SAGITTARIUS – July 2019 Mercury Retrograde


Mercury Retrogrades

Karmic Bones & Psychic Muscles

Mercury retrograde phases happen every year.  Usually the same elemental energy is emphasized.  In 2019 Mercury spends extra time in water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. These are known to be the karmic houses in your solar chart Sagittarius and so it seems you will be working through the emotional past on an intellectual level periodically throughout the year.  Psychic senses will be more pronounced during the Mercury retrograde periods adding to the confusion that increased emotional sensitivity brings.

*All fire signs your self, Leo & Sagittarius, will have similar experiences but the influence manifests in different areas of their life during each phase.

This isn’t something to worry about as much as it is something to be aware of.  When Mercury is closer to the earth, as it is during these periods, it encourages us to focus a little more.  There is more to gain than lose here.

MERCURY RXin LEO/CANCER July 8thuntil August 1st, 2019.

The second retrograde phase of the year begins on July 8thin the early degrees of Leo in conjunction to Mars.  Finances and intimate ties are on the table for re-evaluation.  During most of this period it’s likely you will be challenged on a psycho-emotional level to trim the fat.  Perhaps, certain things that once brought you a sense of security (especially emotionally) will have to be let go.  For instance, if you have been relying on a partner excessively or have become dependent on your credit cards it will be time to consciously put limits on yourself.  The overarching pattern is finding balance between giving and receiving. Once Mercury re-enters Cancer on July 19thyou may notice that childhood memories are awakened.  It will become evident that, for better or worse, these past patterns do indeed have a larger effect on your life in ways you had, perhaps, not considered before.

Mercury corrects its course on August 1stbut will not re-enter Leo and be out of its retrograde shadow until August 15th.  You can breathe a little easier afterwards as you release the emotional hold of memories long passed.

2019 Mercury RX in a nutshell….

All three Mercury retrograde periods are likely to trigger emotions that are in need of further investigation. It won’t be easy. The tendency is to blame the actions of others for triggering us. While, yes, ‘they’ may play some part in causing us to hurt it is our responsibility to work through what comes up. The truth is no one can actually hurt us if we are aware and can accept that in order to grow, growing pains are to be expected.

* It is always worth noting that this interpretation of how the Mercury retrogrades can influence your Sun Sign is really only the first layer. It is an outline of the general theme. Where your planets were at birth, your rising sign, and a slew of other factors unique to your personal chart touch on deeper aspects.


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