“Progress imposes not only new possibilities for the future but new restrictions.”

-Norbert Wiener


DEC. 17th 2008 – MAR. 7th 2023

Jan.1, 2021 @1° --- Dec.31, 2021 @11°

RETROGRADE: May 23, 2021 @13°

DIRECT: Oct. 10, 2021 @6°

Saturn is time, a restrictive force, a structure built to keep us safe in a world largely unknown. Saturn binds us to duty, to law and to order – the kind of order society has agreed upon.  But has it?  Have we as a human collective agreed upon how the world and its institutions have been formed?  It seems we have, somewhat unknowingly.

And so, as the phrase that characterizes the Aquarian archetype is “I know’ we are set on a path to discover more about the kind of world we have been building in 2021. Albeit, still under the restrictive forces of Saturn.

But Aquarius lives by and yet beyond the classic earth-bound nature of Saturn.  It lives in the land of ideas, fixed on the future of humanity.  How can this influence operate within Saturn’s walls at the same time?  The internet, technology, our ability to communicate, congregate as a society --to share, exchange ideas, are just a few examples. These are all well-ordered systems that house a sense of freedom.


As Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius there is a natural respect for law and order and speaks to our deep respect for the freedom to be human.  Saturn also governs Capricorn (traditionally & in modern astrology) but it operated differently during its time here over the last three years.

Capricorn represents the powers that be- government, major institutions, big business, CEO’s and top-tier officials. It has become obvious that Law and Order has not exactly been geared toward freeing humanity from excessive constraints but rather doubled down its efforts to uphold traditional power structures.

Aquarius, by contrast represents the people, humans as a collective, free-flowing communications and seeks detachment from the old as it connects with the liveliness of the many.  And it is always within the liveliness of the many where future visions take shape.  But will we be able to bring these ideas into being under these restrictions?

We are likely to see the leftovers of Saturn in Capricorn striving to be –


striving to hold a space in our lives as the ultimate authority.  Pluto the obsessive, control-freak will remain in Capricorn. And so, the old masters will continue yank our leash, find new ways to tighten a lasso around the minds, the ideas of the people.

We may see new groups come into power then, proposing they are different.  They are for the people.  But we are weary now.  We know as the Aquarian influence resonates throughout the crowds and over the airwaves.

That said, it is possible that the airwaves, the internet, the free-flow of information can suffer at the hand of restrictive forces still hanging on to power in 2021.  Mass censorship beyond what we have seen could come into play.  (At the time of this writing it is already a wide-spread happening.) So again, it’s not like we aren’t aware.  This isn’t as much a prediction as an affirmation that this isn’t going to go away so easily.

*We have already experienced a sneak peak of Saturn's influence in Aquarius territory.  Last year Saturn made a brief visit into Aquarius between March 21st and July 1st due to retrograde motion.  And what happened then?  I do believe lockdown measures were rampant throughout the world.  Now that  Saturn is in a Aquarius for an uninterrupted tour well, we are likely to see more of the same.

Uranus, modern ruler of Aquarius (associated with technology, progress, communication AND the internet) will also clash with Saturn on February 17th, June 14th and December 24th -- with a final square in October 2022.  These major events will be discussed in more detail in the weekly Video Forecasts along with Jupiter’s conjunction to Saturn on December 21st, 2020.  The latter is significant as it will play a major role in shaping 2021.