“Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.”
― Henry Adams


MARCH 6, 2019 – JULY 7, 2025

Jan.1st 2021 @6°RX TAURUS

Dec.31st 2021 @10°RX TAURUS

DIRECT: Jan.14th2021 @6°

RETROGRADE: Aug.19th 2021 @14°Taurus

DIRECT: Jan.23rd,2022 @10°Taurus

Uranus begins the year like a flickering light bulb.  It has been wired up in Taurus since the spring of 2019. Should it be having these problems already?  The truth is that’s the nature of this electrically-charged agitator.

That truth will become clear after the first two weeks of 2021 as the buzzing flicker will give way to a steady stream of light -- the instance, perhaps producing a visceral shock to our system.

From a broad perspective, with Uranus in Taurus, the system refers to the economic landscape, the earth, nature, our wanting desirous selves as a society.

What do we want?  What do we desire?  And do we dare align with a source of power that seems frazzled at core yet so sure of its timing?

Uranus makes us crazy and sane at the same time --anxious yet thrilled to be alive, rebellious and righteous in our oddities.  Just like a flickering light bulb it disturbs and in the blink of an eye capable of hurling us into the blinding world of a brand- new day -so different from one we’ve known.

We will be inspired, then, to break out of our previous web of wants. Maybe we will discount the old ones as if they were woven in the dark as it doesn’t look quite right now with the lights back on.


But, this is part of an ongoing conflict.  There is an urge to feel free and alive yet that may mean we risk losing the security of what a finite foundation can offer us. It is tricky territory to navigate.

If we are to win the day we’ll have to change, rewire ourselves around a new system and quickly. Or so it seems. Time is always now with Uranus.  So who knows which now to choose?  Timing is indeed an issue this year.  And knowing whether or not we have it right will test our nerves.

Despite this 2021 will often see at the edge of our seats, ready to make the change. Few will make the leap without experiencing a nagging suspicion that the damn light we want to bring into our lives is at risk of returning to its old buzzing, flickering ways.  In other words, there are no guarantees especially in regard to finance and the steadiness of our ecosystems.

Uranus is unpredictable. We operate on its watch.  It doesn’t follow our rules, our concept of time. It does what it wants.


However, Uranus is inherently wired into our authentic selves – the part of us in tune, and in time with the seemingly erratic waves of universal currents.

Truly the only constant is change.  And therein lies the rub with the ways of Uranus, the change-maker, in the sign of Taurus fixed on securing that which never changes. It will be here until 2025.

URANUS wakes up, stations DIRECT, on January 14th, 2021.  At this point all planets will be direct until January 30th, 2021.

In 2021 Uranus will butt heads with Jupiter – shining a light on another world.  And in February and June will battle with the tightly wound energies of Saturn.  These major happenings are discussed in more detail in the weekly forecasts.

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