June 21st, 2020

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The Solar Eclipse in Cancer is, in a word, uncomfortable.  In fact, nearly every eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn series (that began in July of 2018) can be described much the same way.  As Cardinal signs i.e. Cancer, Capricorn, Libra & Aries ultimately give structure to our lives – when one is affected all are affected.  In other words, it doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen to build a ‘house’ of brick, it is still liable to quiver when there’s a wolf around huffing and puffing.  Cancer does relate to all things domestic, including your physical home and anything else you would deem an emotional security blanket.  Capricorn, on the other hand, is more like the wolf, not necessarily big and bad, but still holds ‘the power’.  That includes your own sense of power/authority in the world - often tempered by the rule of law, governments, bosses, or those supposedly ‘above’.  Over the last few years who hasn’t been concerned for their security?  Their homes, family, relationships, livelihood? We have become increasingly aware of wolves that loom within AND among us.

During this Solar Eclipse and the following Lunar Eclipse on July 4th then, the same themes are brought to the forefront. What’s different from other eclipses in this series is a dramatic change in context.  Our issues of security are highlighted, intensified with the planetary backdrop of 2020.  Namely, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, work as a major opposing force, positioned in Capricorn.

Jupiter (understanding) and Pluto (fear, transformation) are operating side by side AND sitting in an uncomfortable angle to the Solar Eclipse in Cancer suggesting it is not enough to face inconvenient truths.  The challenge of this particular eclipse is to integrate what we know, make some attempt to live the truth, even if that means stepping out of our comfort zone. It hasn’t been comfortable for a while now anyway – the show is over.  And with Mercury in a retrograde phase, also in Cancer, there is no better time to rethink, re-evaluate, re-design, re-imagine, reconsider how and where we are living.

“We are at our most powerful the moment we no longer need to be powerful.” 
― Eric Micha'el Leventhal

“Power is the by-product of understanding.”  --Jacob Bronowski

Last notes:  Solar Eclipses are the equivalent of an intensified New Moon.  We are at the beginning of a new phase – one that incorporates all we have learned from the experiences brought on by the Capricorn/Cancer eclipse series since 2018.  Intentions set now (consciously or unconsciously) have the power to shift our lives in a new direction.   The LUNAR Eclipse that follows, to complete this series, in Capricorn on July 4th, will bring up what needs to be cleared to continue on the path we choose now.

Keep in mind too, that this SOLAR ECLIPSE is within a degree of the Lunar North Node that has recently shifted into GEMINI (announcing the new series of eclipses upon us).  It is worth noting that the location of the North Node carries a theme that guides the evolution of the collective in a positive direction. It currently rests at 29 °Gemini until July 9th 2020.  The Sabian Symbol associated with this degree is:


The art and mastery of responding creatively to the ebbs and flows of life.

“Brilliance is the masterpiece of your mind.
Excellence is the masterpiece of your heart.
Genius is the masterpiece of your soul.”
-- Matshona Dhliwayo --



June 21st, 2020

ARIES:  Thoughts and feelings about, family (parents/parenthood), home, where and how you live, career and long-term plans are up for a change in direction.

TAURUS: Thoughts and feelings about friends, siblings, how you communicate, the extent of your understanding from life experience, knowledge, know-how, is up for re-evaluation.

GEMINI: Thoughts and feelings about the value of a buck vs. the value of human connection & understanding, the ‘ideal’ career and the inevitable sacrifices that need to be made to chase that dream.

CANCER: Thoughts and feelings about the discrepancy between 1. who you are and who others think you are and 2. Who/what you support, are devoted to in light of who/what supports you is up for reconsideration.

LEO: Thoughts and feelings about what it means to have control over your own life, the state of your health as whole (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically), leads you in a new direction.

VIRGO: Thoughts and feelings about your friendships, where you really belong, what and whom you truly love is up for re-evaluation.

LIBRA: Thoughts and feelings about what you are aiming for in the long term, where and how you live, the work you do, is up for reconsideration.

SCORPIO: Thoughts and feelings about what you believe true power is, how personal experiences have shaped your emotional reactions and the power of the written word are up for intense internal debate.

SAGITTARIUS: Thoughts and feelings about what it really takes to make lasting change, the value in letting go and the importance of financial security in relation to emotional security redirects your efforts.

CAPRICORN: Thoughts and feelings about your relationships, where you devote your time and energy and how that reflects the person you are results in either rededicating yourself to a chosen path or carving out another plan all together.

AQUARIUS: Thoughts and feelings about your well-being as it relates to day to day life is either making it painfully clear something has to change or you’ll have no choice but to double down, securing the right to do what’s best for your mind, body and soul.

PISCES: Thoughts and feelings about limits and restrictions in love, how you express yourself, the meaning of friendship is changing the scene when it comes to how you view any relationship.

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