(& MARS in ARIES June 28th, 2020)

“We are not going to fight them we are going to transcend them”--Will Caster

While Saturn was in Aquarius (March 22nd to July 1st) our focus was on the future, how to proceed as individuals and as a society.  Media, communication, humanitarian causes, groups of any kind are all areas governed by Aquarius.  So too is detachment from our emotions.  Of course an aggressive Mars has overruled in this case since June 28th and is due to get a whole lot worse. (Read more about MARS in ARIES).

Despite the fact Saturn is crossing the threshold into Capricorn we will continue to muse about the future.  However, Saturn, also known as the ‘taskmaster’ works from a different angle in Capricorn.   Work, practical strategies, following the rules, donning a cautious approach is favored.  We are likely to see some effort to use our time constructively to build something better.  It doesn't look like we have a choice to be honest.

This may equate to governments pushing through timely legislation or doubling down on ‘the rules’.  Unfortunately, considering the position of Mars, this is bound to trigger unrest no matter how sensible actions/behaviours appear to be.  In our personal lives much the same energetic pattern will unfold.  We may all want to make our own rules, fueled by Mars to fight, and fight hard.   Both planets, Saturn & Mars are in extremely strong placements.  Saturn has added power as it is ruler of Capricorn (also Aquarius in traditional astrology) and Mars too, is energized as it is ‘at home’ in Aries.

Remember Saturn is retrograde so perhaps not quite as strong as a forward moving Mars.  That is, Saturn will be somewhat at a disadvantage when it comes to holding down the fort.   Nevertheless, considering Saturn’s influence, aside from other planetary placements, everyone is likely to be posing the same questions overall: ‘how do we prepare for next time’, ‘how do we rework elements of our situation so they remain steady and secure in the face of unforeseen circumstances?”.  Governments are likely to be contemplating these questions seriously.  And so, a fair amount of caution and consideration for what’s practical in the long term will be noticeable as a main theme in public discussion. ‘Discussion’, for the rest of 2020, of course means something entirely different than it ever has.  They ought to place an image of fire-breathing dragons ‘discussing’ politics beside the word in the newest editions of visual dictionaries.

Once Saturn stations direct on September 29th a steadier framework will begin to establish itself.  Mars will be slowing down by then.  And as Saturn re-enters Aquarius on December 18th to remain until 2023 the foundational aspects of how we  build life from 'here' will grow in stature. Again, this will be a noticeable theme playing out in a public manner.

Saturn’s return to Capricorn influences each SUN SIGN's approach…

ARIES: societal/collective progress, networking, friends & associates to building a name, a reputation, your career, a long-term plan *you’ll be in networking mode, driven to make new connections and be more involved with social groups, organizations. Things probably won’t go as smoothly as you would like, despite your eagerness until the end of more in LUNAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN…

TAURUS – career-oriented efforts, your ‘name’/reputation, status to gaining practical experience, furthering education/training, teaching/mentoring *you’ll be working behind the scenes in some way, and motivated to holds your cards close to your chest as you plan for the next big move - which isn't likely to take place until 2021. It is important to take the time you need as your motivation to change may dwindle until the end of more in LUNAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN…

GEMINI – social causes, worldly concerns to re-building/fortifying finances, relationships, intimate connections. *you’ll be in networking mode, driven to make new connections and be more involved with social groups, organizations. There are more obstacles than you would have expected, and they are of the tough-to-conquer variety.  No matter how eager you are to taking a running jump over these hurdles timing IS everything until the end of 2020... LUNAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN      MARS in ARIES 2020.

CANCER - financial issues (debts, taxes, big money deals, investments), relationships (power struggles), the gruelling process of letting go to recommitting to another path especially in love or business.  *you’ll be pushing for recognition for your efforts, decide it’s time for a change in career or have the confidence to position yourself in the high seat.  This is likely to have its fair share of difficulty until the end of more about the LUNAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN     MARS in ARIES 2020.

LEO- honouring restrictions/limits in relationships (marriage, serious relationship, business partner) to honouring your health, re-setting or re-establishing a sensible routine.  *you’ll be pushing for a ‘new’ experience, want to go back to school and/or find a way to travel out of bounds.  This is likely to pose some tension until the end of 2020.  read more about the LUNAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN      MARS in ARIES 2020.

VIRGO from working, organizing, maintaining ‘order’, health regimes to working towards building in more free time, constructing a life that allows for more ease, leisure and creative control or for some, more time for kids, a new-ish love interest, dating. *You’ll be pushing to find the balance financially, romantically until the end of 2020.  The power to make ‘the’ change is strong but it won’t be without more about the LUNAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN      MARS in ARIES 2020.

LIBRA -from talking about ideas, figuring out how to lighten the atmosphere making the best use of leisure time to working on establishing a solid base at home (rearranging/redecorating etc.) or building a long-term career plan. *You’ll be pushing for greater equality with loved ones and business partners.  There is much up for debate and tempers could flare from now until the end of the year, but you won’t give up the ‘fight’ more about the LUNAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN      MARS in ARIES 2020.

SCORPIO -from home-centered concerns, ideas around re-establishing your business or your physical location to putting those ideas into action, discussing the practical details, gathering the paperwork.  You’ll be pushing for a different routine at work or crafting a better health regime until the end of 2020.  Your will power is strong, but it may take until the end of the year before your day-to-day operates in a more predictable more about the LUNAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN      MARS in ARIES 2020.

SAGITTARIUS from serious talks, the gathering of facts/details and clarifying exactly where you stand to putting your money where your mouth is or re-setting a budget that offers a sense of security for the long haul.  *You’ll be pushing for more freedom, more time with kids, for a creative project or 'the right' to enjoy life more. That could create tension among co-workers/friends or any organization to which you belong until early 2021. read more about the LUNAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN      MARS in ARIES 2020.

CAPRICORN from financial concerns (extreme budgeting/worrying you don’t have enough) to re-establishing who/what you stand for, reasserting yourself as a respectable player capable of leading the way.  *You’ll be pushing for greater control over your environment, strongly considering re-locating or changing the atmosphere (where you live or work) significantly.  It could take the rest of 2020 before you genuinely feel more about the LUNAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN      MARS in ARIES 2020.

AQUARIUS from mulling over ideas about how to represent yourself in the work you do, at home, or within society in general to diving into re-working behind the scenes matters ensuring you come out strong by the end of 2020.  You’ll be super busy, actively discussing the details, gathering information, having important conversations from now until more about the LUNAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN      MARS in ARIES 2020.

PISCES from holding back, either because you were feeling a little lost in what you should do next or wanting to keep a low profile to re-structuring your social world to actively seeking the right group of people while letting go of folks that don’t seem to fit in for the next phase you’re preparing to embark on.  You’ll be spending more money than usual and/or looking for other sources of income (maybe pushing for raise too) into more about the LUNAR ECLIPSE in CAPRICORN      MARS in ARIES 2020.


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