Solar Eclipse December 26th, 2019

The Solar Eclipse on the 26th is about control, the need to take on 'THE responsibility'.  Some may take this universal call to action too seriously donning an air of authority over matters clearly 1. not within their power to change 2. none of their business. We all seem to be susceptible to the temptation of wielding the gavel so to speak. The truth is the cosmos is encouraging us to own a sense of responsibility and control over ourselves, our conduct, our choices.  Choosing to take responsibility for what is within our power to change for the betterment of ourselves AND others is indeed the key message, the key to making the most of this rather serious New Moon.

As giant Jupiter also influences the onset of this new lunar cycle there is more to learn.  However there is also a drive to teach & preach to others what perhaps, we ourselves are in need of understanding.  In other words there may be a little pressure to put our preaching into practice to gain the kind of respect we expect from others.  Insofar as we remain true to the notion that both teacher AND student are interchangeable in terms of experience a whole new world of understanding will open up to us under this Eclipse and into 2020.

In short we have the power within us.  The challenge is to consolidate our energies and focus them in the 'right' direction, to use our time, resources wisely to propel ourselves forward with a sense of determination that does not, cannot, dwindle over time.

2020 will be an interesting year. While there are major planetary configurations intent on restructuring life as we know it the breaking down of the old will be much swifter than the building of the new.  A slow build is what will ensure we come out on top.  Anything worth having takes time and so it seems we are at the foothill of a mighty mountain.  Our hopes and dreams await at the peak.  We'll get there, albeit one solid, well-considered, step at a time.  We may suffer trips and falls a sure sign that we've succumb to taking an over-eager approach to do it all and do it all right now.  So let the the loose rocks tumble down and settle, allow the avalanche to take its course - it is how the path upwards will be formed.

*notes for the astro jargon junkies:

-All business all the time Saturn, the responsible one, is moving nearer Pluto planet of death & rebirth, power and the kind of down and dirty truth that ignores our desire for what's palatable, what's  convenient.  They will share the same degree on January 12th, 2020

-The often pushy, impulse driven warrior Mars in the eighth house of transformation harmonizes with Pluto (in an water/earth sextile) insisting on breaking boundaries built by tradition, the wall we've hidden behind that represents 'how it has always been done without question'.

-And of course the Eclipse itself, sits in conjunction to Jupiter, the professor, the boundary breaker, the philosopher always seeking knowledge, to see, to understand more about what is beyond our current reach. Jupiter, in effect, is about what we don't know, experiences we have not yet had, what, in fact constitutes our beliefs, those dreams, those hopes we've placed in our mind's eye at the peak of the mountain we are aiming to climb. 

The short 'n' sweet

Scope of the Solar Eclipse 

for each Sun Sign ...

ARIES: It seems you will be encountering reasons to re-direct yourself career-wise, work-wise, even a home move or relocation of resources is on the table Aries.  This is indeed, yet another profound new beginning where the pieces will fall into place when they are ready and not before.  That said, time is your friend here and as with all friends the occasional game of tug of war is par for the course.

TAURUS: It has long been time to expand your horizons, change your tune.  Work, health, relationships require the allowance of a new philosophy to emerge. It is a process that cannot ensue without opening yourself up to new experiences Taurus.  In the same vein working with what you have in terms of skills, resources in a different way than ever before seems a requirement on the pathway through 2020.

GEMINI: If you have debts it is time to clear them Gemini.  And by debts I mean in every sense of the word.  This isn't just about money.  As daunting as this task may seem, the more you let go the more will come in rather surprising ways.  That is, giving up on something or someone in effect creates room for abundance in other areas.

CANCER: It is the ideas you are committing yourself to Cancer.  It is about upholding your beliefs that serve you well and allowing those that do not serve you to dissolve.  The universe is offering an opportunity for you to take on the responsible management of your inner world. You can pass up the job if you like but you won't likely escape taking ownership of the consequences.

LEO: Daily life is changing. Health matters, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually are a central focus.  In other words the cosmic arrangement under this eclipse and moving forward is sending you on a learning curve requiring a lot more listening especially when your body is speaking.

VIRGO:  Restructuring is the theme of this keynote speech from the cosmos.  I'm sure you know this will take time to perfect. The temptation is to seek control over the little things.  However, recognising that you already possess a natural order, honouring what you already have doesn't really require having more control but rather keen observation and a healthy dose of self acceptance warts 'n' all.

LIBRA: Changes at home are on the agenda under the eclipse and into the New Year.  More specifically family matters present as the catalyst evoking a need to change this program.  And so application and honest re-evaluation of what you know and believe is a must have course during your 2020 session in the school of life.

SCORPIO: It seems you are more determined than ever, wielding power over thoughts, words and actions in even the smallest details of life Scorpio. You are indeed 'aware' and so the responsibility is firmly in your hands. In other words it isn't likely you can get away with playing dumb even if, strategically, it looks like it is in your best interest to pull that card.

SAGITTARIUS: No time for play is there Sagittarius?  While money is set to look good in 2020 materially matters won't mean much if you aren't honoured to stand behind your 'work' in any sense of the word. That is when you look in the mirror how convinced are you that you're worth your salt? That you've met the height of your potential?

CAPRICORN: You're likely taking yourself more seriously than ever Capricorn. In some ways you are still in the process of refining your identity (an ongoing theme since 2008). Under this eclipse and throughout 2020 it seem you will be using your personal power, resources, skills in a way that not only continues to redefines who you are behind closed doors but also changes how others reflect back to you. It's possible you are only just beginning to understand that you are in fact, in the power seat.

AQUARIUS:  Behind the scenes you are changing shape.  A new rhythm, way of life is indeed waiting for you BUT ....the old one has yet to fully dissolve Aquarius.  These things take time and so much can be learned in the process that your future self will understand that 'this' was not something to be rushed anyway.  That said, you'll be taking a heck of a lot more power back by the end of 2020.

PISCES: There are folks that can support you on the way up Pisces.  There are also those that are perhaps meant to help you break from old patterns.  If you find some people aren't reflecting positive vibes consider if their behaviour coincides with negative beliefs you have about yourself.  Any way you look at it reflections of what you perceive as good and bad (especially in regards to relationships of any kind) are necessary as you make your way through 2020.  This eclipse will be a reminder that it is time to find a higher degree of harmony between your inner and outer world.


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