting the pedal to the metal. 

As a side note if you are doing any work on your home or moving try to wrap up what you can before the doors of July swing open. 


Happy Full Moon Sagittarius - it is all for you.  Another noteworthy phase is at the point of completion. If you think back to the end of 2018 (when this lunar phase began) you should be able to trace back exactly how your intentions brought you to this point.  It will be a different ball game now especially in regards to one particular commitment (business wise or relationship wise).  It seems money issues are also somehow intertwined and so it looks like it's time to re-manage how you have been managing your time, money and how you've been handling your emotional realm darling. 

During the last two weeks of June tension around finances and a certain someone may linger.  However, things are getting done, important progress is/has been made if only that your understanding of the situation has grown enough to encourage a solid shift in perspective.  

Next month Mercury enters a retrograde phase that will put the pressure on dealing with finances so doing what you can now, ahem, facing the music and making firm decisions about how to handle things will take the edge off in July.  Say what needs to be said, do what needs to be done sooner rather than later. The Eclipses in July as well portend some important changes coming through in both love and money. 


It's your relationship (or lack of one), your job, your health - and accompanying aspects of them that you would rather avoid or sleep through that arises during the Full Moon. That's cool.  You need a break.  You've been standing strong most of the year. It  takes energy, muscle power to stand that tall through it all doesn't it Capricorn?

Shortly after the Full Moon and towards the end of the month you'll be in the process of re-committing yourself, re-establishing your sense of devotion right from the bottom of your gut so taking a day here or there to settle yourself is totally understandable. By the time July rolls around, with an eclipse in your commitment sector (referring to business or one person, place or thing in particular) you will be reaching some kind of important turning point. I know I have said this before at some point during this year but you really have grown into a different person and soon you'll be moving into a solid phase of really, truly, 'owing it'.


Health, heart & home are in super focus this week Aquarius yet under the Full Moon you may find yourself tied up with other people, places and a list of must-do-things-to-do that doesn't involve any of that.  That being the case, I can bet that you'll be pretty tuckered out at the beginning of the week by the sheer fact that sometimes you can't do it all even if you wanted to.  So do go easy on yourself.  

Later on into the week and moving towards the end of June the tone is similar but you will notice your energy slowly coming back.  It is partly because you'll be better able to either 1. forgive yourself for what you are not able to do and 2. start formulating a mental to-do-list that priorities what is most important to you.  From there the eclipses and mercury retrograde phase next month can help you make the shifts in your life that you've long known you've needed to make in matters of, you guessed it, health, heart & home. 


People, places, paths to prosper are all on your mind at the beginning of the week.  The Full Moon, in particular, draws attention to just how far you've come over the last six months Pisces.  Isn't it funny how the texture of life can change so much over such a short period of time? While the Full Moon isn't exactly an easy one for everyone it does portend the completion of a phase that started at the end of 2018 in regards to career or where you are directing yourself for the long term.  

As the Moon wanes and into the last two weeks of June it seems you will be making important connections that will have an impact on the rest of the year (career wise especially).  And so, I should note that Mercury will be in retrograde next month along with two eclipses suggesting you probably won't be in much of a mood to mix and mingle.  It'll be more about finding any which way you can to take a load off.  In other words it would be wise to solidify connections you are making now and work on finishing up what you've already got started sooner rather than later.  

There is a tendency to get a touch lazy about these kinds of things with Jupiter where it is in your chart.  It would be a shame to slow your roll prematurely ...just when it's really starting to get good Pisces. *some tensions are good - it's probably one of the only things that actually gets us moving. 

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